The Great Seljuk Episode 33 With Urdu Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welcome to Makki Tv Seljuk As soon as the second trailer of Kurulus Osman series came out, everyone knew that there would be a surprise in it. But such a painful and and heart-wrenching surprise will probably come as no one expected. The new trailer was nothing short of a big blow The trailer has made the fans so upset that watching the new episode will be no less than a big challenge. Because the scene of the martyrdom of Bamsi Bey, the head of the invaders and the beating of our hearts, will be a heartbreaking scene.

The Great Seljuk Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles

There is no doubt that the martyrdom of Bamsi Bey will be the most emotional event of this season after the death of Ertugrul Ghazi. Bamsi was not the only Father for Osman Bey, Cerkutay and Aygul Rather, he was like the shadow of a father over the whole Kayi tribe Osman Bey’s fear of losing Bamsi Bey finally turned into reality What was the purpose of showing Bamsi Bey’s testimony so suddenly? In the next episode, will we see two marriages as a double joy? Why was Kayi migrating to Domaniç? Will once again see a dangerous alliance of Mongols and Byzantines? What is the historical character of the new Alp, which is still considered a soldier?

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What will Bamsi Bey to Cerkutay and what will he entrust to him? Will the departure of Bamsi Bey pave the way for the return of Turgut Alp? In addition, we will give you even more great information in today’s video Be sure to watch the video to the end to find out the details of interesting questions and subscribe to our channel The newly released trailer of Kurulus Osman series shocked everyone Suddenly, such a twist was not expected in the story, so from the beginning of the second season, everyone knew that this season is the last season of Bamsi Bey. And even with a stone on our heart, we had to say goodbye to Bamsi Bey Because this season was a guest on a few episodes So another big event will be seen in the next episode which will be the martyrdom of Bamsi Bey All the focus of the story was on Osman Bey’s marriage and Togay, so we couldn’t focus on Bamsi Bey’s character.

buyuk selcuklu episode 33 in urdu subtitles

That his role was to end before this season But the trailer reminded us of this incident in a very dangerous way The few highlights in the trailer are heartbreaking Then in the next episode, when the whole incident of martyrdom and Cerkutay’s reaction to it will come to light, perhaps no one will be able to control his tears. Bamsi Bey was the only character who lasted longer in the Kurulus Osman series, including all the seasons of Dirilis Ertugrul. Earlier, old and important characters like Abdul Rehman Ghazi and Selcan Hatun had said goodbye to us. The grief of Bamsi Bey’s separation was already frightening the fans to such an extent that the fans were demanding that Bamsi Bey sent on a campaign but not be seen as a martyr. But who can deny the good fortune Let it be known now that Bamsi Bey’s testimony episode will beat everyone in the ratings.

The Great Seljuk Episode 33 In Urdu Subtitles

The love of the audience for Bamsi Bey is that after watching a few scenes of it in the trailer, the grief of Bamsi Bey’s separation has started to haunt the fans and they have become very sad. It will not be easy to get rid of Bamsi Bey, a multi-talented character That’s how fans are prepared for this time Because the management of Kurulus Osman series is also well aware of the importance of this character in the hearts of the fans Cerkutay has been developed as an alternative to Bamsi Bey And for a long time, Bamsi Bey was rarely featured and fans were getting used to the character’s absence. We salute the character of Bamsi Bey who has made us laugh and cry for a long time. His obsessive style of fighting with two swords is also imprinted on our hearts Now we come to the part where Bamsi bey Martyr There will be another battle at Domanic

The Great Seljuk Episode 33 With Urdu Subtitles By Makki Tv

You will understand that this is the second battle to be fought at Domanic While this is not the case, this is the third war The first battle was seen earlier this season, where the Kayi’s were still under attack When Kayi went to settle there The second battle took place at the time of the martyrdom of Savci Bey, and the area was conquered by Osman Bey Now Osman Bey will once again order the migration to Domanic So Bamsi Bey will take over the responsibility of handling the preparations for the first phase And with a group of people,

Domanic will go We saw in the first trailer that Togay was planning to attack Domanic Tugay will attack this caravan and Bamsi bey will be ready to take revenge on his brother Abdul Rehman Ghazi. Tugay’s fierce blow to Bamsi Bey will be the cause of his martyrdom Osman Bey’s section also arrived late Bamsi Bey must be taking his last breaths Not everyone will be able to control their tears when they see Cerkutay’s reaction Bamsi Bey who converted Cerkutay to Islam from the Mongols And loved him like a son It will not be easy for Cerkutay to bear this pain Hold Bamsi Bey close to your chest. When Cerkutay shouts “Father”, this sound breaks our hearts. Everyone must be thinking that at least Bamsi Bey should have seen Cerkutay’s wedding There is a strong possibility that Cerkutay’s wedding will take place in the next episode We have hinted at this from Aygul Hatun’s new folk Where she is wearing a red scarf almost like a bride Which suggests that Aygul and Cerkutay may have just gotten married If Cerkutay’s wedding had been shown without Bamsi Bey,

there would have been a lot of objections from fans. So it is possible that fans will be relieved to see Cerkutay’s wedding in fornt of Bamsi bey Do you also think that Aygul and Cerkutay are married? We see that when Bamsi Bey takes his last breath in the arms of Cerkutay, then the sword of Bamsi Bey is in the hands of Cerkutay Bamsi Bey holds the hand of Cerkutay and Goktug Alp Bamsi will give his two swords as a gift or inheritance to Cerkutay when he leaves. And we will bequeath to him the loyalty and loyalty of Osman Bey for the rest of his life When it comes to the Mongol-Byzantine alliance, the last time it was badly broken The alliance began when Nikola’s was informed Togay of Omar Bay’s attack We told you that the special commander of Geyhatu would never allow Togay to attack Osman Bey. Nor will it support him in breaking the treaty Therefore,

Tugay needed the unity of someone, for which purpose he has also appeared in Inegol Fort And then in the Battle of Domanic we see Byzantine soldiers with the Mongols. Nikola or any of his special commanders will not take part in this war But Nikola will provide military assistance to Tugay This alliance will now end with the death of Tugay, which will probably be seen in the season finale We will also talk about whether Will Bamsi Bey be replace by Turgut Alp But before that,

I would like to draw your attention to the soldier who has received a lot of attention from the last episode. The attitude of the soldier who picked up and threw the Mongols was not normal then and still does not seem so. In the trailer, we get to see the same unnamed soldier on one side of the Cerkutay bay and on the other side Uname Soldier Which has not been introduced in the series yet Even on the battlefield, some of his scenes would come to light But the curious thing is that there must be some purpose to highlight any character in this way It would be a mistake to think of Alp as an ordinary Kayi soldier He may be a historical figure, or he may be a well-trained soldier in Bamsi Bey After saying goodbye to Bamsi Bey,

the series will seem incomplete After that, almost all the characters of Dirilis Ertugrul from Kurulus Osman will disappear Which will make you feel bored somewhere in the series In such a situation, there will be a strong demand for the role of Turgut Alp to be brought to the fore to meet this shortfall After the departure of Osman Bey’s brother and Father, Osman Bey’s close friend Bamsi Bey will also be martyred.

So with Osman Bey, only Gunduz Bey will be Such situations will upset the balance of the series Therefore, it is considered to be the perfect time for the entry of Turgut Alp But keep in mind that it is not easy to bring back such a big character in the last phase of the season Like the first season had passed without Ertugrul It seems that these few episodes of this season will have to be watched with this shortcoming And Turgut Alp will appear next season And it will increase the power of Osman Bey

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