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Mavera Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles.How are you companions As you may have seen the trailer of another Turkish show sequential ‘Mavera’, in the event that you haven’t seen it, there is a connection beneath, from that point you can watch it with Urdu captions. The trailer of this show sequential has been circulated on Turkish state channel TRT. The dramatization sequential will be circulated on TRT channel from April 12. This show sequential is being made on the renowned Sufi holy person and writer Khawaja Ahmad Yasvi. Every one of the insights regarding Khwaja Ahmad Yasvi are in the segment beneath.

Mavera Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

Sufi and writer. Ahmed Yasui was brought into the world in a spot called Siram, seven kilometers from the present-day Kazakh city of Sikkim. His date of birth is obscure. He passed on in 1166 in the Turkestan city of Jesse. Yesi is gotten from the word ‘Yesi’. Toward the east of Sehwan was the town of Bhara in Transcaucasia and toward the east of Siham was the town ‘Yesi’, where Ahmed Yesvi lived. This city was taken inside the limits of Islam well before you were conceived. A large portion of the occupants of these urban communities were Turks who had changed over to Islam. Nonetheless, an enormous piece of the Turks had not at this point changed over to Islam during this period.

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The Turks living in the space of Sir Deria, Alec and Fergana, where Isoism spread, were followers of different religions like Mezdism, Manichaeism and Sanvism. Muslim and non-Muslim Turks were continually at war and there was no solidarity between them. Ahmed Yaswi was brought into the world in these conditions.

Real History Of Khawaja Ahmed Yesevi:

Ahmed Yaswi’s dad was Syeda Ibrahim, an unmistakable figure in Siram. According to individuals, he was viewed as consecrated and his family was viewed as the relatives of the group of the fourth Caliph Ali. Ahmed later lost his mom and father in his youth and moved to the city of Yesi with his more established sister. He concentrated there with well known Sufi older folks like Arsalan Baba and Baheduddin Scabi. He turned into a devotee of Arsalan Baba and served him for a very long time. At the point when his sheik kicked the bucket, Ahmed Yaswi moved to Bukhara.

History Drama Mavera Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

Ahmed Yaswi finished his strict training with Yusuf Hamdani in Bukhara. After the passing of Yusuf Hamdani in 1141 AD (covered in Yuf Hamdani, Turkmenistan), Abdullah Burki succeeded him as the top of the Hamdani Monastery. From that point onward, Hassan Anduki succeeded him. After the demise of Hassan Anduki in 1160 AD, Ahmed Yaswi turned into the following top of the Hamdani Monastery. All through his residency and for the duration of his life, Ahmed Yassvi assumed a vital part in spreading Islam in Central Asia. He additionally showed numerous understudies, through which a perpetual arrangement of strict instruction and lecturing started.

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Ahmed Yaswi likewise assumed a significant part in the field of verse and writing. His sonnets established the framework for another strict society culture in Central Asian Turkey and affected numerous writers. Ahmed Yasui likewise set up a learning place in Kazakhstan, where he served until retirement at 63 years old.

After retirement, Ahmed Yasui spent the remainder of his life in isolation once more. Hassan Basri has said that the acclaimed writer ‘Rumi’ was brought by Konya, a lord of Seljuk, and in a similar Seljuk period, Ahmad Yaswi additionally served Islam. The impact of his administration proceeds. Edward Campbell has additionally expounded on Ahmed Yaswi as an unmistakable individual from the Khawajagan.

Mavera Drama with Urdu Subtitles | Ahmed Yasevi (Ahmed Yasawi) History in Urdu:

Ahmed Yasui passed on in 1166 and was covered in Turkestan, Kazakhstan. No catacomb had been worked there previously. Around 200 years after the rule of Timur Lane, Timur assembled a work of art of design on his burial place somewhere in the range of 1389 and 1405 AD. UNESCO remembered it as a work of art of history in the year 2000.Mavera Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

Afterward, the burial place of Ahmed Yesvi was fixed by the Republic of Turkey through ‘Tika’. Additionally, the request set up by Ahmed Yaswi is as yet being followed and Yaswi Syed Ata Sheik stood firm on an unmistakable footing in the Bukhara courtMavera Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

It is additionally said that the book of shrewdness “Diwan-e-Hikmat” is by Ahmad Yassavi, on the grounds that it contains Turkish sonnets composed by him just as sonnets of dervishes of his time. The primary Kazakh-Turkish college in Turkmenistan, Ahmed Yasui University, was set up in 1993 in memory of the incomparable Sufi and artist Ahmed YasuiMavera Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

Mavera New Turkish Drama Story:

Ahmed Yaswi composed sonnets for the ordinary citizens and his otherworldly sonnets show a thing or two of fellowship. In his content, Islamic as well as the customs and culture of the old Turkish Mongols were protected through words. His supporters shaped many subsidiary supernatural affiliations that spread all through the world.

His poetry greatly influenced Turkish literature, paving the way for the develoMavera Episode 6 Urdu Subtitlespment of mystical folk literature

He played a very important role in spreading Islam among the Turks and similarly, made great sacrifices to create unity among the Turks. He spent his last years in ‘Harmarasti’. It is also rumored that he made wooden spoons and wooden utensils to earn a livinMavera Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

Timurlink built a magnificent mausoleum on his grave in ‘Yesi’. Timurlink was also hinted at in a dream by Ahmed Yesvi of his future victories. So Timur built the building to thank Jesus. In Turkey, 1993 was declared the year of Ahmed Yassavi.

Mavera Drama in Urdu:

Ahmed Yaswi is one of the most famous moral leaders in the history of Islam. His philosophy of ethics is based on the belief and concept of self-satisfaction. According to Jesus, one should discipline and control one’s self, get rid of moral weaknesses, strengthen one’s will and control it.Mavera Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

Ahmed Yaswi wrote poems called “Wisdom” to spread Islam and enlighten people towards Sufism. His poems are imaginative and in pure Turkish language. So she became very popularMavera Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

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