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 ran the country. Consequently, their power, wealth, and influence steadily increased over the centuries. In the late th and early th century, the empire went into a short period of decline as the nobility waged war on each other in the cham as they like to do. The western vessels stopped paying tribute. The second got the nobility in line and reunited the empire. During his long Reign.

 He launched multiple failed invasions of Daviet. He had successfully coerced the Champa into joining him on at least one of his invasions of Daviet. When they refused to join him on another invasion of Daviet, he invaded the Champa instead. And unlike the numerous invasions of his predecessors,

 this invasion was successful. He killed the Cham king, sacked to the capital city, put his brother-in-law the throne of Champa, and returned home to celebrate. The Cham immediately and executed his brother-in-law. He invaded Champa again in a disastrous campaign where it is believed he died. The second probably wanted to be remembered as the man who destroyed the Champa.

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 But instead he’s known as the man who built Ankor Watt the largest religious structure in the world. Dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu throughout the history of the empire. The plane of Ancor hosted no fewer than seven grand capital cities each with a massive temple at the centre. An engineered network of canals used for irrigation and speedy travel 

connected all of these cities into one massive metropolitan zone at its height the combined super city is estimated to have had over million inhabitants making it the largest city in the world at the time in the fascinating documentary Anchor Twilight of civilizations available on this video sponsor Curiosity Stream the details of Anchor’s construction and its mysterious demise are examined If you happen to be

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 enter the promo code Epiduring sign up to get days membership for free. During the reign of the second successors. The country was plunged into civil war. This enabled the Champa to enact a revenge on their old foe. They defeated the Kamai and took their capital city of Ankor. Ankor was taken by a daring surprise attack. The Cham sailed a fleet of the Mikong River across the Tonosap Lake.

 And up a smaller tributary river to the city. The empire appeared to be on the brink of a complete collapse. When Jay of Armen the seventh united the squabbling Kamai factions and drove out the Cham he later counterattacked and 

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conquered the cham making them a vassel state for a time. During Jay of Armen’s reign, the empire drastically rebounded and experienced a short lived golden age. His massive building program did not only include the typical temples and palaces but over hospitals were also built for the common people. Even though Jay Abdul the seventh was a Buddhist who widely promoted the religion throughout the empire. 

The Hindu priestly bureaucracy continued to increase their power. Receiving lavish gifts from the the Champa regained their independence shortly after Jay of Armen’s reign. In the west, the Thai a people who had previously migrated from the north. Over through the lava of **** of the Kemer and established their own kingdom of Soku Thai.

 Shortly afterwards, a second hostile Thai state formed in the North, Lena. Three years later in , the Mongols invaded. After some moderate scale border clashes, the Kemer decided to give them some gold and they went away. In , power in Suku Thai was usurped by powerful city of Ayutia. Its first king married the Kamai

 emperor’s daughter in the hopes of forming an alliance which soon fell apart. Ayutia then launched a failed invasion of Ancor. The empire was too weak to hold on to the north. Consequently, the independent allied Lao Kingdom of Lanzang was established as a buffer against attacks from the North. Lanzang had better success in halting Thai expansion and defeated them several times.

 During the last century of the Anchor Empire’s existence, building projects and there are no surviving historical records from this period. The last two written mentions of their kingdom was in thirteen ninety-three the Thai of Ayutia launched a successful campaign against the Kemmer and again in fourteen thirty-one. 

Sometimes shortly afterwards the city was abandoned and reclaimed by the jungle. Up until recently it was thought that the Thai campaign of sacked to the city causing its abandonment. Archaeologists at the site have determined that there is no conclusive evidence of such an event having taken place. Increasingly environmental factors such as widespread the four station, soil erosion, 

and particularly severe monsoon seasons are believed to have likely played an influential if not dominant role in the abandonment of the city. The last Kemer emperor was also the first king of Cambodia. He led a demoralized band of refugees from a once mighty capital city. 

To begin building a new capital city. Only to have it destroyed by floods three years after its construction began. Envoys were sent to the Chinese Ming emperor requesting aid. But none was received. The kingdom of Cambodia was a diminished remnant of its former self. 

But it survived. Its monarchy survived many invasions and occupations. Until when the monarchy was overthrown by the military. A long tragic and violent period ensued. Where a large portion of the country was slaughtered. After transitioning through many different governments, a constitutional monarchy was reestablished in nineteen