Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu and English Subtitles Free

Both the sword and the pen are gathered together. We will definitely find the real girl too. Don’t worry about it. Your responsibility is to save the book. Arooj says that if the secret of the book is solved or it is taken to Rome then the accumulation of pen and sword will be useless.Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu and English Subtitles

Dervish says that they will not take it. They are also behind Muhammad. They can’t go anywhere without Abu Muhammad. Hearing this, Khidr says that if Abu Muhammad comes under our control then we can stop them. Arooj says: Let’s find out. In the meantime, we will start preparations.

Barbaroslar Episode 20 in Urdu Subtitles

Darwish says your journey is difficult and the path is very dangerous. Don’t grieve even if your feet are broken. On the other side of this book there is a cure for the sorrows and griefs of the oppressed. Hearing this makes Arooj think. Betro was telling his soldiers here. Where we are going to raid. Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu

Kill everyone there. We just want Abu Muhammad alive. Saying this, they leave. Here the astrologer was telling the ascendants. Muhammad Bahria is around the ancient Mamluk headquarters to the east of Marvi and Harabai is also with him. Hearing this, Khidr says that there are two ways to get there.

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Moses and Muscat will go. Take some soldiers with you and go from the south. Reaches the place where Abu Muhammad’s people had set up tents. Insha’Allah Musa says we have been sent by Baba Urooj. They are the ones who are going to raid this place. Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu and English Subtitles

Were At the same time, Arooj’s horse falls down after hitting a rope and Arooj becomes unconscious. Khidr says that this is an ambush. At the same time, the soldiers of Petro come there and the fighting starts. Muscat and Musa were fighting bravely and they were eliminating them but at night they were martyring the Muslims.

Barbarossa Episode 20 in English Subtitles

Seeing this, Heera bye starts to take Abu Muhammad out of there, then he shoots at him from which he gets injured and falls down. The men catch Abu Muhammad. It seems that Arooj rises and destroys it. The soldiers of Arooj were also constantly fighting here and one by one they were eliminating the infidels.

Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu

Here at night and his soldiers martyred all the Muslim soldiers while Petro Musa.Muscat injures both of them, after which he says at night, “Shall we not leave a mark for the ascension?” At night he takes guns from his soldiers and fires them at Musa and Muscat, after which he shoots them and martyrs them.

Barbarossa Episode 20 by Makkitv2

Urooj says we have wasted a lot of time, we should get out of the way immediately, saying that they leave from there, after a while they reach this place Hara bhai a place But Urooj was wounded and came to him and said what happened here. Rabai says that the people of Al-Manus raided us and he took Abu Mah with him.

Here, as soon as Elias sees Muscat and Moses, he shouts, “My brothers! Seeing this, Arooj also becomes very sad. Arooj says: My friends, my brothers, the audience, all the soldiers of Arooj were getting very sad. After that, Arooj says: You say the death of the people in such a treacherous attack.Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu and English Subtitles