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History Edition hätte sein sollen

A few months ago something very important happened to the settler community without much news. It’s no secret that Siedler IV in particular has a lot of bugs and quirks, and all the greater was the disappointment that the History Edition, 

published in 2018, not only hardly changed anything, but also brought its own problems with it. But now we have finally got what we would have conceded over three years ago in the form of the Settlers United project. Now, 

Settlers United is not the first project of its kind. Strictly speaking, it is the third, after the Community Patch and the Enhanced Edition, of which I supported both at different times and in the latter case also worked longer. Both projects had talented people behind them, but due to the events that led to the departure of large parts of the original CP team, 

which later became the EE team, collaboration was never really possible. However, both projects had quickly reached a point where fixing deeper problems in the game, such as construction and bulldozers, was not realistic. 

Settlers United History

Towards the end of the S4 World Cup in 2021, what is now Settlers United was launched. Originally it was a Siedler 3 project by members of the aLobby team, after breakthroughs in the area of reverse engineering, which made deeper modding possible in this part for the first time. During the World Cup, however, 

the desire arose to link the communities of Siedler 3 and Siedler 4 more closely. This ultimately led to people like KDSystem, Wizzardmaker and JHNP now working together. The successes were quickly noticeable, and not only through the correction of the previously mentioned construction bugs. There is now a client that shows you running Settlers 3 and Settlers 4 games. 

The necessary settings such as the game speed, which balancing variant you want to play and whether you want to deactivate the transport limit can now be set by the lobby host itself in the game , which also avoids desyncs. The HD patch, 

History Of Settlers United 

which has been in development for two years , is now in closed beta, and it’s really impressive how much the upscaling AI got out of the old graphics . 

The Community Patch has become obsolete, although its balancing is still available as an option, along with Vanilla and UBO. The Enhanced Edition still exists , but is now limited to the Siedler 4 Gold Edition, which is still used at LAN parties, while United only supports the History Edition for technical reasons. 

With these upgrades I can now recommend the History Edition, even if it is still a cheek that the players first had to lend a hand. For Settlers 3 players it doesn’t matter which version you own, as the History Edition is downgraded to the 

Gold Edition accordingly. Apart from the technical aspects , the social point of view cannot emphasize enough how important this development is, after the already small community between 

Enhanced Edition and Community Patch split into two camps plus neutral ones . And no matter what plans UbiSoft has for the franchise, and whether Settlers 20X is going to be good, Settlers 3 and Settlers 4 are now in the perfect position to experience a second spring. Let’s make the best of it together.