The Great Seljuk Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles

well well well what can i say bachelor finally reveals herself to malik shah the last scene of   last night’s episode left me with goosebumps uh quite literally and i was left astonished because   after all those years after all those encounters we saw between bachelor and malaksha where the  

The Great Seljuk Episode 29 Urdu subtitles

secret could have been revealed it all fell into place and it finally happened before i get into   bashlog having to reveal herself let’s not forget sanjar confirming that he is the son of maliksha   this episode even without the end scene had some incredible moments so this entire episode was just  

the great seljuk episode 29 urdu subtitles makki tv

packed with so many different moments that you just have to process let’s face it these episodes   are over 2 hours and 20 minutes and it’s an entire movie in itself when you think of it like that   especially when the episode is this gripping to begin with the episode last week left us at  

uyanis buyuk selcuklu episode 29 urdu subtitles

a cliffhanger we saw malik shah defeating his younger brother tekish and this week’s episode   was going to reveal whether malik shah would kill him or not malik shah initially tries to   strangle tekkis however turkish begs for mercy he reminds malik shah of how he has always forgiven   his every mistake from childhood and really taps into maliksha’s big brotherly emotions  

that eventually leaves maliksha to not strangle tekkish to his death at this moment   i like many of you must have been concerned that tekish is a traitor and it seems inevitable   that he will come back at a later date to take the throne or to at least attempt to do so  

great seljuk episode 29 in urdu

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as he did this time round however turkish was still punished by having both his eyes burned   turning turkish blind in both eyes turkish was begging for mercy but considering turkish   wouldn’t have been as merciful as malik shah while places swapped in the fight that they had  

considering many thousands of people could have died considering someone that   is a traitor that will ally with the enemies of cell jokes and have base killed to the point   have his own son sacrificed for the throne i feel that this punishment was justified  

turkish mentioned how death was better than the punishment that he ended up receiving so   it was concerning initially that turkish was um left to live but this was a big punishment this   was a very severe punishment and uh there were good reasons for this to be a justified move by  

sultan malaksha in another scene bushloo who was seemingly called outside the tribe near the stream   goes there without and that’s where she encounters encounters hasan sabha and his   bartending disciples mushroom’s alps are killed and she is made to be unconscious by faisal  

when she spits at sabah in this unconscious state bashar was taken to the botany headquarters   once bachelor reaches the headquarter sabbah mentions that she is the wife of sutan malaksha   and her son sanjar is the sultan’s secret son in spite of being reticent initially bashar confirms   this through her expressions because sabbah has already learned enough for her to deny  

uyanis buyuk selcuklu episode 29 with urdu subtitles

what is the obvious truth so there’s not really much you can do to deny   uh what is apparently the fact over here now why does sabah kidnap us he wants to blackmail   the soldier state and by this i mean someone like nizam al-mukh and both of bashalu’s son   bashar’s sons so that in exchange they can get back their nizari sanja and khilat   before this wish of bhatanese is spoken of malik duppa is being honored with the title of becoming   the emir of shalom zar in the tribe libya wakes up from unconsciousness and reveals afros who is

who   is donald’s helper in the healing clinic that he is a botany and that faisal is a botany too turner   then learns that froze was the one that killed emir iltabar who is adria’s father and that this   death wasn’t from natural causes which greatly upsets stronger and makes livia feel immense   amount of shame as she was part of the plan during those times when she was with the byzantines  

great seljuk episode 29

with censure learning this from libya uh he and his alps rush towards shalom and malik tupper   along with hajja and a few men make their way towards shalom czar as well during this time   the botanists enter the city and kill its citizens all across the street there is an absolute blood   path now one important thing that happens here is that albert let’s call him abdullahi from now on  

because we see how he became muslim after really being overwhelmed with how he was treated as   a prisoner and the value and morals of muslims that he meets from the time that he was captured   he meets with sultan malaksha privately and he is instructed to go to shalom with some men and just   have a look around before tapper reaches there this move proved immensely crucial and we see  

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and we saw why which i’ll come to eventually to to describe why this was such an important move   and i’m sure that a lot of you guys um were able to to identify why this was an important move as   the barton is massacre many they are outnumbered by soldiers from the zeldas this is when mitras   and his men make an entry and take the botanist out of a tight spot we then see censure and his  

men get close to shalom czar and sunshine notices the flags of batteries are hung on its walls this   indicates to him that the botanist have taken over the city at this moment hajjah and duppa come in   contact with sanjar and sonshire tells them about bashalu’s life being in danger this is where hajj   this is where hajj realizes sabbah wants to negotiate something and sends a messenger to   inform sabbah that hajah dapper

and sanjar want to meet him sabbah and faisal walk towards the trio   and saba mentions the secret of basharu being maliksha’s wife and sanjar being his son   will be revealed if they aren’t given back the botany sanja and hillard if they are not given   back these two relics that are important to the botanist the secret will be revealed   this puts harja and the two brothers in a tight spot because they have a short time frame   in which to convince malaksha to give the botany the botanist the sanja and khalat  

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