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Hello Friends! Welcome to Makki Tv The third and final great trailer of the Kurulus Osman series has been released Three suspense-filled trailers have added to the fans’ anxiety Everyone is looking forward to the next installment Everyone is looking forward to seeing the action-packed scenes and Osman Bay’s great revenge The next episode will have to be watched by the fans Because there will be not one but many big events If the martyrdom of Abdul Rehman Ghazi will make us emotional, then the fire of revenge in the heart of Osman Bay will also make us excited. In today’s

video, we will talk about whether Osman Bay will kill Tugay to avenge Abdul Rehman Ghazi? How did Osman Bay find out about Tugay’s whereabouts? Has Togha’s brother entered? Will the arrival of Kalanos lead to a great war? When will the Dimanic War take place? Why has Omar Bay offered gold to the chiefs? Did Omar Bay take this gold from Nikola during the trade? What big tricks will Osman Bay play through Dundar? In addition, you will find more important

information in this video. To know the full details, you must watch the video till the end and subscribe to our channel. This time after a long time, three trailers of an episode have been released Which is a testament to the fact that the next episode will be very interesting, full of action and emotion The last episode ended with a scene where Osman Bay and Malhun Hatun were facing each other on one side and Tughay on the other side attacked the wedding caravan and martyred Abdul Rehman Ghazi. Because Osman went to stop the Malhun, he did not come with the wedding caravan.

Therefore, after the martyrdom of Abdul Rehman Ghazi, Osman Bay will hold Malhun Hatun and Omar Bay responsible for the loss of this attack. Osman will arrive on time and will help his comrades during the attack But Tugay must have escaped by then Osman Bay will be deeply saddened by the martyrdom of Abdul Rehman Ghazi and will look anxious for revenge. We heard Osman Bay talking about revenge in both the first and last trailer of the episode. That is, he is very angry and wants to get revenge from Tughay soon We also saw the Mongols being attacked in the trailer at

Tughay’s hideout. We will also tell you in full detail whether Tughay will die or not Burning in the fire of revenge, Osman must have known that this attack was carried out by Tugay But he did not know her whereabouts How he came to know this is also a curious subject Well, they explain everything to you from the beginning First of all, Osman will tighten the noose around Malhoon Hatoon and Omar Bay Who were apparently planning to trade with the enemy Seeing Osman Bay’s fierce anger, Omar Bay ring will stop Osman Bay saying that it is a traitor’s ring. In these difficult circumstances, all this will be no less than a big shock for Osman Bay that his own uncle He is betraying Osman Bay,

who was already suspicious of Dundar, but failed to bring out the truth about Dundar despite repeated traps. Now the last move will be made and it will reach its enemies through Dundar It is possible that Osman Bay came to know about the whereabouts of Tugha only through Dundar Bay Osman Bay and Gundoz Bay will attack Tugay’s hideout together And we will kill all the Mongols, but in all this we did not see Tugay anywhere The audience is curious as to whether Tugay will die The chances of that happening are slim Togay may have been injured and fled Or he may have already

known that Osman Bay was coming with his extraordinary power and he may have escaped. But he is more likely to be injured Because another Mongol commander has entered He is thought to be Tugay’s brother Because earlier in the series, two brothers of Togay were mentioned Amre coach who was thought to be playing the role of Kalanos He has appeared in the series as a Mongol commander. He also met Nikola and Petrus as soon as he arrived. The purpose of the meeting was to find out who informed Osman Bay about Tugay’s whereabouts He even drew a dagger on Petrus

But it is possible that this was not reported by Petrus It is possible that Osman Bay himself spied on Tugha through one of his associates and they reached his whereabouts. But we heard Dundar say that he would strike Osman Bay one last time through Tugay This scene has appeared in both the first and second trailers Then there must be some special significance Dundar may have planned to trap Osman Bay in the Tugay trap But Osman Bay may have played another game in Dundar’s game and attacked Tugay Emre Koç has now emerged as the Mongol commander in the series Then Şevket Süha Tezel is playing the role of Kalanos Kalanus also made an entry and it seemed that he too would prove to

be a very dangerous villain But Osman Bay will probably not allow him to enter these lands so easily In the trailer, Osman was seen fighting the Byzantine soldiers The soldiers who came with Kalanus, who were at the forefront, are in black uniforms. And even during the war, they were the first to be confronted by soldiers in black uniforms Osman Bay, the scapegoat, attacked Kalanus The scene where Osman Bay and his soldiers sit with their shields in front of them to protect themselves from the arrows. There may be a scene of war with Kalanus or Nikola One important thing to remember is that in the next episode, there is hardly an opportunity where Osman is not unsuccessful Otherwise,

Osman will be seen to be very successful in all wars Significant events are often missed in the scenes that pass quickly in the trailer Osman Bay was seen making some plans when he put the map in front of his colleagues Then all of a sudden our eyes fell on Savci Bay, which is standing next to Bamsi Bay By the way, Savci Bay’s face is not visible in this scene But looking at his uniform and height, it seems that is exactly Savci bey The entry of Kalanos and Savci Bay points to a major historical battle of Diamanic We know this fight will be seen this seasonBut it doesn’t look like the next episode will be Diamanic War Both Kalanus and Emre Koc have joined the series as guest speakers But even then, seeing Diamanic’s battle doesn’t immediately end Kalanos’s role Rather, it will be in the series for a while A scene from

Kurulus Osman Episode 52 Urdu Subtitles by makki tv

Dundar Bay also surfaced where he is probably in the woods You may have noticed that Dundar has taken off his clothes I mean, he was hiding somewhere He may be caught by Osman Bay in the same scene Now let’s talk about Omar Bay who has decided to increase his power and do everything on his own. Of course, he handed over the ring to Osman Bay But the only reason was to drop the charge of treason against him Omar Bay is still standing there and thinking the same thing Sitting in a tent and offering gold to the chiefs, Omar has disappeared Everyone doubted that it was gold obtained from the Byzantines in exchange for the horse trade But we don’t think so at all Because Turkish

Kurulus Osman Episode 52 Urdu Subtitles by makki tv

coffins are different from Byzantine coffins And this box is a Turkish box Omar may have been trying to get the Turkish chiefs to join him So that Usman Bay could be stronger and fight the enemies Episode 52 of Kurulus Osman will be released on March 31 Be sure to like the video Tell us how anxious you are to see Osman Bay’s action and great revenge We will soon be at your service with a wonderful video on the history of the Great Ottoman Empire If you are looking for my video on the history of our Ottoman Empire, please let us know in the comment box See You Soon!

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