Kurulus Osman Episode In 55 Urdu Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welcome to Makki Tv The Kurulus Osman series is becoming part of the fans’ obsession with each passing day Now that the foundations of the Ottoman Empire and the great conquests of the Ottoman Bey are so close, it makes the story even more interesting. Everyone is waiting to see the blood of the great Ertugrul Ghazi turn into royal blood The establishment of the Ottoman Empire and the idea of ​​Osman Bay becoming Sultan make the audience interested in Osman Bey’s current action.

The journey from chief of the Kayi tribe to becoming a sultan will surely be wonderful The series, set in the history of the Great Ottoman Empire, has captivated fans with its powerful episodes. We have seen a lot of historical events this season and some more historical events remain to be seen Fans of the historical series are keen to know what is going to happen next in the story historically

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  • Kurulus Osman Episode 55 Urdu,
  • Kurulus Osman Episode 55 Urdu Subtitles,
  • Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 Urdu,
  • Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 Urdu Subtitles

We told you earlier in a video that we will be bringing a video with historical references very soon. Yes, in today’s video we will discuss in detail the historic victory of Inegol, the role of Turgut Alp in it and the martyrdom of Osman Bay’s brothers. We will also talk about Bamsi Bey when he is leaving the series.

You will also find great information in this video Be sure to watch the video to the fullest and subscribe to our channel This series on the life of the first Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Osman Ghazi, is certainly a great historical masterpiece. There is no doubt that nothing is expected from a historical series except historical events But there is no doubt that many fictional characters and events are added to the series to improve the story.

Misrepresenting historical events and bringing out a fictional story makes any series a target for critics. Many of the events in the Kurulus Osman series have historical differences But Kurulus Osman’s team kept trying to correct the mistakes quickly Many of our listeners were demanding video from historical references In which some big events are described in detail We also had to turn the pages of history to make this video The historical book from which we have gathered a lot of information is entitled The Deeds of Ertugrul Ghazi and Osman Ghazi. We will start the video keeping in mind the historical setting The Battle of Armenia in which Osman Bay’s nephew Bahoca was martyred We have already seen that in the series Historically,

the Armenian War took place around 1284 or 1285 After this battle, Osman Bay with three hundred of his warriors marched towards Kuluchaisar And attacked at night and conquered itThis victory inflamed the Byzantines The first fort was conquered in 1285 and the second in 1286 But surprisingly, the fort’s two conquests were also seen in the series before the Armenian war. Historically, after the Battle of Armenia and the conquest of Kuluchisar, we come to the second great battle Between Bellycik and Inegol Castle, the site of Akzaja is also called means Diamanic In which Savci was martyred The winner of this war was Osman Bay As a result of this war,

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 Urdu Subtitles

the Muslims entered Karachiasar For the first time, the church here was converted into a mosque and the first judge was appointed The date of the conquest of this fort is disputed. This conquest took place between 1287 and 1291 After the conquest of Karachiasar, Osman Bey, with the help of his Roman friend Kushi Mial,

thwarted a major conspiracy by the governors of Belcik and Yarhisar and conquered these forts. Osman Ghazi then sent troops under the leadership of Turgut Alp to the Inegol fort to lay siege to the fort. Then he himself joined the anchor and conquered the fort According to some traditions, the fort was handed over to Turgut Alp And Turgut Alp became the first Muslim Amir Now coming to the series, the Armenian war has been shown here Some time has passed since then Dundar, who was killed after the martyrdom of both Savci Bey and Gunduz Bey,

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 With Urdu Subtitles

has also been killed earlier in the series. Now it looks like Dynamic’s battle in the series is just around the corner This war will be seen in two to three episodes Savci will be martyred. Commander Kalanoos will also be killed According to history, after the martyrdom of Savci Bey, the conquest of Karachiasar, Belcik and Yarhisar will be seen. But there are no such signs in the series According to some sources, Karachiasar is under the control of Kayi’s But remember that for the last several episodes, the mention of Yarhisar Fort and its governor have been coming to the fore Governor Ysu also appeared in the last episode After the assassination of his brother,

he became the governor of Yarhisar fort And in the coming episode, maybe this is going to take refuge with Governor Osman Bay If the story is taken further in terms of history, then first the siege will be conquered and then the round fort. But all eyes in the series are on Inegol Castle The victory of Inegol Castle this season has been a big question mark First of all, if the victory of this fort is shown, then it is very important to bring out the role of Turgut Alp. Secondly, during this victory, Osman Bay’s other brother Gonduz Alp will also be martyred It is not good to have Osman Bay’s two brothers martyred in the same season and leave Osman Bay alone.

Kurulus Osman Episode 55 In Urdu Subtitles

That’s why Gundoz Alp will not be martyred, at least this season Because his wife and daughter are yet to be brought to the fore Which will happen next seasonThe role of Turgat Alp is the most important We told you the significance of their victory in Inegol Fort That is, the conquest of the fort cannot be seen without them Now it is impossible to show the testimony of both entry of Turgut Alp and Osman Bay’s brothers in the same season. The martyar of Savci Bay will definitely be shown But the other two incidents are unlikely to happen The news about the viewers Turgut Alp is that his character will definitely come to the fore Whether it’s at the end of this season or next season But keep in mind that Inegol’s victory and Turgut Alp are not two separate topics

Kurulus Osman Episode 55 In Urdu

There is not even a one percent chance that Cengiz Coskun will emerge as a catalyst Rather, this role will be played by another actor No announcement has been made yet If a character had to be brought to the fore this season, it would have to be mentioned But Turgut Alp was not mentioned in the entire season Which is a strong indication that they will be coming out next season Bamsi Bey whose character maintains the balance of the series His role will end this season But the reason for the prolongation of this role is that the shooting of the new project of the actor who played the role of Bamsi Bay, namely Yavaz Sultan, has not started. Due to which he is still attached to the staff of Kurulus Osman But even this character doesn’t seem to be moving beyond season 2 Episode No. 55 of Viewers Kurulus Osman will be aired on April 21 If you like our video,

Turgut Alp, the martyr of Savci and Gunduz Bay. See you Soon!