Hay Sultan Abdul Qadir Gillani Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles

Hay Sultan Abdul Qadir Gillani Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles.This child was in my belly around then, presently it is the indication of my dad and the capital of my life When the youngster became sick, she was taken to the cloister for blowing of supplication That he kicked the bucket on the way, I actually accompanied high expectations.

That the guardianship of this religious senior is exceptionally well known And a great deal can occur with their thoughtful look, however they went inside encouraging persistence Ghaus Azam’s heart liquefied when the lady began crying again These words emerged from his mouth.

Abdul Qadir Gillani Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles

Ms. Your child isn’t dead however alive Look, he is doing great The mother got the fabric from the child’s body So he saw that the kid was truly alive, playing with his hands and feet Meanwhile, the seniors of the religious community emerged from inside Seeing the kid alive,

Hay Sultan
Hay Sultan

They got it and gotten the stick and rush towards Ghosh Pak And they said that you have proactively started to uncover the secret mysteries of God’s fate Ghosh Pak ran from that point and the elderly folks followed him Ghosh went to the cemetery and yelled, o carcass Save me,

Hay Sultan Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles

The elderly person running quick halted unexpectedly In light of the fact that 300 dead had emerged from the burial ground and had turned into the safeguard of Ghosh Pak And Ghosh Pak was grinning for his moon-sparkling face The elderly person took a gander at him with extraordinary yearning and said, “Child, we can’t arrive at your place.

” To that end we submit to your will Ghous Pak had previously retained the Qur’an After that he procured the information on statute from an incredible law specialists for quite a while He likewise gained information on hadith from incredible storytellers .Hay Sultan Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles.

Hay Sultan Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles

He gained the Islamic mystery from Hazrat Yousaf canister Ayubul Hamdani Ghos pak were submerged in tafseer , hadith , fiqh , kalam , asool , nahv and numerous inner and outer sciences Researchers have recollected that you with incredible titles for your intelligent person, profound and moral characteristics Some of them are: Zalbayanin,

Karim Al-Jadeen and Tarfin , Sahibul Burahaneen wa sultaneen , Imamul fareeqain wa tarfain , zussarajain wa Minhajain , Ghos al saqlain and Ghos al Azam Ghos pak have persevered through numerous difficulties to get information on religion He personally say.

Hay Sultan Abdul Qadir Gillani Episode 3

I persevered through extraordinary difficulties, on the off chance that it fell on a mountain it would detonate He say, I resided constantly in the deserts and woodlands Evil presences would come to me in horrendous structures and battle me, tossing fire at me. Be that as it may,

I felt mental fortitude and strength in my heart, and a voice came from the concealed O Abdul Qadir, get up and move towards them, we will keep you undaunted despite contest And We will help you. Then, at that point, when I had moved toward them, they would have escaped from the right and the left.

However, only one of them would come to me and alarm me, and advise me to leave So I would slap him, then, at that point, he would take off, then, at that point, I would discuss لاحول ولاقوةالاباللہ Then, at that point, he would have vanished Ghaus Pak said that once he went out to the woods and remained there for a long time.

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There was nothing to eat or drink, I was overpowered by thirst A downpour showed up on my head, and a portion of the raindrops fell, which I drank. Then, at that point, a light showed up in the mists, enlightening the edges of the sky And a voice started to repeat: O Abdul Qadir, I’m your Master,

I have made legitimate for you all that is taboo. I read at that time، اعوذ بالله من الشیطان الرجیم Out of nowhere the lights went out and became smoke The voice came: O Abdul Qadir, I have deceived seventy holy people previously Yet your insight saved me. I said: O dismissed one,

I’m not saved by my insight but rather by the finesse of my Master Ghaus Pak says that once there was a man with a revolting face who was smelling He came and remained before me and said I’m Iblis and I’m here to serve you Since you have made me and my pupils tired I expressed, “Get out,” however he would not go Meanwhile,

A hand showed up from the concealed which struck him on the head with such power That he sank to the ground, yet he went after me with a fire in his grasp Meanwhile a covered man came on a pony and he gave me a sword Seeing this, Satan took off Ghaus Pak says that once I saw Satan sitting far away blowing dust on his head Crying, he said,

O Abdul Qadir, I’m frustrated with you I said, “O detestable one, repulse.” I can never be unafraid of you He said, “Your explanation is more earnestly for me.” After that he showed me many endlessly deceives and educated me concerning my question These are the snares of the world from which I go after individuals like you I battled for a year until every one of the nets were broken Ghous Pak says: Hay Sultan Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles.

I have lived in the backwoods of Karkh for a long time and I have lived on the leaves and spices of the trees. Consistently an individual would present to me a woolen piece of clothing to wear Which I wore, I made 1,000 endeavors to dispose of the adoration for the world I used to be unknown, due to my quiet individuals used to call me stupid, oblivious and insane. I strolled shoeless on the thistles, entering the horrendous caverns and the awful valleys without a second thought.