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Teskilat Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles.Says General Dukaz’s nurse. That’s what he came up with. Combined with essential parsley. Because of his stupidity, those oil drums entered our bananas and the camp was set on fire and destroyed. That is to say, conquers the place where the soldiers are trained and all the fighting equipment is kept and then the governor says with expectation

that he got that map because he had killed his comrades.It was a ploy to greet him that he had deliberately sent the wrong map to his colleagues. If this proves to be true and helps us. Then you would never doubt Alba’s lap. And then General Dukaz removes his dagger and says. So you rely so much on those who bring intelligence.

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The governor says he never chooses the wrong servants. I test them correctly. My way of working is different. And then the general deception that goes mad in anger. He says, teasing Geojan. If we do not back down. So kill the salutation on pregnancy. Jojan comes with a smile. But on retreat I forced you and saved your life.

Teskilat Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles
Teskilat Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles

El Perslan is not buried under the ground but you are buried. The governor gets tired of arguing with both of them and runs away and says stop. Now we have to think about the area that has been conquered. That is how our army can get it back. Because that’s where we train our soldiers.

Teskilat Episode 33 in English Subtitles

All the fighting equipment is kept there. Al-Salam has really broken the strongest locks. It has broken our spine. So that we may not even be able to fight. And then the governor explains to his colleagues that Al-Perslan attacked the camp with oil and blew it up. As far as I know the Turks, the chiefs of all the Turkic tribes should also come together.


So can’t accumulate so much oil. The Sultan must have helped El Perslan. And the news of Al-Parslan’s expulsion from the royal family is false. Because so much oil can only be had by the Sultan. Because he has a lot of treasures as well as treasures. The general deceitfully says, “What a nonsense.” We have no evidence.

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The emperor will also ask for proof. And also the caliph of the Muslims. The governor comes to hear this. We will then give the Slippersman a chance to attack. And then it will be proved. That L. Perslan can’t make such a big attack alone. Surely the Sultan is also involved in this attack.

And at the same time some evidence will fall into our hands. So we can make this clear to everyone. That El Perslan from the royal family. Not related. Surely Sultan Tughlaq is secretly helping Al-Salam. And he is still in touch with the Sultan. And then the governor asks Alpago to prove it. Teskilat Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles

Call the same field. They will check this oil. Because only he can tell. Where did this oil come from? And whether this oil was sent by the Sultan or not. And then as soon as he hears the news he gets upset. So he goes from there. Tahira on Hello Cable. Being more annoying. And then the Governor-General tells Duka.

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Teskilat Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles

Now I want to see which area has been conquered. In order to save this area, whether he gets enmity between the Muslim caliph and the sultan or not and then as soon as the good news of the victory of Al-Salam is conveyed to any tribe, his mother is very warm after gathering all the people. Teskilat Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat (The Organization) Season 2 Episode 33

My son has achieved another victory, so food and clothes will be distributed among the poor and the sectarian people. They are waiting for the good news. Muhammad Sulaiman is also very happy after hearing the good news. . If your brother Al-Perslan continues to achieve similar victories, you will not be able to become a Sultan. On the other hand, all the Sardars are praising Al-Salam very much.

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And prayed for them your mother be given a high place in Paradise. I greet your mother. Who gave birth to his brave son. May your black sword always be strong and safe. And your sword has always been beheading the oppressors. And so they cut off the heads of more rebellious and misguided people. Who are the enemies of Islam.