Teskilat Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles

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Season 2 of the Kurulus Osman series, which is coming to an end soon, will present its last few episodes. Which will be full of surprises Everyone is interested to know that the season will end in an unexpected phenolic event In the last one episode, two big incidents came to light After which everyone started thinking about what big events the story will present in the future We will also talk about whether there is a big surprise hidden in the season finale At the same time we will tell you the battle that will take place in the next episode

Teskilat Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitles

Who will I set the trap for? What will Osman Bey plan to avenge Abdul Rehman Ghazi and Bamsi Bey? Is Nikola’s fate near? What is the real purpose of Zoe Hatun who has made a place in the Kayi tribe to some extent? What is the biggest historical shock in the story? Is the new Governor Leo a historical figure? In addition, we will give you even more great information in today’s video. To know all the details, you must watch the video till the end and subscribe to our channel. Teskilat Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles
Teskilat Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles

The Kurulus Osman series offers many new surprises in each of its episodes that take everyone by surprise. This will be the case in the upcoming episodes until the season finale Season Finale is very close In such a situation, the marriage of Osman Bey and the martyrdom of Bamsi Bey have been seen in the last episode itself Now everyone is wondering what secrets are hidden in the upcoming episodes We think that at least season Finale will give us a big surprise Which is the conquest of ٰInegol Fort and it could be about Turgut Alp. Teskilat Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitles MakkiTv2

We will discuss this in detail But before that, let’s talk about some curious events in the next episode We have seen that since entering the Tugay series, he has not once faced Osman Bey on the battlefield. He repeatedly ambushed and attacked Osman Bey During which he also martyred great fighters like Bamsi Bey and Abdul Rehman Ghazi Osman Bay also attacked Tugay’s hideout after the martyrdom of Abdul Rehman Ghazi, but he escaped. In other words, the revenge of Abdul Rehman Ghazi was still pending And in such a situation,

Tugay also martyred Bamsi Bey To show Tugay so powerful that he martyred two such great warriors and yet the sword of Osman Bay has not once struck him. This situation is making the audience angry Especially after the martyrdom of Bamsi Bey, fans want to see a great clash with Osman Bey. The scenes in the trailer are pointing in that direction But the real thing they are thinking now is that Osman will not be able to assemble his soldiers and attack. There must be some kind of plan Because Teskilat Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles.

Teskilat Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles

Nikola and Tugay also know that Osman will try to attack for revenge. So they must have already prepared everything And maybe a trap has been set for Osman Bey somewhere Osman Bey will also get the news of his step And then he will gather his soldiers and go to attack But even Osman Bey will be well aware of the fact that Togha and Nikola are trapped. Osman will force Togay and Nikola to flee the battlefield But he will not be able to take revenge on Tugay for now Before talking about the fall of Nikola and the conquest of Inegol Castle, let’s talk about Zoe Hatun.

Whose character is constantly confused now The reason is that sometimes it seems that maybe Zoe Hatun is a completely innocent girl And not involved in any suspicious activity But sometimes he is suspected of being a spy In the last episode, Zoe Hatun also reaches the Kayi tribe Every meeting between Zoe and Goktug Alp helps us to know the emotions in their hearts. But being overly good also makes us doubt it Zoe is a non-Muslim girl Which we don’t even know much about In the last episode, we saw that his attitude and abilities have affected not only Alca but also Malhun And she wants to make him her servant It is now doubtful whether the incident was Zoe Hatun’s intention to infiltrate the Kayi tribe.

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles

And was that the reason for his unusual behavior? Another thing is that Goktug Alp is a very close soldier of Osman Bey And he is unlikely to marry a servant girl It has often been observed that the marriage of the important Alps also takes place with the daughter of a chief or the daughter of a governor The example of Turgut Alp and Bamsi Bey is in front of you Our guess is that all of a sudden, the negative side of Zoe Haton’s character can come to the fore