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 Burhan Ghazi was now ready to make a history of the conquest of the heritage which was also the dream of the great Usman Ghazi and began to take steps towards it. The story of the conquest of Kashmir is very interesting. 

After the great conquests of Ghazi commanders, Burhan Ghazi’s next target was Heritage which was the center of this region. The fort of Adranos was conquered, which was later renamed Aur, after which an army headquarters was set up in the area of ​​Panar Pashi for the siege of the heirs,

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 but no major battle or attack was required. Many brave Ghazi commanders were involved but Usman Ghazi’s friend Koshi Mayal played an important role here as he was also the governor of Warsaw. Surrendering and handing over the fort and Khan Ghazi does not end there. The most interesting part of this incident was that Imran joined the Ottoman ranks after Koshi Mayal. It is said that Imran, the commander of the Heritage Fort, 

became the commander of the Ottoman cavalry until his descendants conquered many areas of Merkan and Imran, who helped the Ottomans in the conquest, is also said to have been the second largest Byzantine governor after Koshi Mayal who converted to Islam and was seen fighting for the Ghazis. 

But according to some coins which were issued in the name of and inherit the date before, but finally after this victory, Burhan Ghazi declared the heirs as his capital. After the victory of the heirs, he He was placed under the control of his son Murad. Shortly afterwards, Burhan Ghazi’s conquests became the talk of the town. Conquered here for cartel and. 

Meanwhile, Burhan Ghazi sent his cavalry troops to the forest. Who captured the cities in Marmara. It is said that Ottoman cavalry was seen on the shores of Baz forest at that time. In May 1329, the emperor and his advisers marched with 2,000 mercenaries. At that time, Han Ghazi was under siege of Smith. 

The Ottoman armies came face to face in the battle of June 11, 1329. In this battle, the Ottoman army suffered a humiliating defeat and was wounded but ran away. The Byzantines did not dare to make such plans again. The Byzantines now had to think a thousand times before looking at the conquered lands of the Turks. And yes Ghazi continued his strong siege for three years after which without any bloody battle and Ghazi conquered it. 

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And the enemies surrendered. The siege ended in 1331. After which the reconstruction work was started here. And the process of turning it into an Islamic city began. In a very short time, Ottoman culture became the center of trade and art. Orhan Ghazi converted the Nizhny Church to a mosque and the Christian monastery into a seminary. In addition, Orhan Ghazi’s first wife, Nilufer Khatun, made special arrangements to feed the poor here. 

Suleiman Pasha, the son of Orhan Ghazi, also built a new madrassa here. Burhan Ghazi had snatched permission from the Byzantines and shocked them. And there, while the construction work was going on. So the black Timur Taj Pasha annexed the coasts of Marmara to the Ottoman frontiers. 

The Smith incident is also significant. At one time it was the capital of the ancient Roman Empire. It was besieged for six years at the behest of Burhan Ghazi and then finally captured in 1337 because now Unable to resist, the Byzantine princess Marika was the first to take a step back. When the Ottoman forces conquered Smith, 

she was captured by Suleiman Pasha, who was in charge of all operations of the siege, and then in 1338, he captured Ashkadar. Later, most of the northwestern Anna towel fell into the hands of the Ottomans. Some of the Ottomans still had some control over the small coastal towns, 

but because they were so scattered, they posed no threat to the Ottomans. After all these victories, B was offered a peace treaty and said that they would pay 12,000 Byzantine gold coins a year to the Ottomans in exchange for not invading their remaining lands in Botswana. Burhan Ghazi accepted this. He took it because now 

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in his opinion there was no special place left here which he would conquer after thirteen In 1945, Burhan Ghazi turned to a Turkish territory instead of acquiring lands from non-Muslims. And there had to be some special reason to conquer it. Circumstances were such that Kersey was a Turkish land. Its rulers and inhabitants were also Turks.

 When his ruler died, his two b Ete were friends. As both claimed power, there was a fierce battle between their armed supporters. And the justification for Khan Bazi’s attack here is that he is compelled to take such a step for peace in the region. The two brothers fled to their capital, Gaman,

 after being attacked by Ottoman forces. Dostun was killed and Damir Khan was captured. After this victory, Pergamon and the area around the city of Blake also came under the control of Han Ghazi. With Kersey’s conquest, almost the entire northwestern part of the Anna Towel became part of the Ottoman Empire. And these four large areas were a testament to the power of Gamman and Han Ghazi in the rainy season. 

Twenty years of peace passed after the acquisition of Kersi. During this time, Orhan Ghazi did not achieve any victory in Anna Touliya except Ankara, which was aimed solely at commercial and religious freedom, and then established friendly relations with the emperor. After his defeat in battle, in 1346, Emperor John Canta Conanus recognized him as the most powerful ruler of the Turks and sought to annex the Ottoman army in his own interests. The growing emperor arranged the marriage of his wife to Khan Ghaz.