History Of Ottoman Empire Alaeddin In English Pak Wap

History Of Ottoman Empire Alaeddin In English Pak Wap

 You may have seen and heard the stories of the glory of many kings and princes of the Ottoman Empire. Instead of fighting a war of up to 22 years, they will continue to support each other. Their examples will continue to be given to the rest of the world. One became the future Sultan and the other the Minister.

Real History Of Ottoman Empire Alaeddin 

 We have already talked in great detail about the lives of Azeem and Khan Ghazi. If you want to know their golden history then definitely go to the link in the description. After Burhan Ghazi, everyone was very interested to know the circumstances and events of the life of his brother Allauddin Pasha. 

So today we have come up with some important details on these lives. Alauddin Bein who is mentioned in the Ottoman Empire especially as Alauddin Pasha. He is also known as Alauddin Ali Alauddin Bay Ali Pasha and Eden Ali. Alauddin Pasha was born in Sogut. He was the only child of Usman Bay’s wife Bala Khatun. 

This is what most arguments say. Such confusion is due to the historical differences between the upper caste woman and the male victim. Well, she was the only child of Usman Baig’s wife. The difference is even more serious when they are born. The history of when Alauddin Pasha was born is very complicated. 

In fact, the difference of opinion here is that historians have different opinions about who was the eldest son of Usman Baig of Orhan and Alauddin but according to most of the traditions Alauddin Ali was the eldest son of Usman B. You may be shocked to hear that Because it is believed that he and Ghazi were the first descendants of Usman Ghazi.

 But Alauddin B showed high morale and awarded him this honor recognizing his younger brother’s ability Events show that in ancient Turkish tradition, the eldest brother was given the title of Pasha. Well, it is quite serious who was the eldest of these two brothers? Because later on, when Oran Ghazi took over the running of the empire, he was considered the greatest. The events of Aladdin Bay’s early life are not recorded in history. 

Brief History Of Ottoman Empire Alaeddin 

It is only a matter of time before they are born. Some historians give the date of birth as twelve hundred and eighty, some as twelve hundred and eighty-two. But to date no decision has been made about it. It is worth mentioning here that in the famous Turkish series’ Uthman, he is shown as the younger brother of Orhan Ghazi,

 because there is not much detail about him in the history. It is difficult to know about his early life, where he spent his childhood and where he got his education. No specific information is given but it is said that Allauddin Ali was very close to his grandfather Sheikh Eidabali. He spent most of his time in their monastery. And that’s where he got his education. Since he spent most of his time in the company of dervishes,

 he had the attitude of a gentle scholar instead of an aggressive warrior. But it is not that they were far from the battlefield and the sword. He also had a knack for combat skills. But some contradict it. According to Idris Batalsi, Alauddin Bay was not as interested in war as his brother and Khan.

 And instead of expanding the newly formed Ottoman Empire, they preferred to stay at home. Or trained in the management of state affairs. He believes that this is the reason why Bay was chosen to lead the empire. But it should be noted that the services of Al-Awaldin Bay were also visible for this great state. The two brothers made a history that will be remembered forever. After the death of their father,

 they held a jirga according to Turkish tradition in which Orhan bin Allauddin Bay was offered the leadership but Al-Awaldin Bay refused saying this. It is said that his father had appointed Aur as his successor and it is said that Aur 

had also asked him to divide the kingdom into two equal parts but Alauddin Bay did not agree to break the empire which was opposed by him. According to Ahi, Bay also supported the giving of values ​​to Bay and from this he became the ruler of the great state. And acknowledging their power,

History Of Ottoman Empire Alaeddin Extra History

 he considered them entitled to this tree He also spent time as a consultant and at the behest of his father he remained in the service of Sheikh Eidabali in Balajak. Accepted a village after thatAround 1328 or 29, Alauddin Bay and Bay came to congratulate Smith on his victory. During this visit, he also contributed to the Ottoman Empire, as Orhan Bay had asked him to be his minister. Accepted the responsibility. According to some authors, this was the time of Alauddin Bay when, on his advice, 

the Ottomans ceased to function under the control of the Seljuk rulers. Issued their own coins instead of Seljuk coins. He stopped using the name of Seljuk Sultan in his sermon. According to some historians, this happened during the reign of Usman Ghazi. While some writers attribute this change to Sultan Murad I due to a historical error, when in fact Allauddin Baig was behind all the deeds he did for the 

betterment of the great empire and gave three proposals to Khan Bay. The system began with the dress of the Ottoman officials and the complete reorganization of the army. Around 1328 or 29, silver coins were issued in the name of Khan Ghazi which were issued following the advice of Allauddin Beg. He worked hard on the discipline of the Ottoman army. They also chose different types of uniforms for the government employees of the empire and higher uniforms for the military commanders. In this way,