İsimsizler 14. Bölüm urdu : Makki Tv 2 Be Name Log Episode 14 In Urdu

Watch & Download İsimsizler 14 Urdu Subtitles By Makki Tv 2 Full Episode Makki Tv 2 The Name Less Turkish Drama With Urdu Subtitles Posted

Assalamu Alaikum Dosto Benam Log Drama Serial Episode No. 14 is presented with Urdu translation
Hope you like it
In this serial you get to see a group of mercenaries of the Turkish secret agency who know how to sacrifice their lives for their country.
Not only do they eliminate the enemies of their homeland, but they attack in such a way that the enemy does not even dare to look at them again.
These great commanders and mujahids of Islam do not shy away from sacrificing their lives for their religion and homeland and the governor, commander and soldiers hope for martyrdom with the same passion.
This is the first such series in the history of Turkey in which its enemies have been openly exposed.

  • Tanks you in the Anonymous People series
  • Helicopter
  • The ship
  • Sniper
  • It has also been seen running while filming it costing millions of Turkish lira
  • This is the age of media

And Turkey is making good use of that, and the result is in front of us

Many historical and patriotic series have been made in Turkey since the success of Derelish Ertugrul.

Currently, the Turkish industry is in competition with Bollywood and Hollywood

In the anonymous drama series, you will find many characters who have acted in Derelish Ertugrul or in a historical series.

And this is adding four moons to its popularity not only in Turkey but also in many countries including Pakistan and India, which has further increased the love of Turkish people and actors for Pakistan.

Because in this serial, there is a great deal of love and affection for Turkey. And by putting all relationships behind us and sacrificing our lives for the homeland, we attain the great status of martyrdom.


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