The Great Seljuk Episode 29 Urdu Subtitles

well well well what can i say bachelor finally reveals herself to malik shah the last scene of   last night’s episode left me with goosebumps uh quite literally and i was left astonished because   after all those years after all those encounters we saw between bachelor and malaksha where the  

The Great Seljuk Episode 29 Urdu subtitles

secret could have been revealed it all fell into place and it finally happened before i get into   bashlog having to reveal herself let’s not forget sanjar confirming that he is the son of maliksha   this episode even without the end scene had some incredible moments so this entire episode was just  

the great seljuk episode 29 urdu subtitles makki tv

packed with so many different moments that you just have to process let’s face it these episodes   are over 2 hours and 20 minutes and it’s an entire movie in itself when you think of it like that   especially when the episode is this gripping to begin with the episode last week left us at  

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a cliffhanger we saw malik shah defeating his younger brother tekish and this week’s episode   was going to reveal whether malik shah would kill him or not malik shah initially tries to   strangle tekkis however turkish begs for mercy he reminds malik shah of how he has always forgiven   his every mistake from childhood and really taps into maliksha’s big brotherly emotions  

that eventually leaves maliksha to not strangle tekkish to his death at this moment   i like many of you must have been concerned that tekish is a traitor and it seems inevitable   that he will come back at a later date to take the throne or to at least attempt to do so  

great seljuk episode 29 in urdu

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as he did this time round however turkish was still punished by having both his eyes burned   turning turkish blind in both eyes turkish was begging for mercy but considering turkish   wouldn’t have been as merciful as malik shah while places swapped in the fight that they had  

considering many thousands of people could have died considering someone that   is a traitor that will ally with the enemies of cell jokes and have base killed to the point   have his own son sacrificed for the throne i feel that this punishment was justified  

turkish mentioned how death was better than the punishment that he ended up receiving so   it was concerning initially that turkish was um left to live but this was a big punishment this   was a very severe punishment and uh there were good reasons for this to be a justified move by  

sultan malaksha in another scene bushloo who was seemingly called outside the tribe near the stream   goes there without and that’s where she encounters encounters hasan sabha and his   bartending disciples mushroom’s alps are killed and she is made to be unconscious by faisal  

when she spits at sabah in this unconscious state bashar was taken to the botany headquarters   once bachelor reaches the headquarter sabbah mentions that she is the wife of sutan malaksha   and her son sanjar is the sultan’s secret son in spite of being reticent initially bashar confirms   this through her expressions because sabbah has already learned enough for her to deny  

uyanis buyuk selcuklu episode 29 with urdu subtitles

what is the obvious truth so there’s not really much you can do to deny   uh what is apparently the fact over here now why does sabah kidnap us he wants to blackmail   the soldier state and by this i mean someone like nizam al-mukh and both of bashalu’s son   bashar’s sons so that in exchange they can get back their nizari sanja and khilat   before this wish of bhatanese is spoken of malik duppa is being honored with the title of becoming   the emir of shalom zar in the tribe libya wakes up from unconsciousness and reveals afros who is

who   is donald’s helper in the healing clinic that he is a botany and that faisal is a botany too turner   then learns that froze was the one that killed emir iltabar who is adria’s father and that this   death wasn’t from natural causes which greatly upsets stronger and makes livia feel immense   amount of shame as she was part of the plan during those times when she was with the byzantines  

great seljuk episode 29

with censure learning this from libya uh he and his alps rush towards shalom and malik tupper   along with hajja and a few men make their way towards shalom czar as well during this time   the botanists enter the city and kill its citizens all across the street there is an absolute blood   path now one important thing that happens here is that albert let’s call him abdullahi from now on  

because we see how he became muslim after really being overwhelmed with how he was treated as   a prisoner and the value and morals of muslims that he meets from the time that he was captured   he meets with sultan malaksha privately and he is instructed to go to shalom with some men and just   have a look around before tapper reaches there this move proved immensely crucial and we see  

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and we saw why which i’ll come to eventually to to describe why this was such an important move   and i’m sure that a lot of you guys um were able to to identify why this was an important move as   the barton is massacre many they are outnumbered by soldiers from the zeldas this is when mitras   and his men make an entry and take the botanist out of a tight spot we then see censure and his  

men get close to shalom czar and sunshine notices the flags of batteries are hung on its walls this   indicates to him that the botanist have taken over the city at this moment hajjah and duppa come in   contact with sanjar and sonshire tells them about bashalu’s life being in danger this is where hajj   this is where hajj realizes sabbah wants to negotiate something and sends a messenger to   inform sabbah that hajah dapper

and sanjar want to meet him sabbah and faisal walk towards the trio   and saba mentions the secret of basharu being maliksha’s wife and sanjar being his son   will be revealed if they aren’t given back the botany sanja and hillard if they are not given   back these two relics that are important to the botanist the secret will be revealed   this puts harja and the two brothers in a tight spot because they have a short time frame   in which to convince malaksha to give the botany the botanist the sanja and khalat  

seljuk episode 29

the reasons why this is difficult is because they can’t mention bashar being held hostage   and the reasons don’t sound strong enough for the seljuq state to agree to anything   with a group of bandits who took what belongs to them for hajja to say to malik shah that   they should give what sabbah has requested sounds ludicrous to maliksha and it makes sense when you   think about it from malika’s perspective that is because he’s not been given a strong enough reason   for him to negotiate anything with someone that has just gone into a city and taken it off of them  

maliksha doesn’t agree even when told that many soldiers are being held hostage because   he expects his men to not bow down so easily to despicable people and that’s just um what’s being   the norm so when something like this happens it’s very very strange during this time darjeel informs   turkan hatsune about bachelor being taken to shalom czar and that she is the wife of malik shah  

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and that sanjar is his son uh mulk has an alliance with hassan sabbah so he has um   all the the messages provided to him they make a plan together that if dapper and sanjay   try to rescue bashar that a couple of their men should kill bashar if the two brothers succeed   in rescuing her by placing someone within the army that is sent or that are with them  

turkun is really thinking about her own position as always and the risk of the seljuk state   falling if the secret is revealed she also worries for her unborn son and how having another son just   appears being a throne in his step once he is ready to take the throne or this is how she   processes this information [ __ ] takes some men with him and shows censure and tupper a secret   passageway that takes them into shalomzar as they get into the mining area of frozen his helpers  

Saljoko ka urooj episode 29 || The great saljuk episode 29

capture sanjar zappa and aslantosh the three of them eventually end up killing enough rose   and his helpers and reach the city where they see sabbah with a knife placed on the throat   of bashar this scene was quite concerning as a viewer because you’re thinking oh my   uh both sanjar and tupper are in a tight spot over here anyways sabor mentions he has men in every  

rabbit hole and that if anyone tries to rescue bachelor and don’t bring the two and if they   don’t bring the two relics then bashlu will be killed this is where abdullahi comes in handy he   witnesses sandra’s mother being used as leverage for the botanist in this in this deal that they   want to have with the cell jokes ali informs malik shah of this and malik shah is massively surprised  

uyanis buyuk selcuklu episode 29 urdu

that upon asking hajar and the two brothers that they didn’t tell him sanjar’s mother is captured   not only did they not tell him but they lied to him and this makes him very suspicious as to why   they lie to him it just doesn’t make sense to him because that’s not again the norm and they’re   acting strange because why would they want to negotiate so quickly with with bandits that’s how   he processes this information however the three of them decide to tell sultan malaksha the secret  

of bashar being alive and her being captured as they are left with no choice and as hardship   attempts to do so malik shah has already made a plan with ali that he doesn’t reveal to anyone   else but informs the trio that they should hand the relics to the botanist and save the soldiers   so here hajah was trying to um reveal the secret but sultan maleksha as as it happens often um   in in in

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in television and movies and series uh he says let me say my piece first and then it kind of   like leaves the other person um in a spot where they’re like okay i can’t really show any courage   and tell you but it seemed like um and hodges had probably the best move not to say anything   once malik shah said okay hand over the relics because then there’s no re there’s no need for   the secret to be revealed in this surprises the three of them but they use this opportunity to   rush to meet up with sabah in order to save bashar and fulfill their side of the negotiation as they  

uyanis buyuk selcuklu episode 29 in urdu subtitles

all meet up sabbah is angry because he informs hajjah and sanjar and tapper that bashar was   taken away from them and sabbah blames these three he blames sanjar tapper and nizam al-mul which is   kind of absurd because as they say later on that why would we even come here with the relics if we   um took bachelor away from you it doesn’t make any sense now as they are about to attack hajja  

and the brothers the alps the soldier soldiers i.e the botanist as they try to attack um all of them   who are outnumbered so the cell jokes they are all outnumbered malik shah appears with a large group   of men and essentially he’s laid a trap within the trap to which sabbah once again as he always   does he flees you know there will come a time when you know he’ll probably be caught in this  

buyuk seljuk episode 29 urdu subtitles

series sandra and tapper are very worried about their mother as they don’t know what has happened   to her the sudan informs them that ali rescued her and that she is being brought to the palace   this must be a relief but the relief is quickly overwhelmed through the worry   of what will happen because it’s inevitable now that basloo will have to reveal herself   and her secret and the storm that will emerge after this point is quiet ambiguous for   everyone although turkan and darjeel made plans because they were aware because they are aware   that malik shaw doesn’t know about her wife being alive and censure being malik shah’s son  

perhaps they didn’t need to plan something through malik shah’s men   so malik shah making this move in secret really helped for this unveiling to happen   hence their plans failed now call it a blessing in disguise especially for all of us viewers   who witnessed this countless who witnessed countless encounters in previous episodes   where the secret was an inch away from being revealed the day finally the day finally arrived   i can’t remember in all these years or watching movies and shows of a story like this  

seljuk episode 29 in urdu subtitles makki tv

even if there are the execution and production acting background music situational context   really plays a huge role in making a scene so memorable and this scene is absolutely memorable   um i can tell already we see malik shah hajah and his sons enter the palace first   everyone is in the room now with the men and women of the palace there is this is where basloo enters   the palace with ali and is taken to where the sultan is saddam alexander was intrigued as to   why censure hajj and tapper had lied to him when bushloo enters he asks her to unveil her face   and this scene happened in super slow motion we are talking 120 frames per second or more  

very slow motion i always wondered how malik shah would react to singh bashar   after all his years who he thought to be dead for a good couple of decades from what   two men had told him those two men that he trusted with his life and that he trusts   with his life and how does the actor playing the character of sultan react as an actor even   as he sees bashler unveil the face he stands shocked as though he’s seeing a ghost  

the great seljuk episode 29 in urdu subtitles

a complete moment of spaciousness we see bashar stood with tiredness for having carried such   a tremendous burden all these years we see sanjar crying silently for finally   seeing both his parents together for the first time ever even think of the even thinking of   this makes me emotional we see hajjah stood there not in fear but always love towards the sultan   as he knows the sultan was deprived for years from the person he perhaps loved the most   his reasons were for the sultan to not just ascend before the continuity of the seljuk state   however on a human level the secret was evidently a huge burden on hajj’s shoulders as he lied  

and deprived someone that he sees perhaps as a son somewhat having served under sultan   al-aslan we see tapa and subaida hatsune show their emotions to this overwhelming reveal   however darjun mulk and turkan are immensely annoyed due to what this entails the episode ends   and we are left sitting there and wait for the new episode to arrive in fast wheels to see how  

the great seljuk episode 29 in urdu

malik shah reacts does he embrace his wife and son or does he show how upset he is and   how does this news affect his sultanate will oppositions suddenly appear at his doorstep   what does the sultan say to sahaja and hayyam who lied to him   all those years back and for many years after that what does he say to bashalu who hid herself   and what does maliksha say to the people in the palace that learnt of the secret   from from within the palace itself to tell you the truth

i had goosebumps and this scene   at the end has to be the most memorable scene i have seen from any turkish drama series so far   my favorite show and let me be more specific my favorite season ever is derelict urtubal season   one but this scene from julianis sanjok last night is perhaps my favorite scene ever because   the build up to this was just a week upon week week upon week week upon week and it’s finally   happened we all were left on a cliffhanger and we have so many possibilities and possible outcomes  

the great seljuk episode 29urdu subtitles

to look forward to as an audience i’ll do a biography of sultan malaksha inshallah at some   point and although the reality is different from what we see in the show there are some   similarities to the characters and everything like that but there are a lot of differences   from what the reality is one thing we can’t ever ignore is that with such a position of leadership   of being a sultan comes great burdens comes great responsibility and when you are someone that is a   just sultan and you are in a position of governing people in a just way according to islamic law   you are trying to not just please the people but most importantly trying to please allah  

this great amount of responsibility that comes with it when you are very serious like that   so with the sultan it comes sacrifices having to hold on to a secret that holds having to   hold on to secrets that hold a mountainous weight and encountering situations where the   people within the palace at times have their own personal agendas sometimes to protect their own   ulterior motives this is a reality for many sultans anyways with this i leave you guys   with the review of this episode i i actually did more of i just went over what happened  

great seljuk episode 29 in urdu subtitles

and broke it down um so for me this episode was a 10 out of 10 and the way it was written   the way it was sought out with good logical reasonings things happening coherently pieces fell   into place as well a lot took a lot took place in this episode beginning with techish being punished   shelims are being taken over and then bushloro being revealed these three things are in itself  

and are an episode in itself so these three things that happened turkish being punished   shalom’s are being taken over bachelor’s secret being removed these are just episodes on its own   and it happened in one episode so it was an absolute treat so there was a lot to process   as an audience but it was executed well from the producers and the cast the acting was sensational  

uyanis buyuk selcuklu episode 29

again um the good thing about these series turkish series is that as they continue to   make more and more of these um the budgets will increase the production value will   increase and we are seeing that um when you compare it to dereliction which was more of   the beginning stages of of this type of uh series the historical series and uh with that please um   and with that please like this video if you have enjoyed uh this content uh comment what you  

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