Who was Tipu Sultan of Maysore? | Faisal Warraich

There was a sultan in India who, as long as he was alive, the British felt that they could not occupy India.

But a British officer saw his body outside the fort of Mysore and said that now India is ours.

This was the last major obstacle for the British in the subcontinent.

I am Faisal Warraich and today listen to Janu’s series Who I Was I will show the story of the same lion Mysore.

This is the India of 1760.

Saranga Patam is a city in southern India, about 2200 km from Delhi.

A strange activity is going on in a room built on a minaret of this city.

A ten-year-old boy is diligently cutting window bars with the help of a sand.

And sitting next to him, his five-year-old brother is watching him with fear in his eyes.

The older boy cut the bars of the window, then tied a rope to the window and hung it down.

He put his brother on his back and went down by the rope.

Soon there was a commotion all over the tunnel

Tipu and Karim, the two captive sons of rebel General Haider Ali, have escaped.

Yes, it was Fateh Ali Tipu, the little brave man who cut the bars.

And now this little Sultan was hiding with his brother from the enemies.

The reason was that Tipu’s father Haider Ali who was the commander of the Raja of Mysore.

He had been declared a rebel due to the conspiracies of his opponents.

Now he had fled the city. Her sons were imprisoned

But they also ran away. During this time the festival of Holi came.

Haider Ali’s sympathizers painted Tipu and his brother in the colors of Holi.

Tipu also wore a lion mask on his face.

Then the two brothers left the city without anyone noticing and went to meet their father.

Within a year of this highly filmy escape, Tipu’s father Haider Ali had become the ruler of Mysore and Tipu the Crown Prince.

But Haider Ali’s 21-year rule passed in a battle with the enemies.

And when Tipu ascended the throne after Haider Ali’s death in 1782, the same problems passed to him.

Messier’s rule was not a flower bed but a sage of thorns.

It was certain that Tipu, no matter how capable a ruler, could have averted the destruction of his empire.

What was the reason for this?

This was due to the extremely difficult geography of the state of Mysore.

The provinces that are now called the Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Many of them were in the state of Mysore.

It looked like a big state.

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