Barbarossa Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

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Barbarossa Episode 6 In Urdu After the accomplishment of our companions Barbarossa and his sibling Urooj, alarm spread among the unbelievers and they consented to stop the two of them. For this, they assembled ten enormous boats and prepared them well. Also, to dispense with them both started to look for them adrift, however before their boats could show up,

Barbarossa Episode 6 In Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 6 In Urdu

Barbarossa and his partners set out toward Geneva. Yet, because of antagonistic breezes, they arrived at the shore of Algeria. Also, rather secured before the stronghold. Then again, the heathens didn’t think that he is on the shores of Geneva, so they went to him all things being equal. There were not kidding risks in conflicts with them on the coast. So Barbarossa started a quick journey adrift.

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  • Barbarossa episode 6 English subtitles

The doubters believed that they were escaping from their expectations.

So they set out in the quest for them.

At the point when Barbarossa and his sidekicks had voyaged broadly in the ocean, Urooj requested his allies to return and assault the heathen boats. The heathens were unnerved by this surprising abrupt assault. Also, an extraordinary conflict broke out.

Barbarossa episode 6 in English

During which time Barbarossa and his friends dispatched an awful assault on the order transport and prevailed with regards to catching it. Also, with them came three additional boats.

In the remainder of the boats, the unbelievers, seeing the circumstance, turned all things being equal and took asylum in the fortress. Arooj pursued them and needed to catch the remainder of the boats by assaulting the post.

Barbarossa Episode 6 In Urdu

Due to the reality of the circumstance, Barbarossa attempted to keep a portion of his expectations.

Yet, Arooj didn’t pay attention to them and rather began providing requests to assault the fortress. Which was brimming with Spanish warriors. Also, with them were the unbelievers who escaped in boats and took asylum in the fortification.

Barbarossa Admiral of Ottoman Navy for Free

At the point when Arooj began assaulting, the shells of apology from the fortification were descending upon Arooj and his friends like a downpour. During this time he introduced sixty saints and a significant number of his friends were additionally injured.

Barbarossa Episode 6 in Urdu subtitles

So companions will keep on assaulting the fort even after the circumstance or he will go to Tunisia with his military. Or then again will he, at last, affirm in this conflict? Get familiar with this load of inquiries. Wards you in eight scenes of Barbarossa

Barbarossa Episode 6
Barbarossa Episode 6

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