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Welcome to Makki Tv 2 Today’s Post is about the third Seljuk ruler and son of the famous Sultan Alp Arslan, Sultan Melik Sah. Whom you are watching in “Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu” these days.

A ruler whose kingdom was ruled by him but decisions were made by the minister. According to critics, Malik Shah was nothing without Nizam-ul-Mulk.

  • Today’s post is about him that who was Malik Shah?
  • How he ruled?
  • And what was the role of a minister named Nizam-ul-Mulk in his achievements?

Celâlü’d-devle ve’d-dîn Muizzü’d-dünyâ aka Malik Shah I ruled the Seljuk Empire from 1072 to 1092 AD. He was born on August 8, 1055 AD, and his father was the famous Seljuk ruler,

Sultan Alp Arsalan. He spent his early life in Isfahan. In 1064 AD, when Malik Shah was only 9 years old, he was married to Ibrahim Han’s daughter Terken. Two years later, Sultan Alp Arsalan organized a ceremony near Merv where he appointed Malik Shah as his successor. And gave the city of Isfahan as a gift.

In 1071 AD, Malik Shah took part in his father’s Syrian campaign Where Alp Arslan achieved a historic victory by fighting against the Byzantine ruler Romanus IV at Malazgart. In 1072 AD,

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Alp Arslan was wounded during a similar operation. Alp Arsalan died a few days later In such a situation, Malik Shah immediately took command of the army and re-arranged the scattered troops. ۔ When the throne of the great Seljuks was vacated, conspiracies began. However, Alp Arsalan had appointed Malik Shah as his successor in his own life But still Malik Shah’s uncle Qavurt claimed to be the king.

And he wrote a letter to Malik Shah saying, “I am Arsalan’s brother and experienced and you are still young, so hand over the kingdom to me.” Malik Shah replied, “When there is a son, the brother does not inherit.” The Qavurt became angry at this message and captured Isfahan.

This was followed by a battle between uncle and nephew near Hamdan in 1073 AD which lasted for 3 days. Qavurt was present at the battle with his seven sons and his army consisted of Turkmens. Malik Shah’s army, on the other hand, consisted of troops of Arab slaves. During the war,

the Turks of Malik Shah’s army revolted against him and became supporters of his uncle But it was God’s will that Malik Shah win the war and take Qavurt into custody.

According to some historians, the credit for this victory also goes to Nizam-ul-Mulk, whose tremendous planning and experience led Malik Shah to victory in this war. After losing,

his uncle begged for his life And in return offered to relinquish the Sultanate of Oman in favor of Malik Shah. However, Nizam-ul-Mulk advised Malik Shah that leaving him would be a sign of weakness Therefore, on the orders of Malik Shah, his uncle was killed by an arrow

While his two sons were blinded. In 1074 AD, Malik Shah ordered the Turkish warlord Arghaz That he should make up for all the losses in the area of ​​Sher Van Shah I due to his raids. In the same year,

he appointed Dola Sultan Shah, the son of his uncle qavurt, as the ruler of Karaman, who was loyal to him. During the rest of his reign, Malik Shah started a war against the Karakhanis from the east And more or less he fought small and big wars against this nation till his death.

Malik Shah continued to expand his empire through diplomacy and quarrels with his enemies. The Abbasid Caliph Qaim Ballah ratified his government and his coin and sermon were issued in all Seljuk possessions. His era was very important in terms of political rise, intellectual progress and religious greatness.

During his reign, not only the whole of Damascus was included in the Seljuk government In fact, after conquering Turkestan, tributes were paid to Khaqan China and the Islamic flag was hoisted on the Syrian coast. In his time, there was peace and prosperity everywhere.

Trade and industry were flourished. Roads were safe and he made changes to the calendar. His era is also famous for the famous poet Omar Khayyam And so his covenant deserves to be called golden in every way. There was no shortage of scientific progress, religious greatness, economic prosperity and the rise of civilization. He was brave and courageous and succeeded wherever he went.

great seljuk episode 30

He subdued every enemy and expanded the Seljuk dynasty. Sultan Malik Shah died on 19 November 1092 AD while on a hunt. He was poisoned, probably by a caliph or a supporter of the Nizam-ul-Mulk But his killers could not be identified. His body was brought to Isfahan on the orders of Terken Hatun. Where he was buried in a madrassa established by him. After his death,

the Seljuk Empire began to decline and was divided into different parts. In Anatolia, Qalaj Arsalan I founded the selajka Rum. His brother Titush I in Syria, Barkiarq in Iraq, Mahmoud I in Persia And in Khurasan, Ahmed sencer came to power. The differences between the Seljuks led to the victory of the Christians in the First Crusade in 1096.

And they conquered Jerusalem. This was the real history of Sultan Malik Shah which we presented to you And the beginning of the decline of the Seljuk Empire. Our next video will be about Sultan Ahmed Sencer, the last Seljuk ruler. Please let us know in the comments section what more historical characters you would like to know

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