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Hafeez’s mother comes in and says that there is not much blood in both of you. I have brought this for you. It will give you strength. They remove daggers from each other. Then Bala Mir starts taking meat from her. He doesn’t get cold. He goes away. All the people are looking for Batogha in the river. Timur is looking like crazy and looking around in the river.

Destan Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitles

Timur responds and hits, and then the two grab each other’s necks and face each other, and when it cools down, Timur leaves. Besides Bala Mir, she also doesn’t like Batuqa. She says I never do anything without proof and I can’t kill her. Then they move on. Yes, and the sorcerer says to him: Come with me. Yasir is waiting for you. They say: Did you find Yasir? Sansan goes to the spot and kills them and cuts their veins with swords and leaves.

Destan Episode 22
Destan Episode 22

A man is coming down the stairs with a girl. Aqeez recognizes him by looking at him. He also recognizes her and runs away. He is also waiting for her. He runs to one and He knocks but on the other hand the door does not open then Kozoo opens a door and says to him you want to hide he says yes and goes to him but Kozoo kills him then Aqeez and Pak and Khan.

Destan Episode 22 In English Subtitles

Then they gather in one place and say that we do not know anything and Aqees also says that the man is lost from us. Aqees is very upset and says that this was the only hope and Pak and Khan come back to the palace and tell them that now I will ask a question. When he enters the throne room, there are bodies of Kaya and Alvija, the sorcerers. And they say that these are the bodies of sorcerers.

After killing them, other people entered the stain and killed the tribe. Kaya says this will be the work of the Chinese. Alwajah says Khan you should have killed the sugar. It was not enough to blind him. The major then arrives and asks why he called me. Hafeez says that Diya says to these three that you have saved your life. Major denies and says China does not. Don’t forget to drop the arrow here.

Destan Episode 22 In Urdu by MakkiTv2

“I don’t want to see you,” Alpako tells her. Aqeez returns to the room and says that Al-Waija has done this and blames China. But we must let him rest now so that he may make a mistake. Then Jalin takes out Alvija’s ring and gives it to Aqis and says that I took it from K’s clothes while he was hanging. Aqeez starts thinking about the ring. She says I want to go to the tribe and is stubborn

but forbids her till seven and says that we have everything we need from Khan so don’t go. She comes to the picture of Batogha in this color and says It is difficult to breathe without you so much so that Alpagho Khan also comes there and starts looking at the pictures and says on one side.

Destan Episode 22 in English And Urdu Subtitles

he is the khan who knew his love and on the other side a lonely girl is strengthening his love. He says that if you were talisman and if Batugha took your life she would say no he doesn’t do that he would believe me If he learns, he will inherit my throne. I did not protect him, so my enemies got a chance.

Destan Episode 22
Destan Episode 22

I threw an eagle on a feather among the wild dogs. She says she will decide it is not me then she gives him the ring and says that maybe he can help you to decide this is the ring of the reason that he got from When he was hanging, then she leaves. Alpako Khan sees the ring and starts thinking. She is looking for the other place.

Destan Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles

When she sees it, she thunders and screams and walks on the stairs with sadness and she has all the thoughts about how this tribe was inhabited and how it was brought here a few days ago and she was celebrating with it then Bala Mir He is trying to put oil on the hurry and says that this time Alfako Khan has done the limit and he has not spared anyone. When she returns, she asks her mother if everyone is sleeping in the tent.

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It is like a vulture that politicizes men, and a smallpox is like a windmill from which Aqees turns to her mother and says that you have described her very well. Then she says that she has been very loyal to you for two years. She loves you people and she is afraid that I will hurt you. So he doubts me.