Ismizlar Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitles By Makki Tv 2

Watch & Download Ismizlar Season Season 2 Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles || İsimsizler 16.Bölüm Urdu Subtitles By Makki Tv 2

Ismizlar Season Season 2 Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles I’m glad to see you. How did that infidel let you go? The infidels have their own problems, Osman Bey Thanks to you, they didn’t want to make enemies from the Bayindurlu tribe. They Zulfikar, my brave darwish. We paid a heavy price. am sorry for your loss, Osman Bey. May he rest in heaven. EyvAllah. EyvAllah, however , Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles .the lord was killed on the way to exchange.

Ismizlar In Urdu Episode 16 Urdu Subtitles By Makki Tv 2

Hello Friends! Welcome to Makki Tv Kurulus Osman fans of the series seemed very satisfied with the last episode. Because all the events were exactly what the fans expected In the last episode, Osman Bey’s great action kept the audience excited We see a glimpse of Ertugrul Ghazi in Osman Bay’s anger and reaction when the truth of Dundar came to light.

Osman Bey’s powerful scene of a doondar ring bouncing in the air and sticking it on the tent door with his knife touched the hearts of the fans.

Fans must have seen this scene again and again And every time he liked it No one could help but admire this scene Fans are enjoying such great episodes But at the same time, everyone is worried about the end of season 2 Of course,

the end of this season is very close Of course, the season is about to end after a few episodes Tell you how many episodes of Season 2 are left Is the motive behind not killing Hazal Hatun to improve her character? Will Dundar die in the next episode or not?

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles

Why did Osman Bay keep Dundar Bay locked up in the prison tent one night instead of killing him immediately? When will the story of Osman Bay and Malhun Hatun go on? Will Osman Bey fall in love with Malhun Hatun?

Why is it necessary to leave Petrus and Semon?

In addition, we will give you more important information in this video Be sure to watch the video to the fullest and subscribe to our channel In the last episode, everyone liked the capture of traitors and spies But at the same time, Osman Bey’s great action and his enthusiastic planning made everyone wow.

As the season approaches, the curiosity of the story and the interest of the fans in it is increasing. Hazal Hatun, whose character has been shown from the beginning to be irritating to everyone because of her bad deeds But despite all this, his performance as a villain was much appreciated Hazal Hatun,

Ismizlar Episode 16 In Urdu Subtitles

who had a strong possibility that he would not be killed under the circumstances Instead, Osman Bey decided to send him back to his tribe Because with the demise of Dundar, Hazal Hatun had to die, which did not happen It is certain that Hazel Hatun will be sent to his tribe, Yavlak Arsalan.

There are two possible reasons for this Either way, Hazal Hatun’s role is thought to have ended in a different way Because Yavlak Arsalan’s role is over, his tribe and he will never be seen in the series again. Therefore, Hazel will be sent to his tribe and will disappear forever Or the script has changed a lot and Hazal Hatun’s role is not over And for now he will be sent to his tribe And in the time to come, she will return from Osman Bey to avenge the death of Dundar By the way,

Ismizlar Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitles

It was also thought that the purpose of eliminating the role of Hazal Hatun was to take him to the positive side. But that is unlikely to happen in the long run Speaking of Dundar, we saw that Osman Bay, after bringing him to the tribe, interrogated him in the tent and at the same time put a bow around his neck.

Now the strange thing is why he was released after that and why he was not killed immediately Because now there is no doubt of any kind, everything is very clear It is certain that Dundar will die and will die in the next installment Because if he hadn’t been killed now, he wouldn’t have fallen into the hands of Osman Bey so quickly We have already told you that the reason for bringing him to the tent and putting a bow around his neck but not killing him may be that Osman Bay was attracted to a big issue.

Ismizlar Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitles By Makki Tv 2

It is quite possible that it would be better to kill him in front of the whole tribe than to kill him in a tent to set a precedent for all. What are you waiting for in the morning? Surely Dundar is a great traitor But it may still take some time for Osman Bay to decide to kill Suleiman Shah’s son somewhere. We all know very well that according to Dundar history he died of an arrow He was killed by Osman Bey Now the scene in the trailer also seems to be somewhat consistent with history That is, Osman is shooting arrows to kill Dundar This scene is in front of the whole tribe Therefore,

it is possible that Dundar was killed here and a major historical event came to light The end of Dundar is not just a matter of leaving a series of contracts, but a better way to describe a major historical event. As for Petrus and Semon, however, these two important events have proved to be a great weapon for Osman Bay. Because it was not possible to bring Dundar back by paying a ransom Nicola did not return Dundar,

Ismizlar Episode 16 In Urdu Subtitles By Makki Tv 2

whose times were not as good as a lost coin, for a thousand gold coins. But Osman Bay, with the help of Semon, accomplished this feat in a great way and got Dundar out of the fort. In return for the action of Petrus and Semon, they were promised to be sent back to the Pope Remember that no matter what happens, Osman Bay will not be seen breaking his promise Indeed,

it is a promise made to the enemy It is certain that their release will be delayed as they will be asked for information about the Sogut tunnels. You will remember the incident of Ars in Dirilis Ertugrul When Ertugrul Bey promised to release him in return for testifying, he did It is not possible for Osman Bey not to keep his promise and kill Petrus or Semon But remember that Petrus will be affected by this action of Osman Bey and will not get in the way of Osman Bey again. From the day Malhun Hatun joined the series

Ismizlar Season Season 1 Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitles,

the topic of her marriage to Osman Bey has been active Everyone is interested to know when their wedding will take place First of all, the story will move fast after the end of Dundar All the projects of Osman Bey one after the other will be successful Speaking of Malhun Hatun and Osman Bay, this story has already begun You must have noticed Malhun Hatun’s thoughts on Osman Bay She is now worried about Osman Bey in everything That he is facing everyone alone Omar Bay has also realized this That is, the spark of love has ignited in the heart of Malhun Hatun Speaking of Osman Bey, the audience believes that it would be unfair for Osman Bay to show love to Malhun Hatun.

Ismizlar Season Season 1 Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitles, Makki Tv 2

It is certain that Malhun Hatun will fall in love with Osman Bey Osman will marry Be Malhun Hatun to some extent politically but still he will be impressed by the role of Malhun Hatun. The martyrdom of Sauchi Bay, the connection of Malhun Hatun with Osman Bay, the martyrdom of Omar Bay, saying goodbye to the Bamsi Bey series and countless other events will have to be seen before the season finale.