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destan episode 10 in urdu subtitles.Don’t worry, if we don’t stand up and Amir Artbar, what dishonor has done to you? Did you see his face? As soon as you hear it, you remember the moment when Sanjar told him. If I am arrested, you will not know anything And later you will regret it. As soon as the idea comes, Rahtan says. I could not see his face, Baba. He had covered his face. He tells Amir al-Tabrir that he will break into my palace and knock out my daughter unconscious Gone but I will not leave them. I know where they will meet me.makkitv2

Destan Episode 10 in Urdu by makkitv2

With that said, Amir al-Tabrir leaves. On the other hand, Sanjar and Arsalan are present in the Tash forest with Bahram and Rustam. The Bahamas touches the amulet in its hand He says it is given by our chief chief. He asked you to give this amulet when the campaign was over.

destan episode 10 in urdu subtitles
destan episode 10 in urdu subtitles

In this way you will join our comrades. By saying this, the amulet of the Bahram esoteric group would be put in the throat of Sanjar Is. Then Sanjar says. If Amir al-Tabrir does not sit comfortably, then Bahram says you are right. So don’t look here until the danger is averted.

Destan Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles

Let the matter cool down and come back tomorrow. Listen to this and go as soon as possible When I turn, I look at Bahram Tash and say. This wounded lion will stay with us. His goldsmith and card get upset and Asl asks why he says Bahram.makkitv2

The traitorous al-Tabrir tormented you very much. We will protect your blood and soul with our prayers and medicine. In this way we will add our purpose to your blood and veins. Hearing this, Arsalan’s crown becomes silent. And Sanjar says.makkitv2

As you see fit sir. Sanjat Arsalan then hugs the crown. And says comfortably in her ear. Don’t know what they will do with you to add your purpose to you. So be very careful until I come. It goes a single Sanjar. In Sir Jockey, Alia Gohar is moving towards the woman’s servants and towards the cow room and in distress she says to the Gohar woman.

Destan Episode 10 Urdu by makkitv2

See what trouble you have had on us. I am worried about their lives At the same time, what is happening is what will I answer to the Sultan while treating the members in the room. At that moment, the Queen enters the room and asks what is the situation.makkitv2

The child born of can also be harmed. We are doing our best. The Queen Alia then goes to the Johar Khatun Mohammad and says, “Come with me to Maha Malik and strip your ointment.” That if the good lady there Takes from After she leaves, the members say to the Queen in distress.

destan episode 10 in urdu subtitles
destan episode 10 in urdu subtitles

By saying this to my child, the mother, she raises her hand to Alia, but the queen angrily puts her hand back. And Says I also said don’t know the victim. You risk your life and your son’s life by not obeying me. Then I say let’s say.

Destan Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles

No one will leave this room until the Turkan woman recovers Saying this, Alia leaves. Meanwhile, in Ramadan, Amir al-Tabrir, seeing Amir al-Tabr in the rest of the area with him, makes a lot of noise. On this, Amir al-Tabrir descends from the horse and tells himself to stop you Don’t take care of it.

When you don’t listen, the soldiers of Amir Akbar throw a kick on the ground. At the same time comes the deaf from within and says no tyrant can step into our holy place on the rich reversal On this Amir says to Al-Tabar that the root of Bahram’i mischief is to hear who will save you from my hands this time.