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The promo and trailer of episode 32 of Seljuk has arrived
The promo shows Mahmoud, the son of the Turkan women, ascending the throne, and it is possible that the Turkan woman son will be in the next episode.

Do you yourself think that it is possible for it to grow quickly? There is a strong possibility that two days will pass after that and after that the sink will be revealed.
And what happens at the end of this St. Coast?

Now things are happening. In this promotion, people are being told about the scenes.
In this video, Mahmoud, the son of a Turk, is running from the throne and the Turk runs to catch the woman.
After that Mahmoud has been treated sitting on the throne and it is not only Mahmoud but Sultan Mahmud who has problems.

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It appears that he gave the Turkic woman the lure of a throne in the heart of his son Mahmoud, and now a three-year-old child has become the throne and sultan.

The Great seljuk episode 32 in urdu subtitle

Because of this son, Tarkan Abi Koki is giving an heir. Now his natural and prestige is increasing. In the eyes of the Sultan, he will be a servant and most importantly, he is a beautiful woman and other people like Khawaja Nizam-ul-Mulk Malik Tharp.

Malik Sanjar and other people will be terrified
And it has stepped up its efforts to set up its own system at the palace in collaboration with Waziristan, which it has been doing for years.

And most of all, Sultan Malik Shah had to try to get his son Mahmud nominated as his successor, and just as we tried to get him to go to the palace. Will do her best,

At the same time, Sultan bin Manish’s coat of arms will grow in Mahmud’s heart and mind.
If you know about Sultan Mahmood in real life, tell me in a few seconds.

Before moving on to the trailer, Reach you first!
Viewers are now talking about the trailer of No. 32!

As we are seeing at the end of the 31st Qais, the Singer Block and the goods of Tiuna Shamszar were attacked which Hassan Sabah and Malik Teksh could not even imagine.

After that, Prince Tharp had also attacked with the spy shop. After that, he had talked about getting stuck in a barrage of arrows. Besides, in the previous episode, we also told him about the poisoning of Sultan Malik. The king was coat. Sanjar is sure that he will conquer it himself and in the next episode when Sultan Malik Shah reached the besieged towers you will make him Sanjar and Tapash Shalmazar.

After that, both the sons of Sultankot will be afraid of losing and they too will move towards Shalmazar with enthusiasm.
And unexpectedly, they will fall on Shalmazar. Seeing January, Prince Tharp and Sanjar, who are trapped under arrows, will be happy at the shops of his spear shop.

They will follow in the footsteps of Hassan Sabah and Malik Takish. Will know
The skirmish has been going on for a long time since then and the esoteric, Byzantine and national tax spice shop must be Coke Fast Fash.

In addition, Prince Sanjar also made a mistake in Hassan Sabih’s battery decision.
Such an opinion is that Hassan Sabah and Malik Teksh will run away from the secret route, will leave the country, Malik Teksh’s son Ahmed will either be killed in this war or the Sultan’s hand will have to be imprisoned but it is not possible. He is also on the run

After the verdict, Sanjar was attacked, but Sanjar stabbed him in the back in a fit of rage.
We think that the prince will not kill Sultan Malik Shah and get information about him or it is possible that Sanjar will be beheaded.

After the conquest of Shalmazar, in the eyes of the Sultan, Sanjar will be red-faced again and Shalmazar will come under the rule of Malik Thurps.

اگر قسط آچکی ہوئی تو اس کی پوسٹ یہاں شو ہورہی ہوگی

بروز منگل صبح چھ بجے قسط اردو ترجمہ کے ساتھ ہماری ویب سائٹ پر اپلوڈ ہوگی آپ سے گزارش اس وقت گوگل پر مکی ٹی وی ٹو سرچ کرکے ہماری ویب سائٹ پر آکر قسط دیکھیں

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