Barbarossa Episode 18 In Urdu and English Subtitles Free

Barbarossa Episode 18 In UrduAfter which at night he and his soldiers approach the ship. But as soon as they start to board this ship. So they see that he was not the height and his soldiers but thin. In whose hands the paddles were held. Seeing this at night says we are trapped. Immediately walk towards the port. Here the two soldiers left behind see a dagger.

After which they start approaching him but at the same time Khidr and Rajoo pull him into the sea. The rest of the soldiers were also present. Rise says let’s start Bismillah. After which they come out of the sea and attack these soldiers. Arooj and his soldiers were fighting bravely. And eliminate them one by one.

Barbaroslar Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles

One side was telling his soldiers at night. This is all Khidr’s work. Besides, no one can do that. Go and warn Petro. Here Arooj and his soldiers were entering the fort dressed as Crusaders. At the same time, a soldier says, “Which group are you guys from?” Hearing this, a soldier says that his accent does not match the accent of this area.

Barbarossa Episode 18 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 18 In Urdu

As soon as they hear this, all the soldiers attack them. After which the war starts there. Shortly after, they finish everything, after which Durood says Muscat, you start laying bombs. On hearing this, Muscat says that your order, Baba Urooj. Tha Pethro says what is the secret in the navy room which is described in this book. Barbarossa Episode 18 In Urdu

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Meanwhile, a soldier comes in and says Mr. Petro has attacked the fort Close all entrances and exits. Only the corpses of those who have entered the fort will come out. Here Urooj and Khizr arrive at the jail with their soldiers and kill the guards there in one fell swoop.

After which Khizr says to Arooj: Agha, get out of here with the lining and I will continue with them. Don’t spoil the order. Agha, take the lining and wait for us in the place we have talked about. Saying this, Niko and Khidr leave. Petro had come out with his soldiers. Anton says, “Now this is our enemy.” He said, “It is clear that they have come to get the lining.

Barbarossa Episode 18 in English Subtitles

Go to the prison. Saying this, they go out to the prison. They were taking Arooj and his soldier to me.” Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. There are only a few bombs left. Arooj says, “Okay.” The bombs that Muscat planted there explode, killing many of Petro’s soldiers, but Petro and Antoine survive.

As he approaches the gate with the soldiers, as they try to open the door, the bombs explode, killing many of the soldiers at night. At night I had no idea what was going on. At the same time Petro and Antoine came there. And his soldiers start to get out on horseback. The other youth was in a room.

Barbarossa Episode 18 by Makkitv2

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Meanwhile, Khidr comes to Ronikos. Youth says who are you guys and why are you here? Saying this, he attacks Khidr. But Khidr easily overcomes it. Hazrat says calm down, youth says youth, then how do you know my name? Then Khizr sees Khayal while he is with Zainab.

Khizr is saying to Zainab: What kind of man is your friend in the fort? What kind of man do you think he can trust? Khidr says you will write him a letter and tell him to trust us. That’s all. After this thought, the youth says Zainab trusts you but I can’t help you. I am the doctor here. Yes i can’t