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Because you are killing the innocent. I want you to escape from here. But Elias takes the key and gives it to Asma and says. I can’t do that. Khidr Agha and Peri Shahbaz are behind. Of course they will take me. Then Asma says to Elias. There is no news of Hazrat Sahib yet and your brother has not done anything yet. They have not found any proof. Do you want innocent people to be killed?Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu.

Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles

He says if I run away from here I will get into a big trouble again. Then Asma says if you stay here you will still die in death penalty. Elias Sahib is quite satisfied to run away.Barbarossa Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles. In the next scene, Aro Raees Sahib’s companion comes and tells Sahib that the pirate Daniel who was behind him was Khudar Raees. He has been killed. There is no news of Khidr Sahib.Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu.

Barbarossa Episode 29
Barbarossa Episode 29

Aru Raees Sahib also gets upset on hearing this. What will become of Elias? At the same time Kamal comes from Raees and Raees Sahib and says. Where did this pirate go after he is dead? So Arul Raees Sahib also says. Don’t believe what you hear. Khidr will confirm this.It belongs to the enemy There may be tricks. Says Kamal Raees. This is not a trick. The person who died was Dani and there is no news of Khidr.

Barbarossa Episode 29 English Subtitles

So Arooj Sahib says then we wait for Khidr’s return. Maybe they came up with a solution. Kamal Raees then gives time that let’s wait till tomorrow. The next scene shows Khidr Sahib and his companions. That is what Murad Khidr Sahib says. He is by far the greatest tyrant in the Navy. Their whole purpose is to get rid of the Muslims in Bahrain and to rule Spain.Barbaroslar Episode 29 in English Subtitles.

Either he enslaves or enslaves the Muslims because Khidr Sahib and his associates are looking at the map and planning how to get there, then Khidr Sahib asks his companion And if the follower gives it to us, then his companion says no, he will not give it at all. He will consider it as his insult. Once conquered we will rule the Eastern Navy. That way we will have to reach Algeria again.

Barbaroslar Episode 29 in English Subtitles

And we must get rid of tyrants like Dan Diego. Now our goal is to catch Shahbaz and save Elias Sahib. On the other hand, in prison, Ilyas Sahib gets Qamar Raees Sahib’s companion Kara Hassan. So Elias Sahib asks him. Did Khidr Sahib get that Daniel? Who sold me slaves. Kara Hassan says hearing this. Pirate Daniel dies. I don’t even know anything about Khidr Sahib.Barbaroslar Episode 29 in English Subtitles.

Elias Sahib gets very angry on hearing this and says that if he had caught Daniel then Shahbaz could have been found. But now that Arooj Raees Sahib has caught the person who said something, Kala Hassan says that we don’t know anything, we have not found any evidence yet. Elias, your brothers have worked hard. But still they are working hard to find evidence. This prince has also sent a message.

Barbaroslar Episode 29 in Urdu By MakkiTv

They want the culprit to be punished. Stay strong if anything happens. Just wait the time. That’s what’s going to happen next. Elias you be patient. If you are not involved in all this. Now you can never reach execution like this. Because no innocent person is killed like that. When Qara Hassan leaves, Elias says. I will not put my master in trouble. And I will not embarrass him.Barbaroslar Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles.

Elias thinks that now I have to escape. On the other hand Baba Darwish comes to Kamal Raees Sahib. After the prayer greetings. Baba Darwish Kumar says to Raees I have heard a lot about you Allah be pleased with you I will not waste much of your time I want to talk to you about Elias You are an experienced and wise man of the sea There are wolves. You know that Elias did not work with Shahbaz nor did he deliberately plan the attack.

Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu and English Subtitles

Kumar Raees Sahib also says that yes I know. Kumar is the chief if he will take him to the brink of death. We need justice. Baba Darwish, you are wise. You know that the center of the state is justice. The world is a garden and the walls are the state. The thing that is necessary for the world system. That is the only and only justice. I know Elias is innocent. How can I prove to the state that he is innocent? I don’t mean to kill him.

Barbarossa Episode 29
Barbarossa Episode 29

I want to save it too. Baba Darwish also thanked Kamal Raees Sahib on hearing this and said. Seeing that your intentions are true. We were also very happy. So Kamal Raees Sahib also thanks Baba Darwish. You are right. Now there are mental human beings. And We have exhorted Elias to be patient. If he is patient, he will be saved. Baba Darwish hears this and leaves.Barbaroslar Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles.

Barbaroslar Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles

You will see in the next scene. Elias Sahib opens the lock of the prison and becomes deaf. When the stationed soldiers see him, they call him Elias. Elias, go back to prison. So he says I am not guilty I will catch the culprit and confess now When he comes out, some other stationed soldiers surround Elias with their guns and say that Elias can’t run away anymore.

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There are names among the soldiers because he is also dressed as soldier And Asmaa attacks them and kills them on the ground too. Elias says to Asmaa as you said I did what I had to do. My brother must have found some solution but Asmaa tells Elias to tell I have been saying that your agha can’t fix it at all. Now the innocent will be killed. Go and start your work.