Hay Sultan Episode 1 with English Subtitles

Hay Sultan with English Subtitles.Al-Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Al-Hasni and Hussaini, Quddis Allahu Sirruhun Norani His place is exceptionally honorable and high in the holy person of Allah which has been admitted by each respectable holy person of Allah by his own language .

His sacred name is “Abdul-Qadir” His Kuniyyah is “Abu Muhammad” And he is recalled by the title of Mohi-ud-Noise, Mehboob e Subhani Ghous us Saqlain and Ghous ul Azam He is Hasni (Relative of Imam Hassan) from his Dad And Hussaini (Relative of Imam Hussain) from his Mom From the Dad his genealogy is, for example,

Hay Sultan with English Subtitles

His Blessed name is Abdul-Qadir child of Sayyid Musa child of Sayyid Abdullah child of Sayyid Yahya child of Sayyid Dawood child of Sayyid Musa Sani child of Sayyid Abdullah child of Sayyid Musa Jon child of Sayyid Abdullah Mahadh child of Sayyid Imam e Hassan Masna child of Imam e Hassan child of Sayyidna Ali Al Murtaza (R.A.)

The Blessed Genealogy from his mom has written in history as: His Sacred name is Abdul-Qadir child of Sayyida Ummat ul Jabbar Little girl of Sayyid Abdullah Soamai child of Sayyid Muhammad child of Sayyid Jawwad child of Sayyid Imam Ali Raza child of Sayyid Imam Musa Kazim child of Sayyid Imam Jaffar e Sadiq child of Sayyid Imam Baqir child of Sayyid Imam Zain ul Abideen child of Sayyid Imam Hussain child of Sovereigns of Devotees,

Hay Sultan Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Sayyidna Ali Al-Murtaza (R.A,) He has a place with a holly group of the holy people of Allah. His maternal granddad, granddad, father, mother, Aunt, sibling, Children and Little girls are holy people of Rehman. That is the reason individuals considered his family the “The Group of Aristocrats) His dad syed Musa Jungi Dost was one of extraordinary researchers of Jeelan shareef His dad saw the night he was conceived Head of made creatures, Pride of creatures,

Beginning of consummations ، Profoundly commended designation of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (Harmony arrive) showed up in the house and said o Abu Saleh Allah gave you a child he is Allah All-powerful and My darling He will have similar brilliance in the most elevated rank Sufis.Hay Sultan with English Subtitles.Historicseries

Hay Sultan Season 1 Urdu Subtitles

Which is my greatness in the Prophets so he was brought into the world on first Ramadhan, 470 Hirji, at the beginning of the day in the town of Jeelan close to Baghdad that evening he was conceived, and 1100 kids were brought into the world in Jeelan Shareef who every one of them became gatekeepers of Allah there was sacred foot characteristic of Blessed Prophet harmony arrive between his shoulders the entire family was pleased with him He didn’t drink his mom’s milk in Ramadhan It even became well known all through the city.Makki Tv

That a kid has been brought into the world in the place of Syeds who doesn’t drink milk during the day in Ramadan When he arrives at the age of five So, the initial occasion when he addressed a holy person, he discussed Tasmiah he recounted 18/30 Juz of Quran orally.Hay Sultan with English Subtitles.

The elderly person answered, “Child, read more.” he said I simply recollect that In light of the fact that my mom recalled such a lot of She used to understand when I was in my mom’s belly And I heard and recalled that He said: upon the arrival of Hajj, in adolescence, Hay Sultan with English Subtitles.

I startlingly go to the woods And I was following a bull Unexpectedly the bull took a gander at me and said: O ‘Abul Qadir, you were not made for things like this. In the wake of hearing this sound, I got back in a frenzy and hopped on the top of the house.Hay Sultan Episode 1 with English Subtitles.

I saw individuals remaining in the field of Arafat Then I went to my mom and said, “O mother, devote me to the way of Allah.” And let me go to Baghdad so I can go there and gain information When my mom asked me an explanation, I educated her concerning the episode There were tears in his heavenly eyes and they presented to me the very dinars that my dad acquired.