Barbarossa History In English : Urdu

Friends, Khidr Khairuddin Barbarossa was first recruited as an ordinary sailor in the Ottoman Navy. And later rose to prominence as the most powerful admiral in the history of the Ottoman Navy. Barbarossa’s naval conquests played a key role in making the Ottomans a superpower in the Mediterranean in the 16th century.

While Haruddin was known as Barbarossa which means red beard Born in 1478 in Lesbos, a state in the Ottoman Empire, Khidr Yaqub began his career as a naval officer under the patronage of his brother, Barbarossa History In English Urdu

Oroch Rais. Oroch Reis was a successful shipwreck who, in his early years, mastered many languages and began participating in long-distance commercial expeditions as a sailor. In one such expedition,

Barbarossa History In English

Oroch Rais went on a trade expedition to Tripoli and Lebanon with his younger brother Elias. On his return, his ship was attacked by the Crusaders His brother, Elias, was killed in the attack, while Orch Rais was taken prisoner in a banana plantation where he remained for three years.

Barbarossa History

When Khairuddin Barbarossa heard about the attack on his brothers’ ship and the death of his brother Elias and the arrest of Oroch Raees, he set out to get his brother out of prison. Finally, Barbarossa History In Urdu

three years later, Khairuddin Barbarossa found out about the location of his Oraj Rais prison, where he freed his brother during a dangerous operation. This was the time when the Muslim era in Andalusia was over and the occupying Christian rulers were breaking down the mountains of oppression on the Muslims.

Barbarossa History In Urdu

On the other hand, Khairuddin and Uruch Raees helped the Muslims to move safely from Spain to North Africa and started attacking the Crusaders. In 1516, Bar-Bharosa and his brother Oruch Rais invaded and occupied Algeria. The Ottomans took advantage of this opportunity to deepen their influence in North Africa.

Barbarossa History In Urdu

Later, with the financial support of the Ottoman government, Barbarossa was appointed governor of the Mediterranean and his brother, Oruch Reis, governor of Algeria After which Barbarossa conquered Tunisia In connection with his successive conquests,

the King of the Ottoman Empire appointed Barbarossa Admiral Chief of the Ottoman Navy. Barbarossa’s greatest victory, written in golden words in history, is known as the Battle of Parvez. The war was fought in 1538 against the joint naval forces of Venice, Geneva, Spain, Portugal and Malta.

In which Barbarossa destroyed three hundred ships of the enemy army His victory opened the eastern Mediterranean to the Ottoman Turks, which helped the Ottoman Empire expand further.

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It was the result of Barbarossa’s bravery that Tunisia and Algeria became part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1545,

Barbarossa retired from naval life and settled in Istanbul. Where he died a year later in 1546 His shrine is still located in Istanbul

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