Marhem Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

Marhem Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles, Upholds So being the clan of that kid of this wing is the activity of ‘n association so man how the youngster will uncover himself it membership Look I’ll give Come a shot you something I settle on you buy in the decision this Monday you’re in your companions.

Yes for you this is Emirhan’s number Which implies we will not do it kids hush up Let them simply contend running against the norm Sibling Emir, my child is no, our schoolwork is no. we would do it together when we would.

He is able to go this legend In the design called gathering in the assemblage, particularly center school understudies are vital to you in the confidential construction that ought to be arranged can really believe that understudies should teach and request that you call them. he gives contentions sibling, how much is it simple. How would you know the subjects? We have too effective siblings,

Marhem Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

Your classes I’ll help you yet only one joke why really buckle down for me when you say you love to understand it and solace my mother sibling you are ‘an exceptional youngster Hakan this and you provide for find lasting success I’m certain you’ll say it’s me reliant upon you from your understudies or me These are the contentions I’m got from educators.

Marhem Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles
Marhem Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

Educators work in Public Schooling can work in various homerooms instructors can be this too familiar perusing contact corridors like the Young Place data from each understudy he can Maksan in this data assortment Really ‘a contention in itself to make models and take out how they do it I don’t have the foggiest idea yet their TC ID numbers until we get separated.

Marhem Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

They arrive at each data. Obviously, this is the protection. hi to you in light of your own conjectures in these parishioners administration, you come, here we are together We should concentrate on likewise come to work Even there at the underlying stage as a safety measure and you are in secondary school.

Nearly until the last year Fethullah Nothing smiley or connected with this design travels every which way without knowing, simply educate at home somebody who works so I have enlisted that patient can ask us God’s purpose, he’s savvy like Hakan where children acquire.

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We should get it going, it’s as of now we do membership buy in it confides in your kid to another person Could you share your sibling with another person? I couldn’t say whether you are with these individuals not to any other person after my exchange.

I have additionally removed from endowed membership Since power is in some unacceptable hands then it can mishandle become he does how this section eliminates I run quickly Gracious man, look what they did at 35 degrees Yet in the event that I arrive again I’m not going to withdraw from sibling indeed, that is sufficient Indeed,

Marham Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

see us It’s not satisfactory assuming this officer is the foe and quit getting remuneration Ah, my child Ahmet, I go as well, stop. where is it now I hauled it out of my face We don’t need to, and remuneration pay that will you do kid buy-in I know it’s our d,

There is ‘n report on subscriptions It’s good for your mouse or Hamza did nothing there are but many names are punished for free this Twitter plate that kids are our friends son most of them this is our revolution it is our comrades we shared this bread but what did we do.

Why should they complain? Is my name Emrah Aksoy he is 11 years old I also serve in the congregation The two met when they described as I am ‘one for many years in this I did several tasks Nice sitting brother last year You chose a university, Military Academy, You said get ready, now we give courage to Brother,