Destan Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles

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You have broken the agreement. You have broken the agreement. Hearing this, Timur Sato and Alpako in the other tent begin to understand what was behind it all. You have shed the blood of the Turks and you have violated the agreement. I have done all this for my family and my people. Was to kill my father and brothers now how is it changing position then kaya adds that now listen to me that the crown you are looking for everywhere is with me.

Destan Episode 29 With Urdu Subtitles

on hearing this Alpago Khan and Other people are satisfied. In fact, Kaya is saying this because he sees some sign of Alpagho Khan on the carpet at the end and he knows that they are here. It was Kaya’s hypocrisy which Khan etc. and Obar were also surprised. Gaia then says that if you continue to play such games, I will destroy the Crown with my own hands. And you will not be able to get a single piece of it.

Destan Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles
Destan Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles

Nor will you be able to sit on the throne again. On the other hand, when Aqis Seema and Yaman start to leave the palace after finding the crown, a soldier closes the door. In the meantime, Majen comes and kills this soldier with a dagger. And opens the door. Aqees asks him why you helped us. Imagine that Gok soldiers will come so hurry up. They all get out of there. The third side will be the one that enters the tent.Destan Episode 29.

Destan Episode 29 Urdu Subtitles

She puts a dagger to his neck and says what are you doing here like enemies. There is no difference between you and your enemies. Kozo is silent. Then she repeats the same question. Imagine replies that only you know that Timur is alive. And I realized this today when I heard the news that Timur was dead. And what is the life of a woman without a husband? And I have no one here, I feel it. When I heard that he was dead, a fire broke out in my heart. Destan Episode 29

Which burned me to ashes. But tell me if he is alive then Aqeez looks at Jawan and Sarma then they nod their heads towards him. Then, after receiving their signal, Aqeez tells her that she is alive and she is happy to hear that. So Aqeez asks her if we can trust you. That is, you can trust me and I will cooperate with you in every way. Then Aqeez says that we have to sell a note to Obar. After leaving the tent, Destan Episode 29.

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Kaya says, “Obar, you broke the agreement because I know that my father is still alive.” He asks Kaya where did you get the crown of Barak Khan. Kaya says he is OK Alpago Khan says Kaya can do anything for the throne and Timur says the two devils will know each other soon. Tell me first why you came here. He says we found out that we came to protect him alive then he wants to take her as a shaman. Destan Episode 29.

She looks at him in astonishment, but then the shaman removes her astonishment and says that if you take her in this state, she will die on the way. He says we will stay here until he recovers. Then he goes out and tells the soldiers to surround the tent and says protect him Go and tell him that at the moment there is one of them and Chol Pan is with him while Aqeez is not here and we are waiting for him. Destan Episode 29.

Destan Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitles
Destan Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles

Chol Pan is watching all his deeds and then when When he asks to go, she closes the door of the tent. On the other hand, the western Gok sultans tell Kaya Obar to kill my father. I will give you the crown. When he brings the message, Obar says who it is from. He replies that it is not written. It says I have Barak Khan’s crown. If you want it, bring Alpako Khan Timur and Batuka to Ozat Meadow and he also tells Abarkaya before sunset and you play strange.

Destan Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles

He says that it is the work of Aqees but he cannot find the crown from anywhere because no one knows the place where I have hidden it except me and then he says to Obar that this could be a trap for me. Let him go, but Abar stops him and grabs him and says that he may not be where you have kept him. And Abar says to take him away. Keep him away from them. In the tent, Batogha seems to come to his senses and Batugha is seen acting well with his face and hands.