Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles Free

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu SubtitlesAt the beginning of this episode you will see Ilyas tells Ilyas we have to reach Sikandaria immediately so that we can find Hakim for Isak Agha Izhaq says angrily after hearing this I will go to Madeli Ilyas says Madeli is far away Sikandaria is close you are injured

After this Ruz says first we will go to Sikandaria and get your treatment then we will walk with you to Madeli and do the graves of sister-in-law and your children and Dusbeen makes her silent on hearing this and says don’t pretend as you care about your family Yes,

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

for which all of you had left and run away and that deaf ship that became trouble for us is your family, you were never my brother, never go and become a seafarer who calls you Baba, because of this sea,

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles
Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

I told my family members Lost even those two times who do not share my pain, those who fled to my Baba’s house to become robbers, they are not my family, hearing this they say that we are all in trouble if killing me will reduce your anger,

then I will but the wounds of your body are soul Let’s get your wounds treated After hearing this, he says, take me, I don’t care about the wounds, even if I die on the way, I will be buried with my family, after hearing this,

Barbarossa Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles

he takes him away, seeing this, Rorush becomes a lot here from Patro Digo He says that the one I am looking for are both present here but there is also a person with them whose face is not visible

after this Patro takes out his gun and takes aim at them but in the meantime, Darvesh turns back and Patro sees his face. Seeing this, Patro’s senses are blown away and he starts saying no, how can this be possible,

saying that he falls behind and the sound comes from the bushes and tells Zainab after hearing this voice, you guys go inside me. see that someone It is a cat or someone who is watching us, they go inside and come close to the bushes, but before reaching there,

he had run away from there, seeing a broken bush, he says no, no cat. Rather, there is someone who is keeping an eye on us, Isak and Niko are going to Madeli and tell me, I have prepared the bed for you, why don’t you take rest for a while, Isak says that the sky has fallen on us now.makkitv2

Barbarossa Episode 10 with Urdu subtitle

It doesn’t matter whether I should rest or not We will all be destroyed Isa says then who will be my support, the brother who left me when I was standing like a mountain or my innocent family who was murdered because of my brother, talking a lot,

after which he Refers to the traitor and says, who is the traitor of Madely, is there a traitor in our country who betrays us, in response to which it says your go Yes Patro goes to Izabel’s and says what do you want from me sir,

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles
Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

in response to this Patro says I want you to keep an eye on everyone who comes to the orphanage Zainab and keep an eye on that kid Hamza, is this you? You can, in response to which he says as you dictate, after that he starts leaving from there,

but turns back and says, I have seen a man in the orphanage, whom I thought I would never see, after hearing this he says who are you talking about sir. If you want, we can get him killed and remove your problem, in response to which Patro says,

who is already dead, can you kill him again, in response to which he is, I do not understand, Patro says you will understand. No, I want you to collect information about that man, a man with a white beard is saying here that the murderer has run away.Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu

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Who died what happened, in response to which he says crazy, Adam’s son Kabil killed Habil and you guys stand silent here, a murder has happened, after this Darvesh comes to him and says that those who run away are caught, son.makkitv2

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu by makkitv2

You don’t worry, after that he tells her softly that someone is keeping an eye on the orphanage, in response to which he says crazy, is the capable there, is the murderer hiding there? Darvesh says you will go to keep the murderer away from there.Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu

In response, Patar says that there was a secret buried in the ground, which has come in front of me today