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Hello Friends! Welocme to Makki tv The last episode of Kurulus Osman was wonderful Step by step, the episode is full of suspense and action scenes At the same time, everyone seemed to be using political maneuvers to defeat their enemy Like Ertugrul Ghazi, Osman Bey also proved that his brain is as sharp as his sword. Osman Bey is trying to play a game in which even the snake dies and the stick does not break The series has suddenly come up with an unexpected toast that was not expected Well, what has been planned in the

latest Episode will be implemented or not? Will Sultan Masood’s claims remain the same? They will never be able to provide military assistance to Osman Bey? Mention has been made of two major Turkish tribes fighting against the Sultan The Sultan will be defeated in this war? When will Osman apparently obey the Mongols? What will be the reaction of the Bala to the marriage of Osman Bay to his wife?

Is this the time for the lady to disappear from the series? Why would Omar agree to marry an Malhun Hatun to Osman Bey? Why didn’t Cerkutay’s name change after he became a Muslim? You will also find great information in this video Must watch the video till the end to know the full details and subscribe to the channel The last episode of the Kurulus Oman series was fantastic Major events such as the entry of Sultan

Masood and the conversion of Cerkutay to Islam were witnessed We had already guessed it And that’s exactly what happened to you But Sultan Masood’s character confused everyone In palace, his attitude towards Osman Bay had disappointed not only Osman Bay but also us Viewers You must not be too surprised Because we have already informed you that the Seljuk palace is in the hands of the Mongols And Sultan Masood is also forced to make decisions according to them You saw how the Mongols roamed the palace

And the reason for this is that it is the Mongols who put Sultan Masood on the throne We told you that the Sultan would take care of the tax And maybe they should impose a ban on Osman Bay You will also threaten them But Osman Bay was not expected to receive death threats Well, here are the positive aspects of the story Which made us a little happy but missed Sultan Alauddin a lot Eventually the blood showed its effect and the real intentions of Sultan Masood also came to light But how well will these intentions be implemented and will they be successful? This is a curious thing Sultan Masood is a puppet in the hands of the Mongols Because they are facing many difficulties to save the throne So he tells Osman Bey to show for the time being that he is obedient to the Mongols Sultan Masood’s dream of killing his enemies with a plan does not seem to be changing Let me tell you the reason Viewers A long time ago we mentioned the Turkish tribe of Garmianulari You will remember They are a strong and powerful tribe Osman also intended to go to them and unite But then in the series neither the subject was taken forward nor this tribe came forward But now we have heard the name of Karamano Golari

from the mouth of the Sultan Viewers This is also a very powerful Turkish region About which the Sultan had said that he had to face it Because they want to remove them from the throne For this purpose, Sultan Masood has also called his brother Ruknuddin Konya Viewers We like to tell you the details of any event with historical references We told you that Sultan Massoud had confronted the Turkic tribes along with the Mongols Viewers In the previous episode, Oman Bay also asked the Sultan what he would do if his army was not enough. In response, he said he would seek help from Geyhatu Viewers in history had a lot of clashes with the

Mongols and the Sultan of Karamnogollari and Garmianolorai But the sultans did not win Yes, according to history, the Sultan had also enlisted the help of the Mongols against Karamangolari However, Karamangolari remained steadfast and the Sultan did not win It is worth mentioning here that Sultan Masood was dethroned for his involvement in some commune against the Ilkhan state in 1297 And then he came back to 1303 Now if we consider these incidents about Sultan Masood, it seems very difficult that he will be able to provide army to Osman Bay. Sultan Masood must be subordinate to the Mongols But all this is their obligationAnd they intend to support Osman Bay Sadly, they may never be able to provide much help to Osman Bay Because the Sultan himself is in a lot of trouble Now let’s talk about Osman Bay, how he will face these enemies So, for that, the unity of the Turks is essential And the strongest alliance will be between Osman Bay and Omar Bay Which can push Damascus back But in the last episode, the growing resentment against Osman Bay and Omar Bay was enough

Everyone is worried about how it will end Viewers don’t need to tell you much about it Only those scenes of Sheikh Edibali remind us that when he came between Osman Bay and Omar Bay And both rivals had drawn swords For a moment everyone was stunned to see if the Turks were shedding each other’s blood In such a serious situation, Sheikh Edibali came and reminded him of his importance And at their command, they both retreated Sheikh Adibali also advises Osman Bay to marry a Malhun to end this fight between Osman Bay and Omar Bay.

This can be inferred from the fact that Osman Bay has taken so many series Osman will inform almost everyone of this decision Especially to the Bala Everyone is interested in knowing the reaction of the Bala Viewers In the last episode, our attention was repeatedly drawn to the fact that the Bala & Osman Bay could not have any children. And Osman Bay needs to fulfill his father’s will and remarry The Bala will be surprised and saddened to know the name of the Malhun Everyone is surprised that in the same sadness, the Bala will leave the tribe And will be missing from the series for a while If you are thinking something like this then calm down,

it will not happen Sheikh Edibali will help her to heal the wounds of her heart and remove her sadness And soon they will be able to explain the wisdom of this decision Everyone is familiar with Omar Bay’s bitter tone Now everyone is wondering how they would be willing to marry a Malhun Full details on this subject and why the name was not changed when Cerkutay became a Muslim.

Full details will be given in our next video. Episode No. 58 of Viewers Kurulus Oman will be released on May 12 If you like our video, please like and share it What was the scene of the last episode of that touched your heart? You must tell us in the comment box See You Soon!

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