Younes Amare In Urdu || Younes Amare Season 1 In Urdu Episode 1

Younes Amare In Urdu || Younes Amare Season 1 In Urdu Episode 1 

It is the fourteenth century that the remnants of the Seljuks ruled Anatolia under the title of Seljuk Rome. As the Crusaders sat on their northern border, Baghdad in the east was ravaged by the Tartars, including the Caliph. Thus, the power and glory of the Muslims and the glory of the Muslim edicts had been limited to the first stories.

At the base of the throne was the monastery of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, where, regardless of the circumstances around him, the ceremonies of enlightenment were held every day, the silence of meditation was shattered, the door and wall shook with the echo of remembrance, and then the fire of love grew. Used to get up Younis Emre, known as Rumi II, was disgusted with Sufism. In Konya, he devoted himself to solving the problems of knowledge and understanding the issues of Sharia. After graduating from the madrassa, he was given the post of judge and sent to a suburban town far from Konya. In the city of Panah, a judge who had fled from Sufism and was not influenced by Rumi, but a Sufi shepherd in the mountains, fell in love with Taptak Emre.

Younes Amare Turkish Drama In Urdu

Earlier Tapak Emre used to run after Younis and now Younis Tapak started running after Emera in such a way that as soon as he saw it, he became Younis Emre from Younis. In the first place, he turned down the Qaza and became a Sufi, and then he began to transform the words of wisdom into poetry. It is said that Rumi and Yunus Emre were two passengers of the same boat, but the only difference between the two was the style of reconciliation. The Romans adopted the Persian language prevalent in the Turkish elite, and the Emeralds were spoken in ancient Turkey, spoken in the pastures. Thus, while Rumi’s philosophy soon spread from the court of Konya to Iran and India, the joys and sorrows of the Gypsies of Emre became part of it. Nearly nine hundred years have passed today and that is exactly what happened.

The popular series “Younes Emre” on the Turkish state channel is a manifestation of the long and strong connection between Turkish Islamic mysticism, mysticism and folk songs. While the play covers the life of Younis Emre, its subject matter seems to revolve around the ancient debate between Shari’a, Tareeqah, Haqqat and Merefat. After all, how can a judge who believes in appearances leave his official position and comfortable life and go to the Dargah? What is the point of a servant who memorizes books being heard saying ‘I don’t know’ to every question What are the circumstances in which a bookish person who considers poetry as a misguidance writes an obituary of Jang-e-Qaws-e-Dag?

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