Kizilelma Bir Fatih Ulkusu Episode 12 In Urdu

Kizilelma Bir Fatih Ulkusu Episode 12 In Urdu. Sheik Edebali. Definitely, what you say is substantial. Nevertheless, this isn’t the best open door for congruity. The adversary is circled on all sides. Especially when the tekfurs are fuming. What are you endeavoring to say, Vizier Alem Shah?

You don’t need to convey the word the whole way to Baghdad. Whatever you say. You talked really, old individual. It is an exercise in futility to draw out the matter any further. In case Osman Bey is missing until additional notification, someone in the post ought to be arranged.

Kizilelma Bir Fatih Ulkusu Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles

This individual is Gündüz Bey. As my sheik said, Osman Bey is alive, and there is no prerequisite for some other person. It will be spoken whenever the open door shows up, Vizier Alem Shah. As of now, it isn’t problematic. Obviously, my words were confused.

Kizilelma Bir Fatih Ulkusu Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles

My words are orders, not rice. I will kill you! I will kill you! How should you do that? What did you guess Mari? Did you really think I was captivated by you? What was your take? I wanted to marry just for my dim goals. Only for my political yearnings. I will kill you! Nevertheless, how could you answer? What have you done? You humiliated me. You humiliated me! Do you get it?

Kizilelma Bir Fatih Ulkusu Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles

You played with my honor. I recollect, Mari. Do you get it? I recollect that, I essentially stop. Dearest mate. Goodbye. Mari?. thinking he put his from his lofty ships Usmani was chased by showers of arrows will see so far from that too happy April Osmani’s son had to deal with the second phase three of Geneva in person quantity outer ships much more than.

They that Pope Nicholas V sent these ships Some of these were soldier weapons for the world and was laden with them Sultan was also waiting for the deaf ship at that time sitting in his kitchen two miles away from Sahil When he got the news of the arrival of these ships. Kizilelma Bir Fatih Ulkusu Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles.

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That horse reached the shore running But the commander of his deaf fleet is powerless Sent the message, then by catching those ships, my bring me near or is alive don’t come near me that Sultan was so much Pooja Sharma’s son that he was putting his horse in the water again and again .

He cried out in a loud voice was encouraging the soldiers but one Again the same spice that enemy ships The inflow from the Ottoman outlying districts in which much There was a lot of gunfire and arrows on them.

Was not working three hours of fighting and heavy casualties Osmani deaf fleet behind after taking losses You people of the world are forced to withdraw Removed the chain, all four grandmothers ship golden Entered the heart and chained again Equalized in which we now know that.

Time is the biggest weapon near the well If this help came, they had time The wealth of the mosque had come to the other and became able to tolerate late If there were then obviously now Osmani Sultan Mohammed Sami was justified in coming to him With 10,000 soldiers,

He Admiral reached the headquarters of the fleet Salman Wardo got 100 lashes for him and issued an order confiscating property and treating him while we another newly made admin that if Usmani Pors gets victory now.

Kizilelma Bir Fatih Ulkusu Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles

Had to do so the ships should be golden in every aspect Sultan Mohammad had to reach the heart of Sunny outdoor wild date closely From investigation he knew in today’s date Many times my ships on land routes has to be pulled anyway study hundred years ago Sultan Salahuddin.

This is what Job had done like pulling out of the blue and pulling on happiness women had put in age while the city’s According to the crossing also done in the date If there were, the Sultan also did something with his ship. Kizilelma Bir Fatih Ulkusu Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles.