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malik shah will search takis’s tent the documents that malik shah will get from the tent will be about takis rebellion plan will malik shah be able to ruin this rebellion as malik takis collaborate with byzantine, Hassan Sabah and fatmi Will the Seljuks be able to thwart the tricks of such an evil enemy?

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guardians of the Macedonian Orthodox faith

The Great Seljuk In Urdu Episode 26 Makki Tv,

holy places that radiate their spirituality through time, and are silent witnesses of our cultural heritage. Seven centuries old Monastery, medieval school, church scriptorium,

hiding place of many comites. The widely known Monastery of St. The Most Pure Mother of God. The monastery was built in 1316. It was built in the time before the arrival of the Ottomans on Macedonian soil.

The Great Seljuk In URDU Episode 26 Makki Tv Subtitles

It is located near Kicevo, built on a flat plateau on the slopes of Mount Cocan, at an altitude of 920 meters, from where you can see Kicevo and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Throughout its centuries-old history, the monastery of St. The Most Holy Mother of God was burned and destroyed three times.

The current church dates back to 1850 and the Mijak masters from the tribe of Dicho Zograf worked on the new magnificent temple. The church itself has a dome and impressive large walls.

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The walls are built of carved limestone and limestone. The church is located in the middle of the monastery circle and is surrounded on all sides by lodgings, which protect the church.

on the other hand, turkman bey want punishment for the traitor Now takis treachery revealed so Turkman tribe now will trust sencer bey once again and malik shah big plan to settle turkman tribe around kuvel castle will be succeeded but in shape of takis, hassan sabah, byzantine,

Seljuk Drama Episode 26 Urdu Subtitles

and fatmi a big enemy ally for malik shah and because of this big troubles for the dynasty will be come And there can be And there can be big martyrdom it seems difficult that malik barkyaruk will be part of this season barkyaruk may be come in next season barkyaruk was a strong character in histroy and in series,

There is a legend about the place where the monastery was to be built. Residents of the surrounding area put an icon overnight at the place where they wanted to build, but the next day they found the icon moved to another place, next to a spring.

The Great Seljuk Episode Number 26 In Urdu

They returned it to the old place but the next day the same thing happened again, the icon was moved to the source. As a sign of God, the locals decided that the monastery should be built right next to the spring. Within the monastery there is a souvenir shop,

where every visitor can buy a wonderful memorial made by the hands of hardworking nuns. Among the products there are various types of tea,

we will see his strong character as well in the presence of Malik takis revolt and Hassan Sabah tricks new member will come in Royal Family terken khatun’s son mehmood will be born with the birth of Mehmood terken power will again increase in the palace as after sefriya khatun illnes terken gain power but with the arrival of Zubaydah khatun her influence decreased but now with the birth of Mehmood terken will again become powerful in the palace and she will play great tricks to know the latest about the great Seljuk series

sweet and natural organic honey, from the streets of the monastery. Within the monastery there was a school in which priests and teachers were trained for Kicevo, Debar, Ohrid.

Seljukon Ka Urooj Episode 26 Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv

It is thought that Kiril Pejcinovic and Joakim Krcovski also studied in this monastery. It is worth mentioning that the church is divided into two separate parts, one of which is a Christian church, and the second sacral space is intended for people of non-Christian religion who realize their religious needs here,

Thus this temple of God is dedicated to all believers, no matter what religion they belong to. Let us mention that the monastery played a huge role during the Ilinden Uprising. The detachments of the local dukes found refuge in it. The monks at that time had an active and protective role towards the Macedonian insurgents.

Makki Tv The Great Seljuk Episode 26 In Urdu

Surrounded on all sides by a pine and oak forest, wrapped in greenery, set high on the plateau of Mount Cocan, with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountain massifs, the nunnery St. Bogorodica Prechista is a real place to visit. Visit the 700 year old monastery, a beautiful place for a little rest and tranquility,

spiritual peace and opportunity to look at the rich past, history,

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