Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 In Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69.At the end of the last episode, you see that Usman listens to Jerkota and leaves. At the beginning of this episode, every man or fort is shown. Because they have invited Nicola to the party. Meanwhile, his special man comes there and says that there is an important problem. Usman has cut off the fingers of our soldiers. His fingers have been cut off, which means that he has complete doubts about Rogatos.Kurulus Osman Episode 69

Usman says: O Karail, my dear friend, you have supported me for many years. You have borne me like a burden in your youth. Life was due to you Uthman says in the end I swear by Allah Karail who snatched you from me, I will crush him under the iron. I swear I will avenge your blood. Here Sis is talking to a masked man. After which he calls her, my dear friend while I am protected by soldiers from the shields of Rogatus. And sent them to ‘Uthman. You did a great job too.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69

You killed Uthman’s beloved horse. And cut off the horse’s head. He laughs when he says that you are a cruel man. You know that you are a real Turk. I am sure that Uthman must have been upset. Audience.

Says I just did my duty after which Cossus tells him now your new campaign starts I think Papa Gregor Usman has it. Says I’m not sure if it’s Gregor or not. But I know they are hiding something in the tent. And no one is allowed in this tent. In response to which Kosis says you will find out what is going on there. The Celjan woman asks Gundoz where Usman is. He has not come yet. To which Gundoz says we havedisappointed our brother. He wants to be alone. At the same time, Usman also comes there and sits down.


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The Celjan woman asks if it is okay. A clue was found. In reply, Gundoz said, “No, the soldiers are looking for a sign. We will find a clue.” You are right but no one from the tribe did that. Then the lady says it must be someone who often visits the tribe. sssWe do business. We host guests. A lot of people come to our tribe. After hearing the words, ‘Uthman says, “I want to rest.” He goes away, saying, After which he gives Murree a gift of a necklace and then he puts a necklace on it. Kosis is also watching all this, after which he says to Nicola, “I have not seen anyone better than you.” When you serve friends, Nicola and Murray start talking to each other. Nicola says I can do anything for you.

In response to which Murree says you should know that the Turk who kidnapped me on hearing this Nicola angrily says I will start from Turgat to change your destiny in Turgut meanwhile Rogtus also comes there here Seljan The woman comes to Usman. After sitting down, she says, “You have been like this since childhood. When you are upset, go in solitude.” Usman says, “You have realized that something is wrong.

How can I repay your debt? Mother Seljan says that there is no debt between mother and sons, after which she says, “Now be patient. This attitude does not beautify my ‘Uthman.’ Uthman says,” It is a heavy burden.First, they killed the soldiers of Turgut, then the enemy entered my tribe like a snake and took one of my caravans. The woman says the burden of the mountain is as big as a mountain. They cannot stand in front of you because of your strength.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English Subtitles

That’s why they’re playing games behind your back. You will overcome it. There is a verse that Allah puts a burden on a soul equal to its power. May Allah lighten your burden. Usman says Amen here. Usman has accused me. That I have killed the soldiers of Turgut. Would you say something about it? Effort in response to which Effort says Uthman told me about it but I told him that his suspicion is wrong. I hope the truth will come out soon.

You may not be hoping, but I’ll tell you the truth as soon as possible. Nicola says, “Didn’t you attack? We’re your friends. Don’t hide from us.”Rogtus says I am among friends Do you agree that Sis? Do you think I am among friends?hurts because of me so I leave here in response to which Nicola says you get angry very quickly So you tell me not to get angry. After a few words, Nicola says Pope Gregor is still missing. Do you remember where he went?

Did he sink to the ground? When they hear this, Rogtos looks at them angrily. Then Rogtos stands up and says that the food was very tasty but unfortunately I have to go. He leaves saying that. Andreas Grego says We need to get it out of your body right away. Your wound is getting bigger and bigger over time. In response, Gregor says it is not permissible to leave before leaving. Unless we go to a safe place, we can’t get it out. Andreas says when will this imprisonment end?

Kurulus Osman Episode 69

Usman’s soldiers are scattered everywhere. I think we’ll be here long enough. The pastor says you’re wrong Andreas. Usman is an intelligent man. He has not kept us here to hide. He knows the emperor’s politics and the weaknesses of Byzantium. He wants to use me to stir up controversy between Orthodox and Catholics. Keeping us imprisoned here in such a situation will not benefit him at all. Uthman’s politics will open the way for us to Rogtus. Here Usman and Gunduz are present in Otaq.

Gunduz says the time has come. Obviously, the disease will not come. It is clear that he has become our enemy. Usman says you are right. By not accepting our invitation. Doubts have turned to him. If he doesn’t come, we will go. Then we will know. That he did not come to us out of fear or because of his crime Murree is here with his maid and is talking about Nicola after which his maid asks him to stay within his limits. I want to ask you a question in response to which Murree says you are curious about what I want from Nicola.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English Subtitles

She shakes her head and says yes Murree says I want what I want from other people. I mean, in his strength, I want us to play a little bit first and then I will use it with my hand like a cut thin. Brother Gundoz says no, Usman says ok then we go to him but at the same time the drum of the tribe starts beating and the soldiers of Kuss come there. Does Usman say how Kass came here without giving any news? There is definitely an important issue.

Then the soldiers of Kosas come and stand in front of them. Gunduz says where is Fort Darcos? Upon hearing this, the soldiers move forward and all who come in front of them are sick. They are all surprised to see that the clothes of the soldiers made it look as if they were men of Kosas. I came to call you. You are wondering why Usman Sahib mutters and says who are these women. Gogchi says these are women of the Kezel tribe.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English Subtitles

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They are here to weave. Gonja says how can they come here without the permission of the lady above? She says I did not bring them here but I have brought an atheist woman.

At the same time, Mulhan arrives there, after which she says that Gonja Khatun Guchi and other women are here by my order. If you have something to say, tell me. Hearing this, she becomes silent and goes to work.

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After a while, the woman above also comes there and says what is going on here. Gonja says the Malhan woman has invited women from her tribe to make it.

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And hearing that Gogchi has been appointed caretaker over them, the women present there to say, “What shall we do now?” Bala is very upset to hear this.

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