Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles Free

Watch Now Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles || Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 With Urdu Subtitles || Kurulus Osman Season Episode 66 Urdu Subtitles || for over six centuries   osman ghazi and his descendants reigned not only over nations but the hearts of millions I constantly ask myself what does it mean   to be an Ottoman? Today I come to you from the center of harmony and justice .  Makki Tv Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu

Welcome everybody we are here at the resting place of Osman Ghazi as well as Orhan Ghazi   the son of Osman gazi these are the founders of the Ottoman Empire and today I’m dressed   like a Kayi Alp and it’s golden hour because we’ve come really early in the morning and   guess what i’ve got what we call the ‘Kalach’ this is the sword the wonderful sword that we see natural  

Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles

and that we see throughout the centuries um when you hold it because i’ve never really hold a sword   i’ve never held a sword before until maybe like two days ago and uh it’s a little bit um heavy   as you could imagine a little bit heavy but it’s just um glorious you know like a sword has this um  

glory to it it adds honor to the one who holds it so uh i feel immensely honoured not just to   be holding this but to actually be in the presence of greatness in the presence of greatness in the   presence of someone of such uh unique stature um such as Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles Free

Osman Gazi who is the son of Ertugrul Ghazi   simply because um osman ghazi was the founder of the ottoman empire   and what that means is and what that signifies is that uh this is a very unique position to be in   because the ottoman empire is the longest reigning empire in the history of the muslim ummah so   that’s 624 years where osman gazi and his sons his descendants many of the sultans they um operated  

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 With Urdu Subtitles

the ottoman empire and there’s no one who can actually claim to have that   position that osman gazi has of actually being a founder of an empire that has run   to that length to that extent so just being here i’m immensely immensely honored In order to get to Bursa where Osman Ghazi’s tomb is Get a ferry from Eminent Istanbul It costs 39 Turkish Lira (£3.13 / $4.26) The journey is very comfortable where you can buy many refreshments Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles Free

The journey time is only 1 hour and 40 minutes quicker and cheaper than by car of coach made it here to Bursa i thought for some reason i watched a video on youtube and i thought it’s   going to take about two and a half hours but we’ve gotten here in one hour and 40 minutes   so i’m absolutely pleasantly surprised this city is appearing to be a bit more sunnier  

actually but it’s midday as well i’ve got to take that into consideration but it’s nice and   blue it looks vibrant it actually looks like a holiday destination from from this for this part   now it’s time to get a taxi and i’m going to say goodbye to the ferry look at that wonderful view   all right so now uh we’ve come off like the bursa the bursa ferry that brought us over here so   we found a taxi so as you come outside of the ferry directly you’ll find these people that   are promoting their taxi services so actually let me check this off  

Kurulus Osman Season Episode 66 Urdu Subtitles

so um it costs about 150 Turkish Lira to get to from our ferry from the ferry port to osman gazi which   is one of the main areas in bursa only about 150 Lira which is about 40 minutes away so   it’s going to directly drop us into our address to our apartment so i’m looking forward to it The moment I had been waiting for arrived! This costume was worn by the legendary Dirilis Ertugrul actor… …

Engin Altan Duzyatun in Season 3 of the series I went early morning, but got photo requests here we have the uh Kayi hats so there’s um quite a few of them and i was looking   at some websites um a few months ago and i saw them for like 20 british pounds so   and in istanbul there’s about like um around 18 british pounds like about um 180 lira but here   i spoke to the man and he said it’s like uh 50 Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 With Urdu Subtitles

 Turkish Lira it’s about 5 pounds or just less than that   all right so i’m just going to get this that fits the best this is the um incredible sword osman so you know as they say i think they hold it like this something like this very heavyweight when i was looking for something like this but i couldn’t find it for like um   over a year and as i buy as i buy the one with the Kayi flag on it i find this one which is this   Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 With Urdu Subtitles

Makki Tv Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu

and it fits uh maybe even better you know so i’m thinking actually i’m gonna get it   i’m getting there so this is uh the kalach of Osman Gazi which is um you know the weight of   it that you don’t realize how how heavy it would be so to be able to hold this you have to have like strong wrist skills but mom said These are the two swords of Bamsi Alp (in the Drills Ertugrul series)

We also have the ‘Zulfikar’ of Hazrat Ali yeah more of the costumes over here um and different sizes so you have some i think some   maybe my people have children as well and there’s various different things to do with um the Drills Ertugrul   Kurulus Osman series um the Kayi tribe you know what they try to show or to try to   show in terms of the flags in terms of the hats in terms of

Makki Tv Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu

like swords and all of that sort of stuff   there’s even some Dervish hats over here as well which is quite   interesting as well which is nice to see so today we’re getting the hat this over here which is candied chestnuts so very delicious i’ve not   had it before but i like it so this is uh Adam over here and he’s helped us out and if you’re in  

bursa opposite osman mazar you can come over here let’s just um take a walk let’s just go inside um the mezar of Orhan Ghazi okay so let’s just have a look um we’ll show you some videos and this is Orhan Ghazi’s resting place and there are many other graves here of   his companions and some of his family members so you can see this amazing this is the the second Sultan of the ottomans and the son of osman ghazi the grandson   of Ertugrul Ghazi and the great grandson of Sulayman Shah incredible when we watched the show Dirilis  

باربروسہ قسط 5 اردو میں

Ertugrul when we watched the show Kurulus Osman it’s just a breath of fresh air because i’ve never seen   anything produced to this extent to this quality and it just shows us that in the 13th century when   when they were around how they lived how simple their lives were um the etiquettes that they   had the morals that they had the um the way that they lived with purpose you know it shows us that

Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles Free Makki Tv

us today in the modern era how we can live with purpose when you live with purpose   and when you have big dreams that are sometimes beyond your imagination beyond your uh beyond  Kurulus Osman Episode 66 In Urdu Subtitles Free the confinement of who you are as an individual then you can achieve great things the ottomans   they uh reigned in their in their pinnacle during the time of sulaiman the magnificent  

in the 16th century they were reigning over 60 to 70 nations at that very moment in time You can watch daily changing of the guards ceremony …outside the tomb of Osman Ghazi (Alp Parade) uh luckily the turkish historical drama series   has uh just reblown that spirit that was kind of missing um that we weren’t aware   of as muslims as well that um how glorious and how great our leaders were of the past how great   our scholars were of the past how great people certain personalities were from the past so i’m  

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 With Urdu Subtitles

just immensely honored i i went to the mazar the um the graves of um like orhan ghazi over here who   won over many many castles many many castles during his reign perhaps more so than even Osman Ghazi and   when i went into just to see their resting places   it just feels amazing that you know the person buried over here is   of such significance when it comes to history like what they achieved it not just impacted  

their life it didn’t impact just their tribe uh not just their country but it impacted you know   multiple millions of people um within the past 700 plus years so i’m immensely honored   as i said i’m going to use this word honored multiple times and i’ve used it multiple times if you liked today’s video do hit the like button and to watch the video of our   full trip to Bursa hit the subscribe button and the notifications bell icon   so that you will be informed when that video is uploaded see you in the next one

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