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destan episode 7 in urdu subtitlesI have received a news that will hurt Malik Shah The voice of the Prime Minister will be heard in the court. We will shed so much blood of the head that as much as you thought, the other side is present with the Prime Minister in the secret dome. The Prime Minister says it is time to cut things from within and then ask. What happened to this Christian merchant says that Dukas did not say anything but in this case he must have a hand. The ambushers along the way were also Mikhail’s men. makkitv2

Destan Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles

I left many more Ayaz there to keep an eye on Dukas. Hearing this, the Prime Minister says, “You guys don’t do anything at all.”. Tell them both to get out of there too. If something happened on our land, there would be a quarrel between us and the Byzantines. Destan Episode 7 Urdu

destan episode 7 in urdu subtitles

I’m looking into this matter myself. You will soon know what enmity you have. Then says Sanjar. I’ll be back tonight. And I will go to Bahram tomorrow. The Prime Minister says on this. The Sultan wishes I could bring out the effect as soon as possible. makkitv2

Destan Episode 7 In Urdu by makkitv2

That is why they have ordered that the holy trusts and Hazrat Fatima bring the ark of Allah Almighty. Sanjar says understanding the Prime Minister. When the rest know it, they will attack to get them. This will reveal their true form. The Prime Minister says on this.

I will do the whole arrangement myself. So ask. what I have to do? The Prime Minister says on this. Do what is necessary. But do not be with the rest at the time of this attack. All of them will be killed. Let us know first if there is a compulsion. Hearing this seems to go awry. destan episode 7 Urdu

Destan Episode 7

But then he stops and says. I saw a scholar in the field. Haji thought he would keep the inner back broken. But the Prime Minister says his name is Abu Hamid Ghazali. I have so much desire that on this path you stand shoulder to shoulder with him and become a leader of the times through whom even the sword shines and the pen is enlightened.

Meanwhile, in Sir Zhuki Palace, Saba is passing by with his companion Sadiq. The traitor says Sadiq. The Altai system has sent a few troops to protect the route to Damascus. And security measures have been stepped up inside the palace as well. Saba says moving on to this. It will be known now who is doing all this. makkitv2

Destan Episode 7 In Urdu subtitles

That if the reason goes to a soldier there. And asks him. These preparations are being made for him. The soldier who says, “Sir, some holy things are coming. I don’t even know.” Hearing this, Saba goes ahead with Sadiq and says, “Fatima, the ark of Allah, Allah.” The sacred trusts that the ark had seized are in Damascus. The sacred things that come.

destan episode 7 in urdu subtitles
destan episode 7 in urdu subtitles

Nothing can happen except them. Meanwhile, Tharkan lies in his room. Meanwhile, the Queen Alia comes there and says that the necessary storm will also stop. Everyone will be taken full account. Why did you go out without notice? The woman needs to think about all the wills of the woman she needs.

Destan Episode 7 Urdu by makkitv2

Then she says. I know that my words have no status in your eyes but We need to be careful with HR lady. Hearing this, the Queen says. Jealousy and hatred do not allow man to live in peace. The agent you suspect has saved our Sultan’s life from a poisonous snake during hunting.

The Queen’s bathroom is very angry and she says the age woman is a cunning woman. But the Queen pays no attention to the qualifications of the members. Ask about the condition. So says the doctor. The Turkan woman should not even move out of bed for some time.