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Hello Friends! Welcome to Makki Tv 2 The Kurulus Osman series has strengthened its grip on the hearts of the fans to such an extent that as the end of season 2 is approaching, fans are worried about how long it will take for the next season to come to fruition.

What a long wait to make them restless What big stories will the third season present? We will also make a detailed video on all these questions But right now, the magic of the last episode of the second season is speaking loudly. Each episode is well received by the fans with its great events Right now,

fans can’t wait for a week for the next episode The topics that were left incomplete in the previous video will be discussed in today’s video We will talk about why the name of Cerkutay was not changed even after he became a Muslim?

  • How will Omar Bay agree to the marriage of Osman Bey and Malhan hatun ?
  • Who will go to ask for the hand of Malhun from Omar Bey?
  • Nicola will attack Togay or Togay will trap Nikola?
  • When will Omar Bey martyred?
  • And who will kill them?
  • Will Aygul and Cerkutay get married next season?

Mendirman jaloliddin episode 132 Urdu & English Subtitles release date

Mendirman jaloliddin episode 13 Release Date.

  • Episode Name: Mendirman jaloliddin episode 13
  • Language: Uzbik With Urdu & English Subtitles
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 13
  • Release Date: 10 May Monday 2021.

In addition, you will find even more great information in today’s video You must watch the video to know all the details And subscribe to our channel Season 2 of the Kurulus Osman series is in full swing with its great episodes Season 2 Lucky only a few Episodes are left And in these few episodes,

we will see the story move fast with very big events First of all, let’s talk about the topic that has been hotly debated since the entry of the married woman Kurulus Osman. That is, he married a woman from Osman Bay In the Start, both Omar Bay and Malhun hatun were seen against Osman Bey But then,

little by little, dramatic changes took place in the character of Malhun hatun And now she has become a supporter of Osman Bey and her love is hidden in her heart We told you in detail that Malhun would love Osman Bey Not from Osman Bey to Malhun Osman must have been impressed by the bravery and determination of the Malhun But it would be wrong to say that they have feelings like love for a Malhun in their heart According to history,

Osman Bey’s marriage to a Malhun was politically motivated In the series also, a complete plot has been prepared to show this marriage from a political point of view We think that now everyone understands very well what was the real purpose of showing Omar Bay against Osman Bey.

About Trailer Of Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles

That is, it will now be decided to remove their entanglement and forge a blood relationship to establish a strong alliance. Rather, this decision has been made by Sheikh Edibali in the last episode itself He also informed Osman Bey that the only solution to stop Omar Bay’s bigotry and to end the differences between the two tribes is to marry Osman Bey’s

We are all well aware of Omar Bay’s attitude towards Osman Bey at the moment The immediate question that came to everyone’s mind was how Omar would agree to this marriage without coming Viewers, it has to do with that Who will talk about Malhun Marriage to Omar Bey?

Viewers Osman Bey has told about Malhun And in one scene of the trailer, the voice of Gonduz Bey has also been heard. Here, the subject of Osman Bey’s marriage is under discussion. And Gonoduz Bey says that it would be great if your heir’s mother was brave and well established Osman will go to ask for the hand of the selfless bride or will send it to someone else. This is a very curious question.

We think that Sheikh Edibali will take care of all these matters Because Omar Bey and Kai will not be able to agree Either Sheikh Edibali himself will go to Omar Bey Or they will invite Omar Bay to their shrine in Sogut And since we have seen that Omar Bay Sheikh Edibali cannot be denied under any circumstances And because of them, they can reverse their biggest decision So they will not be able to deny the statement of Sheikh Edibali Because Sheikh Edibali will be able to understand the nature of these situations And finally, in this critical situation, unity between the two tribes will be agreed upon Before we talk about why Cerkutay was not renamed despite being a Muslim, let’s talk about Togay and Nikola. Who is going to attack whom?

Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 13 With Urdu Subtitles

Even Togay would not have gone to Ysu without a plan But Nikola also planned to carry a gun on Omar Bey’s shoulder Omar Bay’s non-participation in the plan turned the tide Nicole is know to the power of Togay And when he finds out that Omar Bey is not helping him, he is sure that he will not make the same mistake as attacking Tugay And after retreating behind Omar Bay, the bewildered castle will return This time,

he may not forgive Omar Bay’s betrayal And he will keep this deception in his heart After all, Nikola may not be in any alliance with Omar Bay Because then he will also know about Omar Bey’s alliance with Osman Bey Omar Bay’s role will end this seasonWe think it’s Nikola who killed them Omar Bey will be killed near or before the wedding of Malhun And on their way they will hand over their tribe to Osman Bay It is possible that for a while,

the Malhun run the tribe Cerkutay is a character who brings a smile to everyone’s face because of his humorous style. Sometimes his actions make the fans laugh But Cerkutay is so attached to the emotions of the fans that he makes them emotional twelve times. His love for Bamsi Bey and his fear of breaking up with them is enough to make us sad But in the last episode, everyone must have been emotional

When Cerkutay goes to Sheikh Edibali and confesses all his sins And accepts Islam Now Cerkutay has become such a character whose smile makes us laugh and his tears make us cry.

About Trailer Of Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles

Today we will give you mendirman jaloliddin episode 13 urdu subtitles vidtower another piece of good news along with giving an update regarding their worship. jalaluddin khwarazm shah in urdu episode 13 Of course you will also like it but first we will tell you why there was no Turkish in the sultan jalaluddin episode 13 with urdu subtitle.

Maybe mendirman jaloliddin 13 not surprisingly, some fans have expressed their displeasure over the updates, but first they tell you why there were no recruitment lines in the jalaluddin khwarazm shah episode 12 urdu subtitles and when they can enter the police now

Let me tell you here that surprisingly some friends also expressed their displeasure over the update given about the training but we try to make you aware of every small and big update about mendirman jalaluddin episode 13 urdu subtitles.

Be informed that the reason is that you seem to be the most liked and it also changed matters regarding their entry into the jalaluddin khwarazm shah episode 13 in urdu

The scene of Cerkutay being a Muslim was very emotional We saw that there was a small ceremony after Cerkutay became a Muslim Osman Bay also gives him the gift of the Holy Quran and Janmaz And you and Cerkutay’s clothes have also changed And he is seen dressed as a soldier Surprisingly, Cerkutay’s name was not changed Viewers had changed the names of as many people as there had been Muslims since the first season of Dirilis Ertugrul to Kurulus Osman Now,

like us, there are probably many more people waiting for the name of Cerkutay to be changed But no such scene was seen We want to give you an example of what was the reason for this Earlier, Lena hatun had also converted to Islam and her name was not changed But she has left the series,

but Cerkutay’s role is going to last a long time If Cerkutay had to be renamed, then either Sheikh Edibali would have renamed it. Or he should have been given a new name when Osman Bay invited him to his tent But it did not happen in both places Therefore, it does not seem at all that the name of Cerkutay will be changed But there is little chance that Cerkutay’s name will be changed at the time of his marriage to Aygul Now, if we talk about the marriage of Cerkutay and Aygul, then in one to two episodes,

this marriage will be seen. Or next season’s story will tell us that both are married It is more likely that this marriage will be seen soon Episode No. 58 of Viewers Kurulus Osman will be aired on May 12 If you like our video, please like and share it Viewers Do you think Cerkutay should have been renamed and how did you like Cerkutay new look? You must tell us in the comment box See You Soon!

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