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Friends, as we have told you in the first Post after the death of Sultan Malik Shah, the Seljuk Empire was divided into different parts. In which the area of these Seljuk Empire of Khurasan was ruled by

Seljuk Episode 21 In Urdu

Shah’s son Ahmed Sinjar and today’s video is about Ahmed Sinjar in which we will give you a brief history of his life. Friends,

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there is a mention of Sultan Ahmad Sinjar in the books of history of Islam Sultan Ahmad Sinjar was the last powerful ruler of the Seljuk Empire Who ruled Seljuk for forty years He was the son of Sultan Malik Shah I and the grandson of Sultan Alp

The Great Seljuk Episode 21 Urdu Subtitles

Arsalan He was born in 1885 in the village of Sinjar, near Mosul, and according to some historians, he was named Ahmed Sinjar after the area. Ahmed Sanjar was appointed governor of Khurasan at the age of six under the supervision of a teacher Where he ruled for many years Sultan

Ahmad Sinjar fought numerous battles in which he faced external and internal enemies And after the civil war of the Seljuk Empire in 1119 AD, he became the sole sultan of the whole empire. Friends,

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the time of Sultan Ahmad Sanjar was the time when the terrorism of the esoteric sect of Hassan bin Sabah was on the rise. Before him, the Seljuk rulers tried their best to put an end to this sedition but could not succeed Sultan Ahmad Sinjar spent most of his life fighting with the common people, also known as assassins.

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Sultan Sinjar conquered many esoteric forts But when they advanced towards the fortress of Alamut, a house of the mystics, one morning when they woke up they found a dagger attached to their pillow. It was accompanied by a note in which peace was offered after the Sultan was threatened by Hassan bin Saba, the head of the Batinion.

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Sultan Sanjar was surprised to see Hassan bin Sabah’s arrival at his palace and sent an ambassador to Hassan bin Sabah after which the two agreed not to interfere in each other’s affairs. During the reign of Sultan Sinjar, the Seljuk differences with the Abbasi Caliph of Baghdad began to arise After which the Abbasid Caliph was captured in a battle and killed in the Seljuk captivity Some historians blame it on the assassins of Hassan bin Saba It was during the reign of Sultan Sanjar

that the Khwarizm Empire began to emerge In which his subordinate Seljuk governor revolted against the Seljuk Empire The reign of Sultan Sinjar lasted till 1153 AD After which the rule of Sultan Sinjar ended with the revolt of some rebel soldiers and the Ghaus tribe.

Great Seljuk Makki Tv 2 Episode 20 In Urdu

In the battle with the Ghaus tribe, the Sultan was defeated due to the treachery of his military commanders and was taken prisoner. Where he was imprisoned for about three years In 1156 AD, Sultan Sinjar escaped from the captivity of the Ghaus tribe and he died in 1157

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AD Only two daughters of this Sultan Sinjar are mentioned in history They had no male children Due to which, after his death,

civil war broke out in the country As a result, the Khwarazm Empire occupied these areas of the Seljuk Empire

Where the government of Sultan Ahmed Sinjar was established With the death of Sultan Ahmed Sinjar, the Seljuk Empire almost came to an end

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