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We travel through the beautiful landscapes of Western Macedonia, driving on a narrow mountain road and passing through the beautiful untouched nature Monasteries are a historical religious and cultural treasure of Macedonia. Medieval Christian centers,

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guardians of the Macedonian Orthodox faith

The Great Seljuk In Urdu Episode 25 Makki Tv,

holy places that radiate their spirituality through time, and are silent witnesses of our cultural heritage. Seven centuries old Monastery, medieval school, church scriptorium,

hiding place of many comites. The widely known Monastery of St. The Most Pure Mother of God. The monastery was built in 1316. It was built in the time before the arrival of the Ottomans on Macedonian soil.

The Great Seljuk In Urdu Episode 25 Makki Tv Subtitles

It is located near Kicevo, built on a flat plateau on the slopes of Mount Cocan, at an altitude of 920 meters, from where you can see Kicevo and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Throughout its centuries-old history, the monastery of St. The Most Holy Mother of God was burned and destroyed three times.

The current church dates back to 1850 and the Mijak masters from the tribe of Dicho Zograf worked on the new magnificent temple. The church itself has a dome and impressive large walls.

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The walls are built of carved limestone and limestone. The church is located in the middle of the monastery circle and is surrounded on all sides by lodgings, which protect the church.

The first written documents about the monastery date back to the 16th century, in documents preserved in the Mount Athos monasteries. Beautiful lodgings with authentic Macedonian architecture and inevitable wooden elements. One of the lodgings dates back to the 18th century, but was later renovated.

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