Kurulus Osman Episode 61 In Urdu

Hello Friends! Welcome to makki Tv The second explosive trailer of Kurulus Osman series has been released which proves that the next episode will be full of action. For action-crazy people, the battle scenes in the series are nothing short of a gift And the next episode will present such great battle scenes that everyone will be amazed The episode will be full of not only action but also suspense and emotional scenes that guarantee the success of the episode. The action-packed scenes and the big fight point to Season Finale There is also a strong possibility of saying goodbye to the big characters in this great war We will also talk about which big characters can leave the series in the next episode Also tell you why there will be separate wars with Nikola and the Mongols? If Osman would attack the hideout of the ungrateful, then what trap would have been laid for him there? Will Cerkutay and Aygul Hatun never get married? Will Cerkutay soon avenge Bamsi Bey for two swords? Will the alliance of Osman Bey and Omar Bey be broken by becoming angry with the enemies? Will there be more than one war in the next episode? What important developments will we see in the next episode about the role of Turhan Alp? Who will be the winner of the wars in the coming episode and who will be defeated in the fate? In addition, you will find a lot of important information in today’s video Be sure to watch the video to the fullest and subscribe to our channel The next installment of Kurulus Osman will definitely be a collection of action-packed scenes But the beginning of the episode will be very emotional Because at the end of the last episode of Kurulus Osman, we got to see the testimony of Bamsi Bey So in the next episode we will see the time interval The chances are slim Because after the martyrdom of Bamsi Bey, the leader of the Ghazi’s, his last rites will be performed Saying goodbye to them for the last time, Cerkutay and the rest of the Alps will surely make us sad. After saying goodbye to Bamsi Bey, the blazing fire of revenge and Osman Bey’s new plans will surely inspire him. We told you in our lastest video that Togay and Nikola know full well that Osman will come for revenge. In the newly released trailer, we saw that Osman would attack togay’s hideout Even before that, when Osman Bey attacked Togay on the martyrdom of Abdur Rehman Ghazi, he was not present. Fans are still wondering if this will happen again Viewers We have told you that Togay knows that Osman will come to take revenge.

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