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Which actor do you like? You know, we care about your thoughts. We have collected your feedback and will share it with you. You can accept or not participate in these comments. Write your opinion in the comments. If you like the video, don’t forget to share it. Engin Akyurek, my favorite, I love him for his great humility and his smile that never leaves him. His performances are the King, the best excellent actor.


Kurulus Osman Episode 58 With Urdu Subtitles

ENGil AKYUREK is the most beautiful he loved him as an actor he is my favorite Actor ENGIN AKYUREK is the best of all for me handsome humble and simple pure LOVE I LOVE him Akin akinozu excellent actor and he is also beautiful and sexy They are beautiful, Engin, AKin, kerem Serkan my favorite actors Akin besides beautiful is a spectacular actor Forever my beautiful prince Engin Akyurek all are very beautiful The best, BURAK OZCÏVIT,

adorable in “Kara Sevda” as Kemal Soydere and today, triumphing and winning awards in the role by Osman Bey in “Kurulus Osman” Very good my favorite Turks Barış, Çağlar, Burak etc, but the favorite of all my favorites the number one, the one who takes the baton among my most beautiful Turks is obviously the only one Can Yaman heads my list and I do not change it for anyone! I love Engin Akyurek .. He is the best actor and the most beautiful ..

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For me the favorite is Can Yaman, although there are several more that I have seen in different series and I have liked them but none of them takes away the number one. All very handsome but they will excuse me that as AKIN Akinozu at the moment there is no one … it is wonderful. And I own an incredible talent HELLO … my favorites are: Kivanç Tatlitug, Can Yaman, Burak Ozcivit, Bariş Arduc and the others Engin Akyurek, Cağatay

Ulusoy, Can Yaman and Burak Özçivit for me they are the best Excellent list, the best of all and super difficult to choose between so many beautiful ones, for me the cutest Şükrü and the sexiest Barış and the best actor Aras Amigas, nayla, tremendous chapter, cute , beautiful, Miran and Reyyan spectacular performances, now if the novel is super good “Akin “beautiful. beautiful eyes, intense gaze.

When he laughs it is even more seductive. But above all he is a magnificent, excellent actor. His acting is so vehement. When he cries, when he feels happy with his Reyyan, when he is angry his emotions run through the screen. For me you will always be the most beautiful and brilliant Turkish actor. My favorite Turkish actors: Engin Akyürek, Caglar Ertuğrul, Cagatay Ulusoy Ekin Koc, Aras Bulut Iynemli For me the first is Engin for his wonderful talent apart from his beauty, his look, Kivanc for the same reasons,

Burack Ocivit and Ertugrul The best actor and very handsome is Engin Akyürek. Is the most. Spectacular Of the most handsome Turks are burak ozçivit and bariş Arduç Kerem Bursin and Baris Arduc, the two most beautiful Turks and the best actors since they do the same dramons as they do very funny comedies.

From Alicante Spain Engin Akyürek very handsome and talented He has the most beautiful eyes, with a beautiful look difficult to describe Mine are Can Yaman, Gökhan Alkan, Alp Navruz, Akin Akinozu, Baris Arduc, Engin Akyurek Engin Akyurek the most beautiful in the world too like “Akin” thanks for sharing these beautiful men

This actor is beautiful we liked it in the novel Keren Bursin No matter how beautiful they are my heart is with Kerem Bursim, since I met him in Love is in the air I no longer have eyes for another Baris Arduc what a beauty, he speaks with his eyes, and seduces with his voice. My heartthrob is “Akin”, the best actor I have ever seen , he moves me with his performance, it is so real that it touches my soul, in recent episodes and cried together with him, he gives all his heart,

it is also great royal that is to say a little. My favorites are Baris Arduc and Ibrahim Cellikol. Not only because they have impressive physiques and bearing but because they have an unmatched power of attraction and seduction. And the voice of Baris Uff … I do not change it for any. Greetings from Mexico Mehmet Akif Alakurt seems to me a bad actor but very handsome and manly. Engin Akyurek, I really like his sweet eyes.

Now I add to the list an actor with incredible presence and elegance , Kenan Imirzalioglu, I just saw him in Ezel and it seemed to me an incredible novel, very good but with an ending that left me with deep sadness. Very good actors, Cansu, Kenan and the entire cast, from the best of Turkish series. Burak Deniz is the most beautiful of all; He is charismatic, very expressive and full of talent,

he has something special and he is really a great actor, he is unique. I miss you ulaş tuna astepe I love his performance in sen anlat karadeniz with irem helvacioglu I was hoping to see him there is Bugra Gulsoy is beautiful, his gaze kills me, his voice melts me Cagatay Ulusoy,

a very complete actor, walks spectacular, simple, manly and masss With worth it but the most beautiful of the beautiful Caglar Ertugrul my favorite Turko chocolate And for me the most beautiful, romantic, kind, gentleman and the best actor is Akin Akinozu, there are no words to define

his personality For me all, but Cansel Elcin me he loves that calm that he has Before now and always Burak Ozcivit is the best actor in Turkey and the most beautiful man in the world is the man with the captivating eyes deep gaze that falls in love catches enchants fascinates bewitches spells it takes away my unique sense unrepeatable insurmountable unforgettable spectacular grandiose

I adore him The first one on the list must have been cagatay he is the most beautiful and tender Turkish I saw the video just waiting for him I work on the secret of FERIHA as EMIR I love him like a son. Akin and my beautiful Kadir Dogulu Memeht Akif Alakurt, (Sila) has been the most handsome and elegant Turkish actor for my taste. Its bearing is impressive. Tremendous lottery, any number is the winner

I miss you Ulas Tuna Astepe. Thank you for informing us about all those beautiful Turks My favorite Engin. Akyurek..Excellent tea and beautiful actor. Mine will always be my number 1 Can Yaman and I agree with you, Dolunay is my favorite of his … although without a doubt they are all very handsome greetings from Spain My favorite Kenan İmirzalıoğlu without a doubt for me the best actor in karadayi

I can not stop admire Aras Bulut Inemly, I think he is the best actor in all of Turkey, apart from being very attractive and the most beautiful is Can Yaman of that there is no doubt. Holy Father I take the second one, for me it is the most beautiful thing that Turkey could give birth to, I am in love with Sukru Ozyildiz A

pool of beautiful actors that Turkey has … My three loves, Baris Arduc, Can Yaman and Murat Yıldırım, very handsome and acting. . For me, the most … most spectacularly beautiful are: Can Yaman, Burak Özçivit, Alp Navruz, Engin Akyürek and Serkan Çayoglu.! Oh, and Halit Ergenç, who I really love as a singer! and in “Las Mil Y Una Noches” he played an excellent role, apart from being (I think you forgot to mention it) a GREAT singer; for me he is a piece of artist like the top of a pine tree

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