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 Trans Oxania is the land situated north of the Oxis River and South of the Jaxardes it is the birthplace of one of the most successful and infamous conquerors ever to have lived born into an unimportant tribe in an obscure corner of the world with little prospects or connections a young Timour turned to a life of petty crime stealing cattle and sheep whenever he could during one such attempted theft he was shot in the hand and leg by an attentive shepherd

 these injuries would never fool he would carry them for the rest of his life giving him the nickname Timor the lame or Tammerlane as he is known in the west the mongol successors of Gangus Khan had dominated much of Eurasia in the century preceding his rise to power with the exception of the golden horde these great mongol powers became increasingly dominated by their own subjects in the s the Ilconate with its heavily urbanized population

 was severely ravaged by the black death with Il Khan and his sons being killed by the plague which led to the rapid disintegration of the Ilkanate into various small petty states. In the Chagatai Khanate, power passed to localized chieftains of largely Turkey or mixed Turcomongal descent with the Chagatai Khan taking on an increasingly diminished role as order increasingly gave way to chaos, plague, and anarchy. 

Real History of the Timurid Empire

Timor began his ascent to power with only seven followers and four horses at his command. He played off the tribal chiefs of Transuxania against each other for his own benefit. Serving as a mercenary commander. When Taglet Khan of the Chagatai invaded Transuxania to restore order, Timor switched sides and supported the invading Khan, initially rewarded with the governance of Trans Oxania,

Timor fled to what is now Afghanistan when the Khan replaced him with his son. Although illiterate, Tamerlane was fluent in Persian, Mongolian and Turkish languages which he to great effect in gathering all manner of malcontents to his cause with a small but highly motivated nomadic force loyal to him. He successfully conquered Trans Oxania and after having his brother-in-law murdered. He became the soul ruler there. 

A year later in , Tamerlain took the Arabic title, Amir, meaning commander, lacking the prestige to take the title Khan or Caleph which were associated with the descendants of Ganges Khan and Mohammed. Since Timur was not a descendant of Gangus Khan he found one and installed him as a puppet Khan with no real power over the next decade he consolidated his rule over Central Asia after accomplishing this he then turned south taking tourism in

 Afghanistan in the late s he then moved west easily sweeping aside the myriad of tiny emirates that had been squabbling over the ruins of the Il Khan eight throughout the s all resistance was brutally crushed many cities with formidable defenses surrendered without a fight. Fearing being subjected to the sadistics lauder that Tammerlane had 

Brief History of the Timurid Empire

become infamous for inflicting such as mass beheading, burning, or bearing alive of a city’s population. In the early nineties, Teamer conquered Mesopotamia and Baghdad, the former capital of the Islamic world. Year after year, he continued to push westward. His only respite being the occasional campaign against the golden horde who had raided the north of his realm. He installed Toktem a Khan he believed would be loyal to

 him as head of the golden horde from Egypt to Anatolia a frenzied panic consumed to the populous and its leaders as Tamerlane ravaged what is now Syriamesh betrayed him and the golden horde invaded yet again this time Tamerlane moved north with overwhelming force his army of , indiscriminately destroyed towns villages and cities was deposed by his own people after Tamerlane won a string of decisive victories during his two-year campaign,

 Tammerlane had no desire to rule over the arid northwestern steplands but only to secure his northern border which he did. The devastated golden horde would never recover and would diminish and fragment soon after. Teamer then began to receive reports of internal instability in what was arguably the wealthiest empire on the planet at the time. The Delhi Sultanate taking advantage of this.

 He then carried out one of the greatest feats of pure destruction and accumulation plunder in world history. In , he crossed the Indus River and attacked the Delhi Sultanate without warning. Confronted with assultants formidable force of elephants cladding chain mail with poison tip tusks. Tammerlane countered with charging camels carrying piles of wood and burning hay on their backs.

Extra History of the Timurid Empire

 The flaming screaming camels caused the elephants to panic and disperse in all directions. Tammerlane slaughtered many hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians during the campaign. Killing prisoners in a single in in less than three months

 Timer captured Delhi and departed back to Samerkand his army laden with the treasurer of India leaving the land in chaos and destruction in Tammerlane’s conquests he routinely slaughtered the entire civilian population of a city although he did spare scholars engineers and artisans taking them back to beautify his capital city Timer had declared that his campaign in India was a holy war calling himself the sword

 of Islam but seen as his victims from Anatolia to beyond the Indus River were nearly all Muslims the more appropriate description that became associated with him became the prince of destruction the wrath of Tamer Lane turned west yet again Baghdad led Mesopotamia cities in revolt and as you might expect by this point this ended with the city’s population being massacred to the west of Timor’s empire laid the Egyptian and the rapidly growing Ottoman

 Empire a known as the Thunderbolt had been besieging the surrounded city of Constantinople for eight years. Beyond also spent years exchanging letters with Timor. Typically insulting each other’s manliness. This likely contributed to Timor launching a full scale invasion in the Anatolia instead of Egypt whom he was also at war with. And ultimately the battle of Ankara where two massive armies clashed with heavy casualties on either side.

 And ended with the defeat in capture of Beazid who died while in Timur’s ambitions only increased with his age. The next target on his hit list was Ming China who had driven out their mongol overlords. Likely in his seventies he set out on campaign to outdo Genghis Khan connecting Anatolia to China.

 He planned for the remnants of the Chagatai Khanate and Mongols of the Eastern Step to join him in this campaign that would be the crowning achievement of his life. It would not come to pass as he fell victim to the common cold. Before crossing the Chinese border. The splendor and the horror of his life had come to an end. 

He was the last great nomadic conqueror before the age of gunpowder. During Timur’s life, he directly caused the deaths of an estimated seven to million people or % of the world’s population at the time. Following Timur’s death in five. His family quickly fell into disputes that led to civil war. During which time many of the regional governors in the west gained independence.

 Tammerlane’s son and Grand son commanded the loyalty of most of the army his son Sharuka won the Civil War and ruled for more than years during which time Samur Khan became the center of Persian culture as all the deported scholars scientists and artisans of the Iranian plateau had been moved to the city many scholars have called this period

 the Timerid Renaissance Shahrukh also normalized relations with the Chinese setting up embassies with them and trading often and focused more on maintaining his fragile empire rather than waging wars of conquest. Shahrukh’s son Mizra Mohammed Shahrukh was an accomplished astronomer, mathematician and sultan that succeeded his father to the throne and became known as Ulabeg,

 meaning great ruler. Although his reign was short, his accomplishments in astronomy related mathematics trigonometry and spatial geometry, have gained him a lasting reputation. His life spent away from politics focused on science, came at a cost. After putting down one rebellion. Civil War erupted again. His son raised an army to depose him. And was victorious. Decided to surrender rather than continue the war. His son accepted. 

But within a short time he ordered that his father be slain. While making pilgrimage to Mecca. He then ordered that his brother be killed a few days later. His reign was only months. As he was killed by his cousin. But he did earn the nickname Patter Kush Father Killer in the annals of history.

 The Timerid Empire’s demise was loaded by a couple of competent rulers but was slowly and effectively pushed back on multiple fronts most notably by the Safavid Persians from the South and the Uzbeks from the North who conquered the key cities of Harat and Samerkand ending the great empire that a crippled livestock thief had built over a century before the Timerid Empire saw the synthesis of Mongul, 

Persian, Turkey and Islamic societies. Methods and ideology of the mongols were combined with Islamic religion, Turkish language, and Persian bureaucratic structure and culture. This amalgamation would influence the later Persians and in the sixteenth century, one of Tammerlane’s descendants would found the empire of the great moguls of India that would have a profound impact on that country.

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