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Ibrahim wasn’t concerning himself much with matters of state. Instead, he preferred spending all his time with his haram. He would spend days at a time with his concubines, lavishing them with expensive clothes, fine silks, and wealth. Some of the women of the Haram had great power and influence over the Sultan. Eight of them gained the title of royal consort along with the wealth and land that came with it. Never missing an opportunity

 to make more enemies. Ibrahim took that land from his sisters further dividing his family but he wasn’t always satisfied with the women he had. On one occasion, he kidnapped the daughter of a prominent religious leader, the Grand Mufti and held her and his haram for several days because being Sultan means you could treat people like Pokemon. On another occasion, 

Ibrahim had his artisans make a golden cast of the backside of a cow he noticed. While that’s not an entirely unbelievable thing for an eccentric rich guy to do, it gets even weirder. According to historian Dimitri Cantimer, Ibrahim like the cow Shei he wrote he sent the shape of them in gold all over the empire with orders to make inquiries whether a woman made in just that manner could be found for his lust in other words Ibrahim had a golden cow **** 

sent around the empire like Cinderella’s glass slipper to find new women for his haram and they found someone who captured his attention in an Armenian woman called quickly became Ibrahim’s favorite concubine and he appointed her the governor general of Damascus but she wasn’t popular in the Haram. Para reported everything she saw and heard to Ibrahim. She also started a vicious rumor that one of the women had slept with someone outside of the Haram. 

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That is a fireable offense and by now you should be familiar with Ibrahim’s preferred method of firing people. Upon hearing the rumor, he utterly flipped his wig. He organized an acquisition to discover the identity of the alleged outsider but failed to torture a name out of his concubines. So as the story goes, Ibrahim drowned his 

entire haram of two and women in the only three survived one of which was able to wrangle out of the weighted sack she was bound in and was rescued by a French ship the mother of Ibrahim’s son Mohammed also escaped this cruel fate and one woman was spared completely Ibrahim’s favorite snitch but she eventually met her fate at the hands of Ibrahim’s mother who strangled her at a dinner after deciding she held too much influence over Ibrahim when Ibrahim learned of her death his told him Para had died suddenly of a powerful illness. 

What powerful illness? These hands. So, Ibrahim found solace in his expensive tastes. Ibrahim’s decadent reputation is fairly well known but his expensive taste contributed to the downfall of the Ottoman Empire’s economy for instance he like to mix a small amount of amber in with his coffee we prefer cream and sugar but hey whatever foams

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 your cappuccino he was also a big fan of perfumes especially amber grease often dousing himself in magnificent fragrances but it was Ibrahim’s love of sable furs that really broke the bank buying mass quantities of luxury items like furs velvets perfume and amber made them even more scarce which drove up their cost considerably. 

He drove up the price of sable ten times because he wanted to surround himself with it. He had sable fur carpets installed in his harem and he even shaved his cats replacing their fur with sable capes. Cats with capes. The man was far ahead of his YouTube time. Ibrahim eventually started taxing his ministers and governors in order to pay for everything. With his habits spiraling out of control,

 some of Istanbul’s political community began a turn on Ibrahim but the end came from a place much closer to him than expected. Ibrahim’s mother, Kawasim Sultan, guarded her son throughout his troubled life. At the start of his reign, she began amassing unofficial power. While Ibrahim busied himself with his haram, she secretly ran the empire. When the Sultan began elevating women from his Haram to high positions of government

, Kawasim could see her power dwindling before her eyes. So in , she hatched a plot to overthrow Ibrahim. After which she was briefly exiled. One year later, she threw her support another plot to take down her son on the condition that he remained alive. A rebellion led by the Genesis benefiting from Kavasim Sultan’s support took down the Mad 

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Sultan once and for all and so Ibrahim who’d spent much of his early life in a cage was imprisoned once again to spend the rest of his days in a dungeon but as it turns out, those days were extremely numbered. After just days of being locked up, Ibrahim the Mad was unceremoniously strangled. The throne then passed to a seven-year-old son, Mahmed. The baby he tossed into a pool to win an argument kicking off an entirely new chapter in the history of the Ottoman Empire but that’s a story for another time. So what did you think about the rule of Sultan Ibrahim the first? Let us know in the comments below