The Great Seljuk Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles By Makki Tv 2

Where are these people?
Lord help me
We are about to arrive at the relevant place
Albert can be harmed after the Crusaders arrive
By saving it … We will wait for the Sultan to come then we will attack
Where did it come from?
Understood the plan with Albert We need to clear the way for Albert soon
Count Albert … Glad to see you in good health
…Thank you my friends…
What are the conditions there?

Seljuk Episode 22 Urdu

When will you meet Marcos?
Marcus will not be seen for some time
I was going to meet Marcos too … where will he be found?
Eliminate these disbelievers
Damn it … where did it come from …
Attack for revenge Where are you carpenter We have to get to Albert before something bad happens. Don’t tell me anything . I am helping Sultan Malik Shah. I have come here for them.
Don’t blame anyone else for this lie. ۔

  • The Great Seljuk Episode 22 In Urdu

Did you
What is it doing here?
We deliberately put them here.
They had to find out where Marcos was.
Who are you to question me? Rude
Speaking on behalf of the Sultan, I thought it was the Sultan’s trick.
You ruined the whole Sultan’s game.
Aren’t these the crusaders who killed my nephew?
We got the news of coming here. We came to take revenge.
If there was such a game, warn us.
Did the Sultan know that you follow his orders?
And why should he tell you that?
There is a country in front of you.
Be a leader and stay in the leadership. …
Otherwise what ? Will you hit me too
Pray that the work given by the Sultan will be done.
After this work, you are my enemy.
You also pray that this was not my plan, otherwise I would have paid in return.
But now the Sultan will retaliate.
Let’s see how you deal with his anger.
Let’s go back to the tribes.
سنجار۔ Albert

Nezam e Alam Episode 22 In Urdu

I told him but he didn’t believe me.
The Sultan’s confidence hurt me.
There is nothing wrong with you. do not worry .
The Sultan will punish those who are at fault. …
Now they will scar your wound. … ۔
Help burn Albert’s wound.

Take this … take this too …
That should be sufficient enough for you
And you take this …
And you take this apple …
Don’t worry, they’ll bring it back as soon as it’s over
May allah be pleased with you
But why are you helping us?
The masters of the heavens test when they put someone in trouble
The helper will also be responsible for this test
Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power.
Obviously you are a good hearted scholar
May Allah create more scholars like you
Do these children work in the fields?
These small hands should not carry large loads
But don’t worry … from now on these children will study in madrassas
Will gain knowledge …

اس قسط کا ترجمہ مکی ٹی وی ٹو ٹیم نے کیا ہے سب احباب ہمیں سپورٹ کریں

May allah be pleased with you
From all of us … from all of us …

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