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Review Of The Kurulus Osman Episode 53 Urdu Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welcome to Makki Tv Kurulus Osman’s last episode titled Revenge managed to impress the fans. At the same time, Osman Bay retaliated against many of his enemies and paid his due to be the son of Ertugrul Ghazi and Kayi Bey Osman Bay’s steadfastness and relentless attacks on one enemy after another were much appreciated by the audience. Fans were very happy to see their hero Osman Bay in such a strong condition However,

in the last episode, both Byzantine and Mongol rivals introduced new commanders. But both of them could not stand in front of Osman Bay even for a moment and were seen running away But the subject of Dundar’s secrets being revealed in the closing scenes of the episode once again left the audience in curiosity. In today’s video, we will talk about Nikola’s secret plan to shelter Dundar in Inegol Castle Why go to Gunduz Bay Inegol Fort?

Why did Tugay suddenly disappear and when will he reappear?

When will the relationship between Osman Bay and Omar Bay be strong forever?

When did Malhun Hatun fall in love with Osman Bay?

Kurulus Osman Episode 53 In Urdu

In addition, we will tell you more important things. To know the full details of all, The brilliant events of the last episode of Kurulus Osman made the fans applaud Osman Bay’s great action and the bravery of Ertugrul Ghazi’s three sons was visible At the same time,

the martyrdom of a great character Abdul Rehman Ghazi was also shown Abdul Rehman Ghazi, who fought shoulder to shoulder with Ertugrul Bay and Bamsi Bay on the battlefield, drank the cup of martyrdom and Bamsi Bay looked very sad at the loss of his friend.

But all the steps taken to avenge Osman Bay calmed the sad hearts An objection has been raised by the audience that for the last few years, whenever a martyr is martyred, there are no scenes that require much attention. Nor are their funerals and last rites shown The same thing happened with the martyrdom of Abdul Rehman Ghazi After seeing him lying on the lap of Bamsi Bay on the battlefield,

Kurulus Osman Episode 53 Urdu Subtitles

we saw Bamsi Bay right on the grave of Abdul Rehman Ghazi. Earlier, the testimonies of Ayaz Alp and Dumrol Alp were not significant.

The decision of Osman Bay to take great revenge on the martyrdom of Abdul Rehman Ghazi and then to overthrow the Byzantines and Mongols at the same time was quite good. Because Togha was the real culprit We will also talk about Tugay, but before that we will talk about Dundar

Bay Who became a snake in the sleeve and continued to perform all deeds And passed on all the information to the enemies Sheikh Adibali’s decision to end the feud between Osman Bay and Omar Bay by blocking them from eating proved to be somewhat correct.

Not only did their misunderstandings about each other end, but Omar Bay also handed over the traitor’s ring to Osman Bay. Since everyone was waiting for Dundar’s secret to be revealed, then seeing the interest of the fans and seizing the opportunity,

the subject of Dundar was made a part of the last scene of the episode. Dundar’s case will once again make fans wait for its outcome We told you that when the truth came out, Dundar would not be killed immediately but would escape And will take refuge in the enemy Exactly the same thing happened and in the trailer we saw that Dundar would take refuge with Nikola in Inegol Castle.

Even before this, Dundar had taken refuge with Alishar, who was the enemy of Osman Bay But that will be one of his last stepsHe will never have the opportunity to do so again Good Nikola, who is always on the lookout for opportunities He will also take advantage of this and play a game with Osman Bay using Dundar

Let’s talk about it. Weavers think that when Dundar saw Osman Bay and Omar Bay both coming to Sogut, he immediately went into hiding.

He then doubted that the alliance between Osman Bay and Omar Bay would lead to its demise And now he will escape from the gift Osman Bay will not be able to find it in Sogut as Boran Alp said in the trailer that Dundar is nowhere in Sogut Osman Bay will return to tribe immediately Hazel Hatun may be arrested here, but it is unlikely Well, as Osman Bay said,

he will find Dundar in the other corner of the world He knows that Dundar must have run away and gone to Nikola That’s why Osman will send Gunduz Bay to Nikola in Inegol Fort And will demand the return of Dundar Nicola will, as always,

find meaning in everything and set strict conditions Nikola may demand a gift But it is clear from the scene in the fort of Gundoz Bay that Dundar is now a short-lived guest. And he will not be able to escape from the hands of Osman Bay for long if we talk about how Dundar Bay will die So,

if it is seen according to history, then the double arrow will die When he comes to Tugay, he has suddenly disappeared and everyone has been shocked When Osman Bey attacked Tugay’s hideout, everyone waited to see Tugay collide with Osman Bey. But then suddenly the Mongol commander Jamua appeared During a meeting with Nicola, he said that Tugay had gone to Konya,

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 53 Urdu Subtitles

where he had difficulty in collecting taxes. The sudden disappearance of Tugay and bringing Jumua to the fore was astonishing In fact, the focus of the series will now be on Dundar’s betrayal That is why Tugha has been sidelined Tugay’s role is not over but will come soon Of course,

Tugay has been shown to be quite powerful and the son of Noyan But remember, the Mongols will no longer look as powerful as before Because according to the current era in the series,

the Mongols are now heading for their downfall So they will not look strong in the series The relationship between Omar Bay and Osman Bey appeared to be at odds in the last episode Despite coming to Osman Bey for unity,

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 53 Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv 2

their relationship has long been strained. Omar Bay’s confidence in Osman Bey always falters for one reason or another Well, now the differences between the two have intensified From now on, only friendship and unity will be seen The end of the traitor will establish a strong bond of unity and love between Osman Bey and Omar Bay that will be impossible to break.

Omar Bay is well aware of Osman Bey’s abilities He was not including Osman Bey in his secret plan just because of treason The relationship between Omar Bay and Osman Bey will be better But when it comes to Malhun Hatun, whenever Omar Bey is seen taking a big step against Osman Bey Malhun Hatun was seen repeatedly asking her to find an alternative or to inform Osman Bey of all matters.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 53 With Urdu Subtitles

Because she herself did not tell the whole truth to Osman Bey, she looked embarrassed and disappointed. Malhun Hatun’s role in the series is abruptly changed from a stubborn daughter of Bey to a soft-hearted Hatun. Who misses her brothers and considers it a disgrace to hide information from a hero like Osman Bey Malhun Hatun’s remembrance of Osman Bey in this way indicates that soon Malhun Hatun’s heart will turn to love for Osman Bey. Be sure to like the video Episode 53 of Kurulus Osman will be released on April 7 Is Osman Bey’s great action and amazing plan reminding you of Ertugrul Ghazi and

how anxious you are to see the end of Dundar?

Please tell us in the comment box. see you soon.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 53 With Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv

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