Why was Sultan Selim so kind to Mahidevran?

Why was Sultan Selim so kind to Mahidevran? She was the main enemy of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska!

We settle the second son of Suleiman and Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska ascended the throne of his father after all rivals were eliminated by order of the Sultan Suleiman, the posture on it, his dick, left this mortal land by the time the Selim became Sultan Makhidevran lived alone in the bursa in poverty and debts,

the Selim provided support Makhidevran paid the debts, appointed life maintenance and until he built the mausoleum of Shehzade Mustafa, but why did he do this he did not like here he did not honor her memory, we cheerfully did not know that Makhidevran i hear em were sworn enemies or he did not know that the exile of Makhidevran and deprivation and all the honors was By the decision of suleiman,

let’s try to understand this issue right after in fact the mahidevran from the white rm suleman exiled her along with mustafa to san jac historically the mahidevran never appeared in the palace this happened in 1533 when the selim was only 9 years old hardly 9- a year old boy knew a lot about what was happening between two adult women in the struggle for the heart of suleiman ottoman nd people respected Mustafa because of what his mother Mahidevran was respected by Selim according to historical information

he was not at enmity with Mustafa again it is necessary to take into account their age difference at the time when Mustafa was sent san jac he was already 18 years old according to Ottoman concepts it was already an adult man and he had little in common with the selim in terms of interests,

besides, the selim really had limited development in the sense that before sending mustafa to san jac, suleiman spent more time studying with him according to the history of the selim and mustafa never argued, they competed in general, it should be noted that the selim was distinguished by a rather

mild character and when he was a child when he became a sultan he did not show any serious aggression towards others, given the fact that the people loved Mustafa and, thanks to rumors about the involvement of the execution of Mustafa hurom, the selim certainly felt some guilt for the actions of his father and mother, but honoring the memory of his parents, Silin could simply not pay attention to why did he show her

such significant honors ? historians suggest that it was important for the selim to show his respect for the memory of Mustafa, he firmly decided to finish building his tomb and he simply could not show respect for the mahidevran.First, shehzade’s mothers always enjoyed special respect among the Ottomans.

the second selim was sincerely sorry for the makhidevran, for sure he could imagine what she felt knowing that mustafa was her only love, pride and joy,

how why and why did the selim act now, it does not matter that with all the bloodthirstiness of the Ottoman sultans, some of them had a place for respect and compassion What do you think, why do you think Selim helped Makhidevran leave your comments

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