Barbarossa Episode 19 In Urdu and English Subtitles Free

Barbarossa Episode 19 In Urdu I will attack them again after gaining strength as required Seeing him coming, Arooj says, Mr. Alfonso, hearing this, Brass comes to him and says, “I am very happy to see you people.” He says he is going to buy life. He says that it means perfume. He says that he is going to start a trade of animals. No, Arooj says this is what happens in the majority.

If there are people who are in danger, let them come. We have drawn our sword from its scabbard. He says that you should still be careful. Will reach even if I have entered your eyes but you will not even know Urooj says if they are looking into our eyes It is said that we are also seeing in their eyes. Barbarossa Episode 19

Barbaroslar Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

At the same time, Sylvie also comes there and says to him: If you have finished talking to people, then go and get down to your work. After her departure, Urooj says that trade is very lucrative here, but human life is also the property of pennies in the bazaars. The person working for Anita is very close. The closeness with Anita’s enemy is not good.

Barbarossa Episode 19 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 19 In Urdu

Here Elias was going out of the house. A horse has come in front of you. Elias says I’m sorry. I can’t see because of the sudden knock on the door. Elias says where did you go? We have a trust, I am asking so that you do not get in trouble because you are injured. Lining says you are also injured.

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I am a man. I can handle myself. “If you’re a man, you should have gone to attack him,” says Esther. There they tell you how to save yourself despite being injured. After saying this, she starts smiling and Elias says don’t go out again without my permission.

As soon as she hears this, she turns the lining and hits a dagger on the door, and says don’t go out without your dagger. Otherwise, you will get in trouble. Audience: Elijah’s dagger was stolen. Elias goes out smiling. A girl was singing in the inn and Petro was sitting and listening to her.

Barbarossa Episode 19 in English Subtitles

He thinks that when his sister used to sing this song as a child, he says: I will never forget this song. I will remember you as soon as I hear it. Saying this, he hugs his sister. He stands up and starts clapping. At the same time, Salu comes there and says that Abu Muhammad has been found out.

Barbarossa Episode 19 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 19 In Urdu

He also told him at night that he is waiting for you with his soldiers. Petro says you did a good job. Now go and take Abu Muhammad in your possession. He asks since. Who was this girl who was singing? Says this is a poor girl. Is our debtor. That’s why we hired him. Barbarossa Episode 19

Barbarossa Episode 19 by Makkitv2

Petro says forgive his debt. And set him free. So that it can go to his family. Says your order sir. Here Khidr and Urooj were going from the bazaar. At the same time he comes there. Dervish says why are you standing with your hands and feet tied?

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Why don’t you pull your hearts in the bow and throw them at your enemies? There is no real lining on this side as well as it is getting confusing as much as we solve it. On hearing this, Arooj says in astonishment. What does it mean that the lining is not real lining? Knows But his whereabouts are unknown.

Barbarossa Episode 19 In Urdu and English Subtitles

Urooj says what is the matter, how did Darwish find out that this lining is not real. Darwish says if it was real she would recognize me. After which she would tell me everything. And then the girl who knows so many secrets can’t reveal herself like that. I am only a guide.Barbarossa Episode 19