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We have explained to you earlier that how in Europe and Caucasus Ottoman Empire fought and how the Allied plans were in ruins at Gallipoli But the war was in full swing and now the Arab area was the Target. So, here what happened to Allies?

Today, we’ll show you that. So, after loss at Gallipoli, Allies thought that to get their objectives, they first have to capture the Arab areas of the Ottoman Empire For this purpose,

The first big battle was fought at Kut which is now a part of Iraq You can clearly see in this map that Britain was looking to capture Baghdad as there were big resources of oil in Baghdad It had another benefit that it would have enabled British to provide Oil supply to British India For this purpose, Britain first of all captured the city of Basra And kept marching on towards Baghdad When Ottomans saw this, they positioned themselves out of the Baghdad City So, 

War Of Kutul Amare


That Ottomans could attack the British Army As British Army had an idea that as Ottoman Army is in a defensive position, so they would be inside the City But this didn’t happen. When Ottomans attacked the British Army, 

They went into the city of Kut to defend themselves If you look closely at the map of Kut, you would find that it is close to the Tigris River So, 

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It clearly was a defending position As on most of the sides, it was the Tigris River, so, it was easier to defend this city The British Army was numbered at 50,000 but the Ottomans were only 25,000 Opposite to what the British thought, 

The Ottomans pursued them and lay Siege to the city of Kut When British General found himself surrounded, he asked for terms When the talks started then British General Townsend offered 2 Million pounds to the Ottoman General Halil Pasha, 

Which he declined At the end, the 50,000 strong British Army surrendered to the Ottomans This was the biggest Surrender of British Army It never happened before that 50,000 strong army surrendered That’s how the Ottomans successfully defended Kut and Iraq Now to seek revenge, 

Britain though of a new plan But now the target was Gaza in the west. In 1917, the 30,000 strong British Army was sent to capture Gaza. They attacked from Egypt as it was already under British Control to the Palestine Their objective was clear. To capture Jerusalem. 

But their were 15,000 Ottoman Soldiers standing in front of them. The British had the advantage in Numbers here as well. 

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But they were not prepared for this heat. Also, when the British attacked from Sinai, the Ottomans already had dug Trenches near Gaza And the British could not clear those Trenches Also, the British Army had early Tanks but they were newly invented and were not used in a war before So, when British Landed those Tanks in Gaza, 

The Desert Sand got Stuck with them That’s how the Britain and Allies were again defeated Gaza was attacked two times one after the other but the Allies got Nothing So, what exactly happened that the winning Ottomans started losing wars How one treachery is the cause of so much problems today in the middle east This and many more, 

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