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Friends, when Barbarossa and Urooj easily captured four of the ten infidel boats in a sea battle, Barbarossa episode 10

the infidels in the other six boats turned instead.

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitle
Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitle

And went there and took refuge in the hospital building. Barbarossa and Urooj tracked after them, so Urooj wanted to attack the fort and capture the rest of the ships.

But because of the seriousness of the situation, Barbarossa tried to keep him from his intentions, but Arooj did not listen to him and instead began to give orders to attack the intellect. Which was already full of hospitalized soldiers.

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And now with them came the infidels who had fled in boats and taken refuge in the fort. When Arooj started attacking the fort, the shells of repentance from the fort were raining on Urooj and his companions like rain. Sixty of his comrades were martyred and many others were injured. Despite this, Urooj and his comrades were fighting with enthusiasm.

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If the flames of war were also burning with full intensity, then a bullet hit the left arm of the ascent and fell to the ground. When the Spanish soldiers saw this scene,

they opened the gates of the fort and attacked them. On the other hand, Barbarossa confronted them with his three hundred warriors, cut off many hospitals’ heads, and pushed them back to the castle walls.

And they were forced to go behind the gates of the fort to save their lives.

Barbarossa Turkish series episode 10 English subtitles

In this attack, Barbarossa and his companions killed three hundred Spaniards, while about one hundred and sixty of them were arrested. The rise was unconscious due to the severity of the wounds.

For this reason, it was not appropriate to stay in front of the fort for long.

This time Barbarossa gathered all his teammates. And ordered them to board ships. On the other hand, the shelling of hospitals from the fort continued. Physicians cleansed the wounds of Urooj, but the pain increased day by day.

Barbarossa Episode 8 In Urdu

The wise men came to Barbarossa with their heads together and said, “If your brother’s arm is not cut off, his condition will get more serious.”

In this case, we will not be responsible, so Barbarossa told the sages that whoever saves the arm of my brother Urooj, I will give him gold equal to his weight and ten slaves of his choice as a reward.

Hakeem again gathered for discussion but saw no solution other than amputation of the arm.

Barbarossa then allowed them. And he cut off Arm’s arm.

hayreddin barbarossa episode 10

So friends, cutting the arm will save the life of the rise? Or he will be able to take part in the fight against the infidels again? To learn all these questions in the next episodes of Wars You Barbarossa Larke.

Barbarossa Episode 10
Barbarossa Episode 10

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