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Hello Friends! Welcome to Makki Tv Kurulus Osman series fans are once again stuck in a deep quagmire of curiosity Everyone was excited for the new season But now there is some hope Everyone is worried whether the shooting of the new season of Kurulus Osman series has stopped Or, unfortunately, the shooting didn’t even start It has now become quite a curiosity topic On the one hand, seeing their Muslim brothers in trouble,

everyone’s hearts are full of grief On the other hand, they are also wondering when they will be able to watch their favorite series Will these difficult circumstances affect the start of the new season of the series? Has the set of Kurulus Osman series also been affected by this fire? What was the real cause of such a large-scale fire in Turkey? We will tell you in detail whether this fire is directly related to the Kurulus Osman series Tozkoparan Season 2 Episode 23 Urdu Subtitles

At the same time we will talk about why such an important topic could not be discussed in the media. What changes will Turkey make to the story of the new season? In addition, I will tell you some important facts about Orhan Ghazi and Allauddin Pasha. Orhan Ghazi and Allauddin Pasha’s role in the Ottoman Empire will be highlighted

Kurulus Osman series are not just fans of action and suspense All audiences also pay attention to its historical significance There is no better option than the historical series to convey the reality of our historical heroes to our young generation The best example of this was the Dirilis Ertugrul series Which not only got the attention of people all over the world but He even made everyone his lover Now you know very well that the purpose of this series was not to entertain us or to make us wow. On the contrary, its real purpose was very great.

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We will talk about it in detail Given the popularity of the series and the demands of the fans, the story was taken forward in a new way And a historical series on the life of Osman Ghazi was also launched Not only that, after the Dirilis Ertugrul series, we get to see a series on the lives of many great heroes in a row, which was presented by Turkey. And right now our brotherly country is going through a very difficult time We are equal partners in their grief and our hearts are also full of grief at this time It is impossible to imagine how close we are to seeing our Muslim brothers in such misery The fire in Turkey is burning our hearts as well This fire has revealed many secrets Rather,

this fire is a mystery in itself In other words, it was very disturbing that a dangerous fire suddenly broke out in different parts of Turkey Prayers are being requested from all the people of Turkey, in addition to the actors of the series Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman. We pray for them and ask God for mercy May Allah protect our Muslim brothers and sisters But everyone is worried about how the storm will end and how it will end Everyone’s eyes are opened when it is considered that your media which picks up every little thing and makes headlines He didn’t even bother to talk about it Not only that, the media around the world is also sitting with its eyes closed Everyone smelled like a snake Let’s go back to Turkey before discussing this further The president announced an investigation after the fire broke out So, according to him, it was part of a conspiracy What conspiracy, what enmity, Tozkoparan Season 2 Episode 23 Urdu Subtitles

what are these tricks, everyone is unable to understand What could be the natural cause of such a horrific fire in different places at the same time? Sadly, even after so long, the fire could not be brought under control The fact is that if any country suddenly faces such a big threat, how many security measures can it take? No need to overdo it The simple fact is that this is a war of truth and falsehood, and when you have big dreams,

move forward with great enthusiasm. So you will face dangerous enemies and the journey full of thorns will begin This debate finally comes to a halt with series like Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman Through which a special purpose was highlighted The conscience of the Muslims was shaken They were led to see their past and to strengthen their intentions for the future But they say that you do not know the right step when you take a strong step and face strong opposition. In fact, through these historical series, a campaign was run all over the world The purpose was to preserve the heritage of our forefathers and to move forward with their passions in their blood. Tozkoparan Season 2 Episode 23 Urdu Subtitles

We are all well aware of the impact it has had around the world But then the same thing happened. Turkey had to pay the price for its great courage like awakening the conscience of the Muslims And Turkey was dangerously targeted This is not normal It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The extent of the damage caused by the storm can be gauged only when the storm subsides But the fact that the media around the world did not even touch it is surprising us But remember that one day the conspiracies will end Falsehood will vanish and truth will prevail We just pray to Allah Almighty to protect Turkey and keep our Muslim brothers safe. Of course,

Allah is the best of planners. One of the reasons for the sadness of the fans is whether this incident will affect the Kurulus Osman series. The shooting of the series has been affected We can understand your confusion At that time, the shooting was going on. They were supposed to shoot a new season in a few days, but it stopped at the beginning It is true that this fire did not damage the set of Kurulus Osman series But it’s not all that easy At this time,

not only the places of Turkey but also the hearts of the residents are burning Now everyone is suffering from stress How is it possible that actors in such a tense situation can play their roles with a calm mind? That’s why the shooting has stopped and will be delayedThis is also sad news But remember that by the grace of Allah, Tozkoparan Season 2 Episode 23 Urdu Subtitles

everyone will sigh out of this difficulty And soon the shooting of the series will start again Now the story of the new season will take a new turn in this regard as well You must know that the author’s pen describes the real nature of the situation This step will also be taken in Kurulus Osman series The current situation influences the story Azerbaijan’s boxer Zabid Samidov’s presence in the Kurulus Osman series was not without reason In addition,

توزکوپارن سیزن 2 قسط ایک دیکھنے کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں

the story of severe oppression and barbarism against Muslims has been narrated in the series with a great attack. Keep in mind that next season will also see an event in the wake of this fire And in our next video we will explain the amazing facts about Orhan Ghazi and Allauddin Pasha.

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